Alex, has been the quiet kid of his class through all of high school, his final year had just started and he was already planning to go through it being the quiet kid again. well, you might ask he chooses to stay the quiet kid.

The answer is simple, his parents are billionaires so Alex has been kidnapped twice. which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice.

So to prevent that shit from happening again they put permanent bodyguards on him which follow him everywhere, except the washroom, wait no they follow him into washrooms which are public.

This caused him to be distanced from his friends, he wasn't really able to make any friends.

This is what Alex blames it on.

Now, the real reason is, Alex is somewhat of a narcissist, he has a very small but strong friend circle. he can proudly say that anyone in his 'very small friend circle' will choose him over any other friend outside of their circle.

Well, that was only true till middle school after which they parted ways. after that Alex drifted apart from 3d people, as he didn't find them interesting or he just didn't want to waste his energy on them. he did always top his classes though but his classmates mostly ignored his existence except a few.

It wasn't like Alex was ugly or something, in the first year he was also hit on by a whole bunch of different girls but he rejected them all since he was pretty sure they were only in it because he was rich or handsome.

It was a pain to just reject girls for a whole month but sometime later there were rumors of Alex being gay. even though he wasn't really troubled by it there was just one girl he was genuinely interested in, so he denied all those rumors.

Well now no one troubles him and his life has been way too boring. every day he wished to have something exciting, to be honest after being kidnapped (twice) normal thrilling things didn't feel thrilling to him at all, like would bungee jumping from the grand canyon be more dangerous than having a gun pointed at you. well maybe it wasn't, but those kinds of adventure sports were the only fun thing to him now.

He always wished to have an apocalypse or get a system or be thrown into hunger games or maybe find some cultivation manual being sold by a beggar, or get a letter to a magic academy through an owl or someday his parents tell him that he is adopted and his real parents are gods or something. but none of that came true. until...

While Alex was listening to music secretly while the teacher was speaking, the earphones were wireless earphones that are barely visible and they have been designed that storing more than a hundred thousand songs on it independently so, it wasn't necessary for the phone to be always connected to the earphones, although it was just a prototype of what his father's company was planning to release next year.

Suddenly the whole building started shaking. earthquake? well maybe? everyone started panicking while most were ducking under the tables under their tables, there were two or three who tried to run but for some reason, they weren't able to open the doors. Alex didn't realize himself but he was grinning, he certainly felt excited. suddenly his vision was blinded, all he could see was white light, it was so bright that even though his eyes were closed he was still able to see all that light every clearly, he tried to cover his eyes with his hands but his hands were locked in place.

He could feel his body itching, something crawling under his skin all over his body. he opened his eyes only to see a silhouette of a man, who put his hand on his head, the second he removed his hand, Alex could feel his eyes closing almost as if he was falling in a trance before he could blackout he was able to hear that person saying "I expect good stuff from you"

When he regained my senses he was greeted by an unfamiliar ceiling. the ceiling was way too high like you would wonder why the heck do you need such a large ceiling, the grand chandelier dangled from the ceiling with multiple crystals everywhere, the design was exquisite, to say the least. it would definitely cost a shit ton of money if you were to buy it. suddenly there was a blue rectangle window in front of his eyes, it wasn't hard to see through it but still, every letter on the rectangle holographic screen was easily readable.


Multiple windows started popping over it.























All the other windows closed down automatically, he wanted to scream in happiness finally a system! he moved around his eyeball to see if the window moved, and it did, it was always on the center of his view.

'what the fuck, I get a system and gives me errors the second it loads up?' Alex thought

The environment, the paintings, the walls, the glowing crystals instead of lights all indicated, he was finally in an isekai

Alex finally thought to himself, he can be finally free from that boring life and be the protagonist of some fantasy.

When he was in his internal celebration, a familiar face appeared above him, it was a girl, she had long dark brown hair, with fair skin, her face was well sculpted, and her blue eyes always pierced your heart like daggers. it was Jean. one of his classmates who sits next to him. she is one of those few people who still talk with him.

Well it wasn't like he was not happy to see her, he was happy but sadly that meant that there were other people who got isekai'ed. he sighed, the second he decided to ignore the window in front of me, it minimized itself and became a very small rectangle at the corner of my vision.

"come on, get up already." jean said as she offered me her hand.

