77 Turmoil and Rias

Translator: Lonelytree

The chaos lasted for three days.

Eli didn't go out either. Other than watering the seeds with incubation fluids on time every day, he was studying potions and alchemy.

Although the two books weren't thick, there was a lot of knowledge in them. Eli studied while carrying out experiments to aid his learning. The effect was great, but it was very time-consuming.

Normally, no mage would be stupid enough to do experiments one by one. After all, textbooks were meant to be read-only. One would know how troublesome it was to try to attempt every example given.

And that was exactly what Eli did, and he never got tired of it. He had plenty of time anyway, so he could just take it slow.

"How interesting. These two materials can actually produce such a change when they are combined!" After completing another experiment, a satisfied smile appeared on Eli's face.


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