Immortal's Omniversal Conquest

Author: LittleWind
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What is Immortal's Omniversal Conquest

Read Immortal's Omniversal Conquest fanfiction written by the author LittleWind on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, romance, adventure, r18, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


He was once the Infinite God King Immortal Emperor, the strongest in his universe. However, his life ended at the hands of the true protagonist! He had believed he was the protagonist due to his talent and power, but it turns out he was just a stepping stone. As he died, he felt a sense of peace and closed his eyes to sleep for eternity. But when he opened them again, he found that he had reincarnated as a Japanese boy named Kamiya Ryuuga. A special bead he had found in a unique realm also reincarnated with him. With this bead, he will start his journey to become the strongest and take revenge on the protagonist who killed him before! — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — A/N: Don't worry, this is not a typical Chinese cultivation novel. His grand background is just for comedic effect, as I've decided that he will sometimes act like a young master, hehe.

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Wow! This is so good! Keep up the good work, author-sama! Hehehe.


I, of course, understand that you are the author and it’s up to you to decide what and how to do with your works, but even if you start a story, then go with it to the end, and don’t change it from beginning to end, if you’ve already decided to abandon that story, then it would be better to delete it , and started a new one.


So far so good the Mc is op but Chapter 4, he rather made a stupid decision in "MY" opinion. But regardless...this is my overall reaction in a gif.


no es por menospreciar su trabajo autor pero sinceramente me gustaba como estaba antes de la reescritura no quiero decir que lo haga como antes claro que no usted puede hacer la historia como le guste después de todo el autor es usted no piense que lo critico porque no quiero hacerlo si usted siente que es mejor la historia como esta siga haciéndolo:) (psdt: no es por nada pero los personajes de cultivo y yo no nos llevamos bien) seguiré leyendo la historia porque la empecé y si la empiezo la termino gracias por los capítulos autor 👍


I really like your story I hope to receive more chapters soon....................................................................................................................


A great story so far so keep up the amazing work 💯


Interesante, espero que dure. Como es nueva no podré decir mucho más ni subir ni bajar la puntuación. Faltará ver la calidad del lemon. ......................


Good novel [img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=recommend]




Good. One of my current favorite fanfics.


I don't know about the previous story but this one is a great read I hope for more chapters faster


take these stars from me and write the best of what you think thnks btw


i read the former novel before the newly rewritten story. and for me the former story is much better than the new. why? because even though the mc in the former novel is op atleast you can give him a little restrictions in the later chapters. but this new one? the mc starts weak yes, but having the memories of a million year old cultivator is much more op than the former mc. atleast the former mc become overpower only because of the system reward. on other one is the title will remain the same? coz i dont see any bar or tavern here that the mc can manage to visit different dimensions in the future..




I saw the rewrite chapter and decided to take down my review so that you can have a fresher start. Author is making an effort to improve, I respect it.



hoping to have mass release chapter .. and to boost the author. here's a full 5 ⭐.


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