33 The gold-devouring demon-Harry Potter

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"It's much easier than I thought!"

Back home, Eli hung his black clothes on the hanger, took off his hat, and then walked to the wine cabinet to pour himself a glass of wine.

The operation this time was much smoother than what Eli had imagined.

First of all, it was because of Evans' cooperation that he was able to get in touch with the " big client " very smoothly. Second, the security at the casino was not strict, which allowed him to leave easily. And finally, with the help of the dark concealment spell, he was able to avoid being found.

Dark concealment was a zero-circle spell that allowed Mages to hide in the shadows of the dark. It was most effective in the dark as it was almost impossible to see one with the naked eye.

Of course, he actually had another option, which was to kill David and Jones and then leave. But that would be too bloody, and Eli didn't want to cause too much trouble.

He was a law-abiding citizen of Jun Lin city!

How could he do things like fighting and killing?

"Let's take stock of our gains." Eli put down his glass and took out his money bag.

He had a total of 29 golden tarls, one he had brought, and 465 silver tarls won from other casinos, of which 400 were won, and the rest he had brought.

So, this time, he earned a total of 32 golden tarls. After deducting the rental price of the clothes, the mortgage, and the rental of the carriage, the total profit was about 31 golden tarls.

As for why the mortgage of the clothes had to be deducted, it was naturally because he couldn't return the clothes, as it might cause unnecessary trouble.

"I'm rich."

For the first time, Eli felt the terrifying speed at which knowledge was transformed into money.

In one night, no, in about half an hour, he had earned 31 gold tarls. It was the kind of money he would only earn in decades. It was simply terrifying.

"This experiment will last for a long time." Eli walked to the window in a good mood.

The lack of money had always been his biggest problem, but this time, it should be enough to last him for a while.

'no, the experiment's consumption is more than I thought. Maybe this money isn't enough!' Suddenly, as if recalling the previous experiment, Eli frowned.

He didn't know how long the experiment would last, but if it kept going like this, he was afraid that thirty gold tarls wouldn't be enough for long. Besides, he didn't just need money for this experiment.

The speed at which money was spent was not slow at all when it came to the research of sorcery.

As he gradually became more and more experienced, he realized how difficult it was.

Knowledge would always be the foundation of a wizard, but some knowledge could not be obtained without money.

"Maybe..." as he thought, Eli looked out the window.

It was nighttime, but two areas were still brightly lit.

One was Liuying Street, and the other was moon alley.

But at this moment, his gaze did not stop at the street, but at the moon Lane.

Moca casino was not the only casino in moon alley. Since his attempt was successful, why not repeat it a decade later?

Moca casino will definitely not tell anyone about what happened today. The outside world will only know that someone won a lot of money at Moca casino today. With Eli's understanding of the casino, there was no way they would tell anyone about this.

"Therefore, the next three days, a week, or even a month should be a safe period!"

After thinking it through, Eli's eyes gradually lit up.

"I'm sorry, the King of Gamblers, Harry Potter, will be haunting the casinos again."


In the next half a month, every casino in moon alley experienced the most terrifying robbery since its establishment. Every casino, big or small, had been visited by a man named Harry Potter.

Every casino hated this person, especially the owners of the casinos.

Because every time they heard this name, it meant that they had lost a large number of golden tarls, but they could not catch him at all. Even if they sent out elite Knights, it seemed that they could not catch him. He was like a demon.

At first, these bosses also asked the people in the casino to keep this a secret. However, during a gathering, someone suddenly mentioned this name. Many casino bosses also knew about it. After chatting, they found out that everyone had been " robbed.

Since then, there had been an arrest warrant led by seven or eight big casinos in the underworld.

500 golden tarls for Harry Potter's head.

Even if one only provided information, it was worth ten gold tarls. For a moment, countless Wanderers and gangs in Junlin city went crazy, but when they were ready to look for him, they found that the casino didn't even know what he looked like.

There were a few casino staff who provided portraits, but every one of them was different. Moreover, Harry Potter had obviously been in disguise, and there was no way to find him.

The craze lasted for a full month before it finally stopped.

If there were people who hated him, there would naturally be people who loved him.

The higher-ups hated him, while the people on the ground loved him.

At the same time, a sentence was also heard.

'If you meet Harry Potter, please believe in him because he is a God.

'As long as he doesn't want to lose, he can't lose.

'If you meet Harry Potter, as long as you believe in him, you will definitely make a lot of money. If you are a little braver, you could even achieve wealth and freedom.'

Most of the people at the bottom of society boasted about this. Many of them claimed that they had met Harry Potter and made a lot of money.

With their publicity, Harry Potter's fame spread far and wide.

Some people called him the devil's hand, the King of Kings, while others called him the magic hand, the nemesis of casinos. But the most famous of them all was the gold-gobbling devil.

In an instant, the reputation of the gold-gobbling demon Harry Potter spread rapidly.

He had become the idol of many gamblers.

They all hoped that one day, they could be like Harry Potter, dominating the casino and leaving in a carefree manner.


"Gold-eating demon!"

Eli smiled as he looked at the newspaper. He didn't expect the newspaper to actually write down the incident and print it out.

It had been more than half a month since he left the last casino.

Thanks to the behavior of various casinos, he could be so unscrupulous. In just half a month, he swept through many casinos and took away a large number of gold tarls.

He now had a total of three hundred gold tarls.

'I only wanted to earn some money for experimental materials, but now I'm afraid it'll be enough for many years.' It was as if he had discovered a new world, and even Eli was filled with emotions.

He put down the newspaper, put on his usual work clothes, and prepared to go to work.

'The casino incident was just a small disturbance. It was time to return to normal life.'

After tidying up his face, Eli opened the door and walked out.

He walked toward the library.

Mixed in with the crowd, he was just like an ordinary person.

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