1 New Life

Jakarta, Indonesia, 4 September 2019. There is a 17 years old boy. His name is Lin Tian, he is a Indonesia Chinese people. He become an orphan after his parents is dead by Tsunami Disasters on the Thailand holiday. He has already graduated from High school and is trying to find a suitable university. His dream is to open the famous big computer shop. He hasn't married yet, and his wish is got a beautiful and filial wife with traditional and modern minds.

His Hobby is watching many japanese animes and reading comics especially 'Naruto'. He is a big true fan of Naruto, he has almost all the comics and original discs. This is his bad day cause he is dead by car accident. Before he lost consciousness, the family heirloom necklace is shining and merge into his soul.

As soon as he died, underworld envoys come to pick him. After arrived at underworld hall where there is a judge, Lin Tian must answers all questions from the underworld judge to clarify some problems.

From the answers that Lin Tian has given and he also has neutral karma, he is luckily given a chance to reincarnate randomly to other worlds.

Lin Tian are so surprised and happy by the news. He is upset because he still has to drink Meng Po Soup to seal his past life memories in his new life. "What's the point for me reincarnated to the other worlds but can't remember and enjoying anything".

After he drinks the soup, he goes past into the gate of samsara. In space-time vortex, his past life memories have begun to be sealed by Meng Po Soup. The necklace that merges into his soul appears with shining light for a moment and disappeared again.

Konoha Village, Year 48; This year is the worst and the best day for all ninjas and civilians. The fourth Hokage Namikaze Minato and his wife Uzumaki Kushina died by sealing nine tail into his son Uzumaki Naruto and the peak of baby birthrates for new generation ninjas.

In one of civilian house, a wife has birthed a cute pink hair girl baby and her husband is waiting for his child and his wife. The name of wife and husband are Haruno Kizashi and Haruno Mebuki.

"Dear, what name is our daughter?", Mebuki said. "Sakura, Haruno Sakura because her hair is pink like sakura tree", answered Kizashi.

The third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi has taken a post again to repair and stabilize Konoha Village from nine tails riot an other villages.

Konoha Village, Year 50; Conflicts of Konoha Village and Uchiha Clans become worst after investigation results of nine tails riot at that time. Nine tail is controlled by Mangekyou Sharingan.

For 2 years our MC has lives happily like a normal girl, she is get pampered by her parents. Sakura likes sweet meatballs, dresses in kimonos and yukatas. (After effects from her past life personality). She is always wearing a thin white yukata for sleeping.

she also is very active, childish and little mature girl for her own age. she sometimes behaves naughty to neighbor kids, behaves cute and clever to theirs parents and her owns.

At the age of 3, After the night sleep my head is hurt like hell because there is a peerless ultimate Immortal cultivation art information. I am surprised and happy by this art is so sophisticated and powerful because it can win over levels from other peerless art. The name is Heavenly Dao Classic Heart Law.

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