He gladly held her hand and got up. when he took a look around he was even more depressed

23 people..... out of which 22 people must be his classmates and the remaining 1 is his English teacher. all of them were panicking running around the whole hall, banging on the large door, climbing on the humongous pair of staircases, which wound around a huge stone statue of some dude with a spiked halo on his head, carrying a staff.

Jean looked at him "isekai?"

He nodded "isekai indeed."

Jean and he have practically reached the point of saturation with each other, they can predict what the other person was gonna say with an accuracy of 50% which is practically insane, to say the least.

The only one who was not panicking other than him and Jean was Gwen, she was just looking around, it was hard to read her expression but she was a woman of few words, Alex and she have had conversations before but they mostly ended within three sentences.

Jean nudged him while still staring at the statue. "hey maybe we are being recorded for some prank or something."

He shook my head, "highly unlikely, no prank show would have a budge to build this shit, and even if they had I don't think they would be able to manage that." he said as he pointed to a cat-sized dragon sort of creature flying down the stairs, it had blue skin, and what looked like scales covering its body other than its wings and its front part.

Jean was just lost staring at it.

Then out of nowhere, a beep rang in his ears, it was small, but it wasn't unnoticeable, the blue box in the corner of his vision showed a small red dot above it. he just thought about opening it, and it opened the familiar blue window.



He obviously decided to choose Y, he was almost about to move his finger to touch it but it automatically selected yes, that's when he deduced that he could use the system without having to touch and could use it just by thinking


LV. 6

HP : 1000

MANA : 800

ATK : 42

DEF : 72

AGI : 84

INT : 45

MANA TYPE : Fire/Wind


SKILLS : Flight, Scale Extenstion LV 1, Wyvern Fire LV 2 ]

Huh, Alex thought about his own level and then a window popped up for him.




TITLES : The Chosen

LV. 0 (XP 0/100)

HP : 100

MANA : 1000

ATK :10

DEF : 8

AGI : 9

INT : 12




SKILLS : ???? ]

Alex was confused everything is alright except why the hell are there so many question marks, since he didn't get any response from the system he decided to ignore it.

"that is either a dragon or some kind of flying lizard" jean commented on seeing the wyvern.

Alex after reading through what his system showed, "it's a wyvern."

Jean looked at him with confusion "have you done this much research into fantasy creatures?"

"huh you can't-" that's when a system window popped up.


It was almost as if the system could read his thoughts, Alex thought for a second ' wait isn't that a total breach of privacy' he was interrupted when jean nudged him with her elbow, "what were you saying?"

"oh right, it's a wyvern because it only has legs and wings, a dragon either has all four limbs and wings or no limbs at all, well they are just cultural differences though." he obviously knew that much about dragons and wyverns after playing a shit ton of RPG games. but he wouldn't have been able to connect the dots if the system wouldn't have told him that it was a wyvern.

Jean was almost gonna say something when at the top of the second floor some people walked in, the first was a blonde girl, on seeing her, the wyvern flew and took a seat on her shoulder. the blonde girl has waist-length straight hair, with rosy pale skin, her features, face or body were better than any supermodel or actor. she was probably in her early twenties at most. she was wearing a shiny golden gown, was that sequins it was made off? the gown had full sleeves which covered whole other arms and even her hands, except the fingers and palms everything was covered by that golden gown. on top of that golden gown, she also wore silver breastplate armor. well it wasn't really silver it did shine like silver but it was more white and shiny than normal silver color, it felt like it wasn't a normal metal. Just her appearance confirmed that she was some kind of royalty.

Behind her walked in 4 men, her harem, no, they weren't her harem, they couldn't be. the first man was tall, like very tall, he was far, but it was easy to say that he was no less than 7ft (2.13 m) he had a muscular build and was wearing what one would call royalty clothes but there weren't any sleeves it was like it was meant to show his humongous biceps. seriously those biceps would make any bodybuilder jealous.

The second man was like any normal person, he did not wear any robes but was wearing something like a hoodie, with gold linings on it, but his skin was like he was an albino, the third man, was less like a man, and more like a bowling ball. he was small and fat but wore a whole lot of gold, he was literally covered with gold.

The fourth man was definitely some religious fanatic, probably, he wore a white and gold color scheme long-sleeved but loosely worn garment, he was wearing a necklace with a large halo with spikes pendant on it, the same as the one on the statue.

Every male's eyes were stuck on that blonde beauty who walked in. except Alex who was analyzing each of them. he tried to appraise all of them but he only got one answer.


The blonde woman took a glance at everyone, she was surprised to see a male who wasn't gawking at her.

