25 Taming

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Everyone looked at Eli in shock, and even Rais called out his name.

"I'm also a student of scholar Clement. It shouldn't be a problem for me to tame the horse on behalf of my teacher, right, count? " he asked. Eli asked the count as he walked out of the crowd.

Everything was for the salary.

"Uh, no problem." The Count did not expect Eli would actually volunteer. He then turned to the people from the other two forces and asked, "Do you guys agree?"

The old man and the woman glanced at Eli, then nodded.

Clement's three students were all ordinary people. It was useless for them to come. Even the red-haired young man, who was about to become an intermediate Knight, failed. What else could this student do?

Could it be that he was trying to persuade the wild horse by reasoning with him?

Don't joke around.

"Are you that brave?" On the side, Alex raised an eyebrow as if he was reevaluating Eli.

This young man, who was the same age as him, was not only good at dancing, but he also seemed to be more courageous than ordinary people.

"Hmph, how could he possibly tame it? if he did, I'd give him a deep bow on the spot." Klein had a proud look on his face. After the ball just now, Eli had somewhat of status in his eyes, but he didn't think that Eli could tame this horse.

"If you want to be in the limelight, you have to have the capability. Go and embarrass yourself." In the crowd, David, who only had one side of the story, was the one who couldn't bear to see Eli doing well.

"Eli!" On the other side, the one who was the most shocked was Clement.

Speaking of which, he had three students at the moment: Kurt, Herman, and Eli.

Among them, Eli was the last to join the school, but he was very hardworking in his studies. However, to Eli, his first disciple, Kurt, who had always been by his side, was more to his liking, which was why he had brought Kurt along this time.

However, when he saw the trembling Kurt and Herman beside him, he felt that something had changed.

"be careful. This horse might have been provoked just now. If anything happens, I will save you in time." Count Gimori looked at Eli and smiled.

"Eli!" scholar Clement seemed to have thought of something and wanted to stop him.

"It's fine." Elie shook his head. Everything was for the sake of his salary. Furthermore, this was not a difficult task for him.

As for Kurt, he just stood there in a daze.

 Eli walked towards the wild horse.

At the same time, an invisible spiritual power seemed to have turned into a ball and pressed toward the wild horse.

Spiritual power suppression.

Even if it was a low-level magic beast, it could at least rival an intermediate Knight and hurt an advanced Knight. However, this horse was only mixed blood and was, at most, a low-level Knight.

Although he was only a Level-1 apprentice, he could still easily suppress them.

Wild horse's eyes were a little confused at first, and then he immediately felt some pressure that made him unable to move. Then he lowered his head in pain.

This was the first step, which was to calm the horse down by using his mental power.

What came next was the main show. Eli slowly approached the horse and activated another spell model, the zero-circle spell-animal comfort.

This spell was to repeatedly simulate an animal's mental strength fluctuations and then adjust them to be similar to the animal's mental strength fluctuations. Then, a mental strength connection would be formed, and the animal would involuntarily feel close to the caster.

Because the spell was very simple, by the time Eli walked in front of the wild horse, the spell had already been completed, and the mental suppression had also been lifted by him.

The wild horse also raised his head. What he didn't understand was why he felt so close to the human in front of him.

It was like seeing his father.

The mental connection made the wild horse involuntarily approach Eli slowly. Even when Eli touched his head, there was no reaction at all. Then, he felt Eli directly pulling on his sideburns and using force to get onto the horse's back.

The wild horse was extremely obedient.

There was no struggle, and there was no flame.

It was tamed so easily.

Everyone was stunned.

They did not know that Eli had cast a spell. They only saw him walking over, and the horse lowered its head. Then, Eli leaped onto it, and the horse did not resist, taming it.

"what's going on? " Rias, who was beside the count, widened her eyes in disbelief.

"My Lord!"

The crowd was shocked, and Klein was silent.

The Count stood where he was as if he wanted to see something, but he could not.

"How is that possible?" The red-haired Knight's face was filled with disbelief. 'Where is your struggle? Where are the flames? Could it be because I've already tamed it?'

The red-haired Knight couldn't accept that he was defeated by a scholar in such a way. He quickly tried to go somewhere to get close to the wild horse, but he was met with the wild horse's angry glare. It didn't allow anyone but Eli to get close.

The red-haired Knight's mouth twitched as he was blocked. He retreated silently. He was sure that he had nothing to do with the horse taming.

The mystics didn't say anything, but they had already put away their items and were ready to leave.

Kurt stood there in a daze. He didn't think that he would actually succeed. On the other hand, scholar Clement had a shocked and relieved expression.

"How did you tame this horse?" A few seconds later, count Gimori approached, but he did not understand.

"My Lord, I've been close to animals since I was a child. That's why I was able to tame horses so easily." Eli gave an unscientific explanation.

As expected, the Earl's mouth twitched when he heard that. However, he seemed to have thought of something, and his eyes lit up."Is it that easy for you to tame other horses?"

"It should be easier if it's an ordinary horse." Eli did not deny it.

The Count's eyes lit up.

He had recently formed a Knight order, but he had encountered a big problem since the establishment. The wild horses from the semi plateau seemed to more or less have a trace of magical beast blood. It was very difficult to tame them, and even a master tamer's efficiency was very low.

This had caused him to be very vexed recently.

"You're not joking?" The count became serious.

"Of course, but what about the investment?" Eli said, trying to beat around the bush.

"Haha, of course, it's the library's." The Count laughed.

A smile appeared on Eli's face.

He didn't care about horse training, but he couldn't let his salary be delayed. He was really short of money recently.

"how about this? I'm sure you didn't eat much at the banquet. Why don't you come to my reception room to have some tea and dessert? " At this moment, the Count suddenly extended an invitation to Eli and Clement.

He wanted to invite Eli to see if he could help him solve the problem of the Knights 'horses.

'Actually, I've already eaten a lot.' Eli thought. However, it was best not to reject the request of a count. "Of course."

Scholar Clement also agreed.

"Then let's go!" Count Gimori seemed to be very happy, and he prepared to leave.

"But father, we still have to hunt." Rias reminded him.

"Why don't you kids go hunting? we adults still have things to discuss." Count Gimori frowned and said.

Rias's heart skipped a beat. 'How are they still considered children?

'Plus, isn't Eli from the same generation as us?'

However, count Gimori was not in the mood to care about them at the moment. He immediately left with Eli and the others.

The woman from the mystic academy, the old man from the Knight Academy, and the red-haired man who still couldn't believe it left slowly. He still couldn't figure out why there was only fire when he went up.

Rias watched helplessly as Eli was taken away. She gritted her teeth and started to organize the others to hunt.

Alex also smiled as he looked at Eli's back. Then, he asked Klein, "What did you just say?"

Klein's face turned red.

Among them, Kurt went somewhere else to wait.

There was only one person, who was in a daze as he looked at the count and Eli walking side by side, and he was crying in his heart.

"It's okay, it's okay. He just got to know an Earl. It's no big deal. It doesn't hurt, it doesn't hurt!" David clutched his chest and followed the hunting team in discomfort.

He felt that his action of looking down on Eli back then was probably the stupidest thing he had done this year.

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