I.. Am God?

Check out my new novel! I Am God: Divine Sovereigns of Providence! Theme: World Creation, Gods, Mixed Matthias died and became something that he least expected. "I.. Am God?" Join Matthias as he travel through galaxies and create all things. ––––––––––––––––– What would you do if you suddenly gained a power that no mortal man could hope to achieve? What would you do if all creation suddenly bowed to your power and glory that only lofty Emperors could have? Heaven and Hell submits to your power, The Immortal Realm fears your existence, The Mortal realm bows before your presence. Would you like for all the realms to bow and praise even your shadow? All gods to bow before you? The Earthly Kings and Heavenly Rulers to sonorously chant your glorious name? Or would you like to live the life of mortal men that are doomed to die? Understand poverty and loftiness? Powerfulness and powerlessness? Comprehend knowledge that arrogant gods wouldn't be able to? Or would you like both? Join him as he tries to live a life of a True God, Ruler of Creation. "Are gods the greatest existence in all of the cosmos? No. Why? Gods are only worshipped by mortals who couldn't reach their power. Gods will be powerless in front of true power. They would be powerless in front of me." (Author's note: MC is not arrogant, portrays himself as a  little bit naive, only becomes arrogant if needed, lives countless types of lives, from urban to fantasy. Not Harem, although he would have wives in some worlds, but he does not entertain the idea of harem. Sorry harem lovers who expected that a god would become a man of a 20,000 women harem. Characters aren't that important except for those who have been to more than one world with him, and expect heartlessness in some occasions.) Disclaimer: The author does not assume/own the rights to the photo cover and would comply with the owner if ever he/she wants the author to take down the cover. You could contact me in my socmed account. Twitter: @WashingDishes07 Discord: MattWashingDishes#4663 Facebook: WashingDishes07

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The Godmother.

By this time, Jennese has already landed in Causo, the continent where chaos is as common as the skin sheds. It's land is filled with ruling gangs and groups, and especially, the Big Mafias.

Causo has seven ruling Mafias, and they are all at war with each other. One of the most war-like mafias is the Sanguine Mafia, ruled by the Sandus Family, a family that branches out from the Great Aseilon Mafia, who ruled the underground world of Asta in the last hundred years of the Old Era to the first 300 years of the New World Era.

The Sanguine Mafia was ruling secretly in the underground world of Nodan. They had connections from the Royal Family and could openly provoke the people but still needed to hide from the government. When Causo was conquered by humans, the Sanguine Mafia with some other gangs secretly took advantage of the soon-to-be residents of the continent and established their dominance across Causo. 

The government knew what was happening there but cannot really do anything as they really do not know all of the gangs' members. So, they implored other hiding Mafias and gangs to raid Causo and lessen Sanguine Mafia's control.

Through the call, five Mafia Groups answered; Blacksky, Daemos, Redcrow, Calen, and Pieco. The first three mentioned Mafias were upstart Mafias yet have a huge connection. The Calen and Pieco Mafias are part of the Old Familias, whose existence exceeds that of the New World Era. Their power rivals or even exceeds that of the Sandus Family and their Mafia.

Nine years after Causo being colonized, the Isenian Mafia was created, led by Jennese Eisenhower, she became the first person who achieved the title of "Godmother" that was approved by the Old Familias in the New World Era because of her brains, skills, and abilities.

She quickly formed a strong and stable foundation for the Isenian Mafia and seized control of the Eastern Coasts of Causo from Sanguine, which made the Sandus Family hate the Isenian Mafia greatly.

But when they discovered that the Isenian Mafia is under the Eisenhower Family who, at that time, owns just a little over 25% of Betania's market, but of course it is still a huge portion, considering that the second biggest company of that time which is the Sirius Group only holds 9%, they were scared. At that time, Kings Group was already involved in the deals of armaments, and could easily flatten the Sandus Family to the ground.

But when Matthias announced that, except for the underground deals of the Kings Group, the Isenian Mafia will be separated from the Kings Group and will not interfere in its interests (except for business of course), they became more courageous.

From then on, battles between the Mafias and the gangs occurred. Factions were created and conflicts arose everywhere.

Jennese landed the shuttle inside the Isenian Mafia's territory. She got down from her shuttle and was received by her Consigliere who was the one who answered Jennese, Elias Tadcos, and the fifteen heads of the families under the Isenian Mafia.

Elias was 6"5, with wide arms, strong body, chiseled face, sharp eyes, and thick eyebrows. His dominating aura could make everyone who saw him shiver. He was wearing a black tuxedo and pants with black leather shoes. 

The fifteen heads faced Jennese with Elias and all of them bowed simultaneously, "Greetings, Godmother!"

"At ease." She waved her hand down. "Tell me what happened."

"Affirmative, Madam." Elias replied. He talked and explained the problem directly to Jennese and she listened attentively while walking to the Isenian Mansion with them.

Although Causo is dominated by Mafias and gangs, businesses and people still thrive, although they are taxed by the gang under the Mafia that are protecting them. 

Apparently, the Sanguine Family tried to retake the Sachun Region that is controlled by them. Fortunately, the soldiers and Associates of their Mafia were just at the neighbouring region of Calius where they were training. The attack was easily mitigated and the soldiers stood on the borders to defend the region from any other attacks.

"I guess our inaction for the past year made the Sanguine Nafia think that we're easy targets huh? Then, prepare for our counterattack. Order our men to capture all of the Sanguine Mafia's southern territories." She smiled eerily.

"Yes, Godmother!" All fifteen heads and Elias yelled in affirmation and ran to their posts, informing their men of the plan.

Following that, chaos ensued. The residents were sent down underground to protect and stay away from the fight. All fifteen families under the Isenian Mafia laid siege on all of the Sanguine Mafia's territories on the south.

The men of the opposing party resisted with all their strength and a long period of conflict commenced.

Back to Siso, Inside the Eisenhower Mansion.

After the orders were issued, the fifteen families under the Isenian Mafia and its associates attacked all of the opposing Mafia's southern territories. A long battle commenced between the Sanguine Mafia and the Isenian Mafia.

Back to Siso, Matthias was currently talking to Eston about science's new breakthrough.

"Father, our scientists have made a breakthrough in discovering how our brain functions!" Eston chirped.

"Oh? What can we expect now?" Matthias smiled.

"Virtual reality could already be fully realized and now, we could live as if we are in another world!" Eston replied happily.

"Job well done!" Matthias clapped. "Can games be made in VR now?" 

"With further programming and careful procedures, we absolutely could." His son answered.

"Very well. Start a gaming company and once the technology is completed, let me create a game for it." 

"You're personally creating a game?!" Eston gasped and looked at his father incredulously. His father rarely involved himself on projects personally as he was really busy managing all of tge businesses.

"Mhm. I'm going to introduce to the world what cultivation really is." Matthias smiled.