16 Three Years Later

Translator: Lonelytree

Another month passed.

Eli sat at the table and recorded what had happened in the past month in his diary.

"Everything is normal this month.

"I've mastered all the spells I've prepared, and my proficiency in the wizard's hand is also improving."

He had also finished learning the wind wall shield and had done some experiments. Its defensive power was outstanding. According to the notes, it could resist the attacks of intermediate Knights.

"Although I only took a look at history and heraldry, scholar Clement was still quite satisfied with me. It couldn't be helped. Even in this other world, I am still so brilliant.

"Compared to Knights, the advantages of Wizards in many aspects are too obvious.

"Finally, it's worth mentioning that Liu Ying Lane is indeed a good place."


Another five months passed.

Winter came.

A sudden snowstorm covered the land, and with the snowflakes filling the sky, Eli spent his first year in this world.

The situation in the Empire began to change. Although Eli didn't quite understand it, the atmosphere in Jun Lin city became very serious. It was said that during the winter, a large number of tribes in the northern wilderness joined forces and launched a war. They wanted to enter the hinterland of the Empire to steal food, but they failed. They were stopped by the Duke of Frostwolf.

But even so, some tribes still entered the belly of the Empire and robbed a large amount of food. The price of food in the Empire rose, causing many people to starve to death.

The people of the Empire had a lot of opinions about the king.

The king was furious.

However, this had little to do with Eli.

To him, as long as it wasn't a real war, it wasn't a problem. He was just an ordinary librarian, and all he needed to do was sort out his books.

In such an environment, year 306 of the Byrne calendar passed by quietly.


The second year was year 307 of the Byrne calendar.

As the snow melted, the king ordered the Duke of Frostwolf to start a war and make the tribes in the northern wilderness pay the price. However, the scattered dukedoms made it impossible for the Empire to effectively gather its strength.

Not only did they fail to strike the enemy, but they also consumed a large number of resources. The Frostwolf dukedom's consumption was huge.

Then, another peaceful year passed.

Eli was improving and learning step by step.

Although he only read history and heraldry in his spare time, his mastery in this area had almost surpassed Clement's, but he didn't show off. His skills were only slightly above average to outsiders.

In terms of wizardry, Eli had gained more. He had more and more Wizard Models, and his mental power had also reached 5.5 points. He was one step closer to a level 2 apprentice, and the power of his spells had also improved slightly.

There was also Roland, who had passed the test, but something seemed to have happened to his family. He returned home and began to inherit his family's Chamber of Commerce, occasionally keeping in touch with Eli.

This year, Eli was eighteen years old.

He realized that his body's traits would no longer change, and time would no longer be able to add a single wrinkle to his face. This also made him give up on his plans for marriage.

After all, it must be a terrible thing to see the person you love gradually grow old while you remain the same.

The young ladies of Liuying Street were the best. They were always young and full of energy.

At the end of the year, something unexpected happened again.

The Alliance formed by the wild tribes had come again, and they left after plundering.

The king was furious again, but it was of no use. There were even rumors among the people that the Duke of Frostwolf was the mastermind behind the scenes and wanted to seize power, which made the situation worse.

But in the end, nothing happened.


Year 309 of the Byrne calendar.

Eli was in a Valley outside the city.

The valley was very large, surrounded by High Rock walls. There was a large open space inside, and Eli stood in the middle of the valley, with a few large trees not far away.

This was a Hidden Valley that he had accidentally discovered outside the city last year. The concealment of this area was very good. Eli would often conduct Wizards and some dangerous witchcraft experiments here.

At this moment, he was conducting an experiment.

"Wind wall shield!"

Eli stood on the spot, focusing his mental energy, and his eyes became brighter.

As the model activated, a large number of wind elements began to gather outside his body and quickly formed a circular shield like a wind wall, protecting Eli within.

The falling leaves were torn to pieces by the wind elements.

Eli stood where he was, calmly watching all of this. His 18-year-old body already looked very tall, at about 1.8 meters. His appearance was not much different from before. Only his eyes were very bright, attracting people like stars.

At this moment, he was focused on the windshield. Suddenly, with a wave of his hand, the wind wall started to change. It started to wriggle like water and finally turned into a wind blade that shot out a few meters away.

With a tearing sound, a big tree in front of him was directly torn into two.

"Not bad." Seeing the wind shield turn into a wind blade and fly out, Eli nodded.

The model transformation of the wind shield was a recent research subject of Eli. This had taken him a full six months, allowing him to have a deeper understanding of elemental changes.

In fact, there were very few apprentices who would do this kind of thing because it was really a waste of time. But Eli enjoyed it. He liked the feeling of studying slowly, especially when there was no time to rush him.

After recording the experimental data, Eli continued with other experiments.

He would only come here once every few weeks, so every time he came, he would make a list of experiments that could not be done in the city.

The experiment just now was only one of them.

The second task was a derivative spell of the fireball spell, chain fireball.

Taking a look at the list, Eli focused his attention again.

A few seconds later, a series of rumbling sounds rang out in the valley again.

When the experiment was over, it was already nighttime.

The moon was already high in the sky, and the silver moonlight fell like a veil.

"sigh, it's time to go back. Teacher Clement left me with some missions!"

Seeing that it was about time, he simply cleaned up the traces of his experiments and returned to the direction of Jun Lin city.

At the city gate, he familiarly greeted the guard and walked in.

In three years, Eli had gotten to know many people.

After walking a few streets, Eli returned home.

There wasn't much change compared to three years ago, but there were some vines clinging to the fence around the house, which looked a little strange. This was a magical plant that he had cultivated. As long as a stranger stepped in, it could burst out with a powerful attack at any time.

He opened the door and entered the courtyard.

The courtyard looked normal, but it was filled with spell formations. Of course, they were hidden.

Of course, Eli was already used to this.

He only glanced at the few birds that were swallowed by the vines and then went straight into the house.

He had been busy all day and was prepared to rest early.

"I still have to go to work tomorrow!"

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