Immortal In The Magic World

Eli was transmigrated to a world of magic and became immortal. He had endless life and could never die. “Huh? I’m talentless? Then, I’ll just train for as long as I need, even if it takes 1000 years. That should be enough for me to become strong.” “The skill is hard to learn? Then, I’ll take a few dozens of years to research it. There’s no way it’s that hard, right?” “What? I can sacrifice my life force to gain spirit power? That’s a bargain!” “The enemy is here? Hell, I’ll just hide for 10000 years. Let’s see if he can outlive me. I’ll come out once he’s dead.” This is the story of an immortal who first struggled to live in the world of magic until he became strong enough to slaughter endless worlds.

Blue And White Ocean · Eastern
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580 Chs

No Talent but I have Time

Translator: Lonelytree

Soon, Eli returned home and lit up the oil lamp filled with animal fat.

This was an oil lamp that was commonly used in this world. Not only was it bad for the eyes, but it was also accompanied by a strange choking smell. It was usually used by the poor.

However, he couldn't care less about that. Under the dim light, he impatiently took out his notes.

Looking at the silver-edged book, Eli's emotions surged.

Who didn't fantasize about mastering supernatural powers when they were young? It was just that the reality of his previous life didn't allow it. But now, a real chance to master the magical was placed in front of Eli, so how could he not be excited?

He flipped open the book.

He passed by the meaningless ravings of the original author, Saleen Metatrin, and arrived at the page for the meditation technique.

According to the notes, Wizards and Knights were completely different. Knights relied on their physical bodies, while Wizards relied on their mental strength to interfere with reality. The natural meditation technique increased mental strength.

As for Mage's meditation method, it was to use Mage's mental strength to come into contact with the elemental world and then merge it with the elements to achieve the purpose of increasing mental strength.

The process was simple, and what Eli had to do was to complete the first step, which was to feel the elemental world.

As long as one could feel the world of elements and complete one's first complete meditation, one could be considered a beginner sorcerer-apprentice or a Level-1 mage.

This process was very difficult but also very simple.

According to what Saleen Metatrin had said, the duration of a mage's training could be as short as a few days to half a month or as long as one to two months. The duration would not be too long, and the longest would not exceed four months.

"I wonder how talented I am." Eli was a little curious, hoping that everything would go according to the plan.

The meditation method was not very long, and Eli quickly memorized it. Closing his notebook, he recited it twice to make sure that he had not forgotten anything. Then, Eli took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and prepared to start his first meditation.

Two hours later.

Eli slowly opened his eyes.

He had failed.

For two whole hours, he tried to sense the elemental realm, but he could not sense anything. There was only a vague feeling, but he could not capture it.

The notes had described this situation before, and it was normal.

What he had to do was turn that trace into a real entity within two months. From there, he could truly sense the elements' realm and step into the extraordinary realm.

Sensing the elemental world was part of Eli's plan. After all, even if he was a top talent, it was impossible for him to succeed on his first try. Eli also understood that his talent might not be that good.

Eli wasn't discouraged by his first failure, but after a while, he closed his eyes again and started his second cogitation.

The result was obvious. The second attempt was still a failure.

Observing the sky through the window, Eli knew it was late, so he hid the book and went to sleep.

That was the first day that Eli arrived in this world.

'I hope I can become a Level-1 mage as soon as possible.'

Before going to sleep, Eli thought.


Two months later.

"Damn, I failed again."

In the room, Eli's brows were tightly furrowed. His attempt to perceive the elemental world had failed once again.

It had been two months since Eli's first meditation. He had gradually adapted to life here, to the path filled with feces and garbage, to the hard black bread, and to work in the library.

During this period of time, Eli persisted in his meditation every day while learning the relevant knowledge to work hard for the upcoming test.

Although he felt good about himself, he was still a lot worse than those who had learned since young. In the past two months, Kart had changed his work area, so Eli rarely saw him, and he was very happy about that.

Of course, the most important thing was still the progress of breaking through to a Level-1 mage.

He was still stuck at the first step.

That's right. He hadn't sensed the existence of the elements realm yet.

Eli had originally thought that his talent might not be considered good, but it shouldn't be bad either, but reality told him that his talent should be at the rock bottom part.

"At my current pace, I'm afraid I'll have to find another way out in a month." Eli frowned and pondered.

Being a librarian was undoubtedly a good job. If he left, he was afraid that it would be difficult to find a job with such a good environment and good pay in a short time.

The other option was to do manual labor, which was something that Elie was unwilling to accept.

Fortunately, the book provided the solution.

Eli took out the hidden notebook from the groove on the wooden bed against the wall and flipped it open.

The book was very thick, and the paper was very hard. It was about a hundred pages long. Eli began to flip through it, and his powerful memory allowed him to find the page he wanted to see.

"Crush the White-curled flower. Its smell could help you sense the element's realm!"

The White-curled flower was a precious medicinal material. For Knights, it was very effective in healing wounds, but for Mage, it was one of the important means to sense the elemental realm in the early stages.

The reason why he didn't buy it before was that he was too poor. He just happened to receive his salary a few days ago, and a gentleman gave him a tip a few days ago, which made him think of this method.

In fact, it was not a big deal that his meditation was slow.

After all, he was immortal.

As long as he kept meditating, he would be able to sense the elemental realm one day. This was not a problem because he had never heard of an apprentice who could not even sense the elemental realm.

Eli was not too worried about his slow progress. Although he was not very talented, as long as he meditated, his spiritual power would always improve, and he would eventually reach that limit.

Although this time could be 20 years, 30 years, 50 years, or even 100 years.

He did not care about any of that. After all, as long as he could advance, time was not a problem for him. Mortal species were always in a hurry, and their short lives were an important reason. However, to him, it was the exact opposite. This was also why Elie had set the general route of advancing by farming.

This might not be exciting enough, but it was the most suitable path for him.

The only obstacle in this path was to find a place where he could farm in peace.

Eli had chosen the library.

This was also the reason why Eli was a little anxious.

He had no choice. If he wanted to "farm" safely, he had to have a 'field' first!

The library wasn't bad. Not only were there a large number of books for him to read, but the place wasn't as simple as it seemed. The head of the library was said to have a close relationship with the Emperor.

"so, I'll first buy some White-curled flowers and advance to an apprentice. Then, I'll learn Quick Memory and pass the exam. And then, I'll stay in the library until I can't."

Eli went into detail about what to do next and immediately took out all his belongings from the groove.

Two silver tarls and thirty-four copper tarls.

This was only because he had saved up his salary for the past two months.

"I'm poor!" Eli sighed. He did not know the exact price of the White-curled flower, but he knew that it was not cheap.

Having all the time in the world

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