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Fanfic by: Geraint124x

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Mc Profile

Fujiwara Ichika

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Fanfic: My Hero Academia

Birthday: April 1

Gender: Male

Quirk: Quirkless, Spoon bending(Self-proclaimed Quirk)

Job: Student, Delinquent, Saving people.

Past life: Former MMA athlete.

Powers and Abilities


1.) Imagine Breaker(All For Nothing):

- a mysterious power that currently resides within the MC's right hand, allowing him to negate any quirks. The user of this ability will live an unfortunate life.

2.) Captain Falcon Transformation:

- the MC will be shrouded in flames, transforming in a big man wearing a flight suit and body armor. He gains raw superhuman strength, speed and power in this form.


-Falcon Punch: After a short windup, Falcon releases a devastating fire-infused punch, he can also infuse the punch with lightning.

Falcon Kick: Dashes forward with a fire-imbued kick, launching foes, he can also perform this attack rapidly or add in the electric element into the kick.

Falcon Dive: Ironically named, If he comes into contact with anyone, he briefly grapples them before generating an explosion that launches them downwards whilst stylishly launching Captain Falcon further skyward.

Raptor Boost: Captain Falcon rushes forward and performs a fire imbued uppercut onto his opponent, an alternative to this attack takes more time, but doesn't make him flinch at most attacks.

The Gentleman: A three-hit punch, punch, knee combo, followed by a blindingly fast series of punches and finishing with a final blow that launches enemies.

Knee of Justice: A lightning-infused knee smash that deals devastating damage.

Heel of Shame: Captain Falcon raises his heel and knocks it down to the ground at rapid speed, this technique is best used for knocking someone off a ledge.

3.) Riding Proficiency:

- a skill that came make the MC ride any mount or vehicle with very high proficiency just with a simple touch.

Fujiwara Ichika to Hagakure Toru after touching her accidentally,

"Wait! Toru, I didn't know you were there. It was an accident!"

Proceed to stare at her big pair of breast.

"Idiot, Ichika! Pervert!"

Toru threw a big uppercut.

"Such misfortune!"

Ichika falls to the ground, giving a thumbs up.

"I told you, Toru. We could aim for the world with that fist. Ugh!"

Famous last words before he became unconscious.

(A/N: No harem in this fanfic because my sh*tty main fanfic is a Harem. There will be no world traveling.)

(Edit: Harem is inevitable for those who posseses Imagine breaker that I, the author can't stop it.)

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