28 The Deceived Herman

Translator: Lonelytree

"Can you be a little smarter? Those people are obviously in cahoots with the casino."

Scholar Clement was so angry that he kept knocking on Herman's head with his right hand. Herman's forehead was already red.

"Teacher, I thought ..." Herman's eyes were filled with tears, and he looked very pitiful. However, he was interrupted before he could finish his sentence.

"You thought... if you were half as thoughtful as Eli, I would be at ease." Scholar Clement spoke too quickly, and his lips were a little dry. He picked up the teacup on the table and took a few sips.

After drinking the water, scholar Clement became even more powerful. He continued to lecture Herman, not even realizing that Eli had entered. However, when Herman saw him, he looked like he had seen his savior.

His eyes widened, and he cast a pleading look.

"Ahem, teacher," Eli nodded and coughed twice.

"Eli? When did you come in?" This time, scholar Clement also noticed it and said in surprise.

'I've been in here for a few minutes, but you were too focused on scolding Herman.' Eli complained inwardly, but he naturally couldn't say that. He glanced at his teacher, then at Herman, who was not far away, and asked, "Teacher, what happened? Did Herman get the data wrong again?"

"This is getting me all worked up again." Scholar Clement was so angry that he couldn't say anything. He returned to his chair, raised his head, and pointed at Herman.

"Let him tell it himself. What did you do?"

 Eli looked over.

Herman seemed to feel a little embarrassed as well. He mumbled, "Actually, I'm also a victim."

Herman then told him his story.

It turned out that he had made a few new friends at the banquet, and a few days ago, one of his " friends " invited him to Moca casino to play. However, he had never been to that kind of place before, so he naturally refused, but he was still taken to the casino in the end.

Then, he began to gamble. At first, he was very cautious. After all, it was his first time there. However, he didn't expect that this place seemed to be much easier than he had imagined. He actually won a lot of money, and his courage grew.

Then, he transferred all his money into the bank and borrowed a lot of money.

When he finished listening, Eli fell silent.

Could he be this simple?

He had made a bad friend!

"Then how much did you lose in total?" Eli asked curiously. How much did you lose to make scholar Clement so angry?

"I've lost two golden tars, and I still owe the casino one."

Eli covered his face. Three gold tarls were equivalent to five years of their salary. No wonder scholar Clement was so angry.

"It's only right for the teacher to scold you this time." Said Elie, shaking his head.

"I was tricked too. I didn't expect them to be in cahoots," Herman complained.

"Shut up. There won't be the next time." Scholar Clement was still very angry.

"What about the money you owe?" How did you pay them?" Eli asked again.

"Teacher helped me return it." Herman did not even dare to look at his teacher.

"Alright," Eli nodded. Clement was really a good teacher.

"Sigh, I won't go again." Herman then promised his teacher. After all, Clement was a sharp-tongued teacher.

"really. It's better to avoid gambling." Whether it was in his previous life or here, there were many cases of gamblers losing their families. As long as Herman remembered this lesson, he would be fine.

After the visit, Eli left the room.

Walking in the long corridor, he could hear scholar Clement lecturing Herman again, telling him not to go to the casino.

In the long corridor, Eli suddenly stopped.

In the dark corridor, Eli's eyes lit up.

He seemed to have thought of a way to solve his money problem.


"Customer, here's the rum you wanted!"

In the bar, Eli took the rum from the bartender. The wooden glass looked old, but the liquid inside looked cool.

Ignoring the crack in the glass, Eli drank it all in one go.

Looking around, there were mercenaries and drunkards everywhere. Some of them were around the table drinking wine while making fun of the beautiful ladies of the noble families. Some of them were already drunk and lying under the table.

This was an ordinary bar in Moon Lane, which was as famous as Liuying Street. As for Moon Lane, it was filled with bars, casinos, and even places to buy and sell slaves.

He was here today to check out the layout of Moon Street and the distribution of the streets.

He paid the bartender and walked out.

He was wearing ordinary clothes and looked very thin and weak. In addition, the place was very messy, so as he walked out, three of the shifty-looking guys followed.

As soon as he stepped out of the door, a noisy voice immediately entered his ears. He looked around.

A very long street came into view. The road was dirty and poor. There were carriages galloping on the road, as well as civilians in ragged clothes. There were also homeless people lying in the alleys by the side of the road. It was a chaotic place.

The bar was located on the side of the street, and opposite it was a magnificent casino. The exterior was made of black stone bricks, and the exterior was painted gold. The people going in and out were all rich people.

This was a Street where the poor and the rich coexisted at the same time. Or rather, the poverty of the majority of the people supported the wealth of the minority.

After taking a glance at the casino, Eli walked down the street and blended into the crowd.

The little thieves behind him wanted to continue chasing, but as they chased, they realized that they had lost him. They looked around but couldn't find Eli at all. They cursed and turned around.

The street was very chaotic.

The tailing of a few thieves was naturally not worth mentioning. Soon, Eli had completely understood the structure and layout of the street, and even every small path was memorized in his mind.

He had no choice. He had to be cautious. After all, what he was going to do next was dangerous!

He planned to raise some money from these casinos for the experiment.

Since this morning, he had an idea. He wanted to make use of his wizard abilities to make a lot of money from these casinos. Since there were not many innocent people in these casinos, he could just take it as robbing the rich to help the poor.

As for who was rich and who was poor, it would naturally be him who was rich in the casino.

He also had an idea of which casino to start with.

That was the Moca casino.

It was the same casino that had scammed Herman of three gold tarls.

Coincidentally, when Eli walked out earlier, the resplendent casino opposite him was Moca casino.

"Who asked you to lie to my senior!" A smile appeared on Elie's face. Herman had become a student of Clement before him, so he was his senior.

"I'm such a good junior." After he was done with his observation, Eli strode out of the street.

Today, he was only here to observe. Tomorrow was his day of action.

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