49 Creating Matthias' Gadgets

He established contact with Denos and spoke, "Call Aleister and tell him to return here for a moment. Tell him I want to talk to him in Betania."

"Yes, Godfather." Denos replied.

In the Hall, Denos raised his head and announced, "Feng Zhan, come here."

Aleister stopped what he was writing and walked to the desk, "What is it, Senior?" 

"Godfather wants to talk to you in Betania." Denos replied. Aleister was startled and quickly ran to the portal.

In Betania, the door opened and Aleister got out. Different when he first entered, he became a lot more scholarly and knowledgeable. "Greetings, Lord." Aleister cupped his fist and bowed.

"Mhmm. I want Kings Technologies to create a higher spec Laptop and Smartphone. Connect it to the AI program and make it so that it could function even on the old Wi-Fi or any signal available." Matthias ordered.

"Why don't you want to order the family yourself, Lord?" Aleister asked confusedly.

"You think they will believe that their Founding Patriarch returned from the dead and was asking for a high end technology that only the Kings Group could create?" Matthias looked at him weirdly.

"Oh, right." Aleister laughed half-heartedly. He remembered that Betania returned to a Scientific Civilization when the spiritual energy was cut off. 

"Okay, Lord. I'll call that brat Maki to create what you want." He nodded and clicked a button beside his meditating mat. 

A hologram flashed and a keyboard appeared. Aleister typed and contacted a number. A second later, the call was answered, "Ancestor." The hologram of a teenage boy bowed and looked at Aleister respectfully.

To Maki, Aleister was like his hero and idol. How he fought against enemies when the Rebellion started was imprinted into his mind.

"Maki, I want you to rush here and meet someone." Aleister ordered. "I'll soon rush there, Ancestor."

A minute later, a sleek space shuttle arrived and landed on the landing pad of the mansion. A 5"11 teen walked briskly towards the Ancestor's Basement. When he opened the door, he saw Aleister kneeling on the ground while a man was sitting on his bed, which means that the man was of higher status than his Ancestor.

"Who are you?!" Maki asked with displeasure. Seeing his hero kneeling beneath the man made him very upset.

"Maki! If you can call me Ancestor, someone who is of an outer part of the family, why are you treating your great-great-great-great grandfather like that?" Aleister reprimanded.

"Huh? Great-great-great-great grandfather? But he was already dead more than four hundred years ago!" Maki shouted. He knew his great-great-great-great grandfather, the illustrious Matt Eisenhower, the Founding Patriarch of the Family. He himself brought the Kings Group to its peak, and with the addition of his three children, the Kings Group became a business hegemon.

"He is Great-great-great-great grandfather Matt? Impossible!" Maki gawked. He wasn't stupid and knew where his Ancestor was going.

"Did the sentence I say before I left forgotten?" Matthias looked at his great-great-great-great grandson with amusement.

"No. What you said before hasn't been forgotten as it still remains a mystery. 'We will meet again, as this is not my realm. I'm not that weak, and I'm just coming back to where I belong. We will see each other.' That's it, right?" Maki recalled the words that Matthias said.

"Yes. I am of a higher realm and your Ancestor knows that. That's why he didn't cry at my 'burial'". Matthias smiled.

"I still can't believe that the Founding Patriarch is still alive." Maki breathed in and out to calm himself. "What do you need me to do, Ancestor?"

Matthias repeated what he said and after a while, Maki nodded, "Sure thing, Ancestor. I will see it done right away." Maki whipped his briefcase and opened it. Inside was a complete desktop set that was very high tech, with laser keyboard and blood recognition for the special blood of the Eisenhowers that they discovered that was one of a kind. They used it to create the verification to access Kings Group's secret files.

Maki's hands glided through the keyboard, typing very fast. After typing, he placed down the suitcase and opened a hole on top of the suitcase. A huge hologram projected and floated in the room. Maki waved his hands constructing a laptop and smartphone according to Matthias' liking. 

He programmed onto them the latest type of AI and created their receiver to receive and transmit any type of signal. He also made their parts extremely durable and its processing chips extremely high quality. The smartphone's camera was also three times clearer than a normal person's eyes. The resolution of its screen is 17,280x26,320 pixels. And its height is 6.3 inches while its width is 2.98 inches and its thickness is 0.32 inches.

The laptop/computer has the size of a typical Applebook but its processors and chipsets are extremely fast and durable. 

He also added a projection monitor on the phone and laptop if ever Matthias wanted to use it. The two gadgets are waterproof and could last in water until they rot. He installed a small solar panel that has the ability to fully charge the phone's ginormous battery of 500,000 mAh in just two hours. The two gadgets are connected to the same pocket AI mainframe that is the size of a watch. Maki also designed accessories like a mouse, stylus, headset, earphones, solar powered power bank if needed that are specially created for the two gadgets. 

He also designed a contact lens that is also a computer for Matthias.

If Matthias just needed the look of the techs to look like that of the past era, Maki could make it look very futuristic.

After seeing everything, Matthias was satisfied and made Maki to create it. Maki then uploaded the datas to the mainframe of Kings Technology and tasked the employees to cancel all the things they're doing and create this set.

After knowing about it, Andrew was baffled and had to return from a trip to another world to Betania.

"What are you doing, Maki?" You're disrupting the supply line!" Andrew reprimanded. 

"It is for the Ancestor." Maki calmly responded.

"Hmm? Did Ancestor Aleister need something this important?" Andrew asked.

"No, not Ancestor Aleister." Maki shook his head.

"Then who? Ancestor Aleister is our only Ancestor alive." Andrew narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

"The one who needs those things is the original Founding Patriarch." Maki answered.

"Founding Patriarch?! Why haven't you told me?!" Andrew yelled. "Let's go!"

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