1 Real-World Gamification

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Blue Star.

Beijiang City's No. 1 High School, 12th Grade, Class 6.

Chen Yilang sat in his seat and stared at the blackboard with a serious expression.

Those who did not know would think that he was trying to concentrate and listen well in class.

However, in fact, Chen Yilang was studying the system interface that suddenly appeared in his mind.

[Player: Chen Yilang.]

[Level: 1 (1/100).]

[Title: A hotheaded newbie.]

[Achievements: None.]

[Attributes: Strength 2. Tenacity 2. Intelligence 2. Spirit 2. Agility 2. Charm 2. Luck 2. Evaluation: Noob.]

[Tip 1: This game has a high degree of freedom, and it requires the player to experience and explore on their own.]

[Tip 2: The final explanation of this game belongs to the system. I wish you a happy life.]


"Looks like I'm bound by the system."

The Kipper, Chen Yilang, read online novels secretly in class. Hence, he was very familiar with this.

With that, he began to study the system with great interest.

He then discovered that apart from the basic interface, there were skill tab, shopping mall tab, equipment tab, and other modules that had yet to be unlocked.

Just as he was wondering what the system was doing, an unbelievable scene appeared before his eyes.

In the spacious classroom.

Above each student's head, there seemed to be a floating text box.

[Level 1 Freeloader: A harmless little monster that quietly hides in a corner. It is harmless to humans and animals.]

[Level 1 Freeloader...]

[Level 1 Freeloader...]


Chen Yilang's mouth twitched.

Damn it! In a classroom of forty students, there were more than ten fish-fishing monsters in there.

Usually, he would see that all of you looked like honest people, but who would have thought that you would gather people to touch them behind their backs and do such shameful things...

Of course, other than the [Level 1 Freeloader], Chen Yilang also saw some other monsters.

[Level 1 Underachiever: A small monster that was born with a hidden aura. It has a low sense of existence and is not dangerous. Remark: That day, the underachiever finally recalled the days when he was ruled by the Top Students and the Geniuses...]

[Level 2 Top Student: A monster that attracts attention. It is born with an inner scroll attribute and has a certain level of danger. It is recommended to stay away. Remark: Of course, if you are strong enough, you can join too.]

[Level 3 Thug: A type of monster with a bad temper. It is aggressive. It is recommended to stay away.]


Suddenly, The entire classroom seemed to have turned into a game map. His screen was filled with all kinds of monsters.


Chen Yilang looked at the surrounding environment with interest, but he suddenly noticed the floating text on the head of his deskmate.

[Level 5 Ultimate Genius: The top evolution form of the Top Student and the Geniuses. An existence that makes all the Underachievers tremble.]

Chen Yilang trembled, and he suddenly felt a chill down his spine.

The system was right.

His deskmate's name was Chen Jiahui, and she was very scholarly. She performed well in her exam as she was always the first in her grade.

It was said that Chen Jiahui's life was all about studying. She even wished that she could study for twenty-five hours a day.

"Chen Yilang, what are you doing?"

Chen Jiahui seemed to have noticed Chen Yilang was looking at her, so she glanced back at him and said snappily, "Why aren't you paying attention? Are you preparing to take the first place next Tuesday?"

She was both the class monitor and a member of the study committee. The class teacher had specially arranged for her to sit with Chen Yilang so that she could supervise him.

[Taunted by Ultimate Genius!]

[HP -10.]

A new message popped up in front of him. At the same time, it was as if his body had really been attacked, he suddenly felt a slight pain and discomfort.

Chen Yilang checked his status bar and found that his HP bar reduced a little, leaving him with only 95% HP.


As expected of the Ultimate Genius. He would not want to get taunted by her again...

Moreover, based on the feeling just now, when his HP dropped, his body would indeed feel physically uncomfortable.

Chen Yilang could not help but make a bold guess.

When his HP fell to zero, he might die...

Thinking of this, Chen Yilang could not help but feel a chill down his spine.

Fortunately, he found that his HP would recover slowly.

For example, in the few minutes when his imagination ran wild, his HP had recovered to 96%.


Their math teacher, Yang Shijun, tapped on the blackboard with a pencil a few times and said, "Let's stop here for now.

"I'll give everyone five minutes to sort things out. Later, I'll randomly pick two students to give you guys a demonstration."

Once finished speaking, the classroom that was filled with noises went dead silent.


[A new hidden mission has been triggered: Mathematics teacher's trial.]

[Yang Shijun.]

[Condition: Complete the assigned classroom mission.]

[Details: It's time for you to blow them away, young man.]

Chen Yilang was bemused.

He felt that it was a little too sudden.

He even felt that it was somewhat stupid.

Did this mean that he was the one the mathematics teacher was going to choose later?

The problem was that he did not know anything about the calculation of the ball. After all, he had never scored 60 points on a 150-point math test...

He had a headache suddenly.

Chen Yilang was a little overwhelmed and subconsciously looked around.

At this time, he noticed that something seemed to have happened to his deskmate, Chen Jiahui.

On the status bar above Chen Jiahui's head, a brain-shaped icon appeared, and it was still blinking slightly.

[The target has entered a focused state.]

[Focus: Under this state, learning ability has increased significantly, intelligence value has increased, and perception of the outside world has decreased significantly.]

[Tip: When the target of the other party's focus is not you, this might be a good opportunity.]


Chen Yilang was puzzled.


He seemed to know something bad would happen to him.

After thinking for a while, Chen Yilang could not help but smile.

He then quietly leaned his body slightly back.

Chen Jiahui, who was focused on organizing her thoughts, was completely unaware of Chen Yilang's actions. She was still immersed in her own world.

Her posture was as if the end of the world could not stop her from learning.

Chen Yilang, who was full of evil thoughts, laughed mischievously. Suddenly, he slapped Chen Jiahui's arm.

"Ah!" Chen Jiahui's trembled, and she screamed in a low voice.

A new message appeared in front of Chen Yilang.

[You have used Slap. You have successfully inflicted a large amount of mental damage on a Level 5 Ultimate Genius. You obtained: Experience +122. Gold Coins +32.]

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