73 Weiss' Legacy

Translator: Lonelytree

The team arrived at Jun Lin at midnight!

So when they arrived at the city, there was no one else other than a team of soldiers and some nobles ' servants to welcome them.

As for Eli and Clement, they asked the carriage driver to send them back. As for the rewards, or if someone wanted to see them, that would have to wait.

Soon, with the sound of horse hooves, Eli returned to his house. The pitch-black house stood in the darkness, and the vines clinging to the railings told Eli that everything was normal.

Eli asked the coachman to carefully move the box down, then asked the coachman to help move it in.

"Yes, sir, of course!" The coachman nodded and looked at the house. He felt that the darkness was particularly terrifying.

He carried the box and walked into the small courtyard.


He seemed to hear something crawling and making a series of rubbing sounds.


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