44 The Potion

Translator: Lonelytree

The war had ended, but the effects of the war continued to ferment.

The first to be affected were the nobles of the Empire. Because of this incident, King Bryne the sixth began to set up a special organization to investigate a large number of nobles. Among these nobles, there were indeed a few problems, and some of them were spies from the surrounding countries.

As for the outcome of these nobles, it was needless to say that they all died quite miserably.

Of course, that was not all. He also began to clean up various aspects of the Empire. The economy, politics, and military were of the utmost importance. He made bold and decisive reforms and tough measures. For a time, people were in a state of panic.

Those who were affected privately claimed that the king must have gone crazy, but only Eli knew that this was probably the king's final preparation for the Prince to inherit the throne.


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