She quickly got over it and then announced " welcome to the world " her voice was soft and she wasn't loud, yet her voice was crystal clear.

This got Alex's attention and he finally looked at her again. the others who were panicking also finally calmed down.

She continued "I am the empress of Humania, and you are travelers summoned to 'the world' our gods have summoned you to protect the people of this world from the demon lord who is awakening. you must have your questions please feel free to ask, and then I will continue."

Murmurs broke out amongst the 'travelers'.

Alex had suspected them to give this reason, it was too obvious.

Alex raised his hand to ask a question. the empress quickly took notice of him "yes?"

Alex did want to ask how they were summoned and who were those gods she just walked about, but he knew that knowing 'how they were summoned' was simply not beneficial to him right now, what he need to do the most right now was figure out the situation.

Alex wasn't panicking his voice was cold and calm devoid of any expression, he had decided to not show any expression to give away his personality so that they don't have anything to use against him, he was still very cautious of the people looking down on them from the second floor.

" why not train your own people, why do you need to summon us, people from a world where magic doesn't exist."

She smirked hearing that. "well, its because when people devoid of mana, are transmigrated from a world without mana to a world with mana they gain immense growth potential, and even mana sometimes, travelers will level up at almost double the speed than of any native of this world, also most travelers are almost guaranteed to have divine level spirit weapons."

Alex didn't take long to understand what she said, while most people were confused about mana and divine weapons and the other stuff she said, but Alex had experience from games, mangas, comics, anime, movies, novels practically every form of fiction.

He hmmed for a second after hearing that "then I have a follow-up question."


Alex spoke without any expression nor emotion again " who the fuck thought naming this world 'the world' was a good idea?"

Everyone looked at Alex with disbelief, while Jean just nodded as if acknowledging that it was a valid question, Gwen took a glance at Alex but quickly averted her eyes.

The empress let out a small chuckle, the tall man was smirking but the albino was glaring holes in him, the fat man though couldn't care less.

The Empress sighed after smiling " well, I don't really know."

While others might think Alex just asked this question for fun but his real motive was to figure out i the creator or founder of this world was still alive or at least active, this answer confirmed for him that he was either, dead or not active anymore in this world, this also meant that the gods of this world were either weaker than the person who named this place or came after him.

After me, a whole bunch of questions were asked. they were mostly shit, some asked what mana is, some asked to show them magic, some wanted to know if they could go back, some asked what divine spirit weapons were.

Alex's predictions were spot on, there was no known way to go back and spirit weapons were weapons made of mana and soul, unique to each person, and apparently, they were unlocked for everyone after they achieved level 30.

After which Alex realized that other than him they don't have a method to view their levels, it was precisely when Gwen asked the question, "how do we know our levels?"

The empress looked at Alex and then shifted her focus to Gwen as if she expected Alex to ask this. "you will get your status plates in the ceremony to be held in a few minutes."

Gwen nodded hearing that while Alex yawned.

The empress raised her eyebrow but she let it slide.

Honestly, Alex was tired, standing for so long isn't his style. well, he just doesn't have enough stamina to continue standing.

So he decided to sit down cross-legged right where he was standing.

He did receive some looks but he ignored them.

The empress continued "since no one has any more questions, we shall commence with the awakening ceremony" Alex was pretty sure he had an idea of what the awakening ceremony was going to be.

"We are going to use an artifact to awaken the mana inside of you, from which we will get to know what type of mana user you are, there are several types of mana, like fire, earth, water, wind, lightning, light, dark, death, healing and a few more. you will also receive your status plates, which will display your level, stat points, titles, and skills. when you level up by increasing XP, you will gain power points which you can use to increase your stats or skill levels, you might also gain skills by leveling up. there are plenty of means to level up but the most common and efficient way is to kill monsters."

This time Alex was curious without raising his hand or asking for permission he blurted out "if it is common and efficient it means it also produces the relatively least amount XP right? there must be illegal ways to increase XP like killin-"

Before Alex could continue the empress cut him off "yes, various methods like you mentioned do exist, but let's not discuss them for now."

Alex nodded, he understood why the empress cut him off.

"well, your awakening ceremony will be conducted in public, right outside those doors, are millions of people waiting for your arrival, once you have awakened you will have the option to either work under someone or with someone of your choice or journey alone with the sole goal of becoming strong enough to slay the demon lord who will awaken in five years."

Right then a window popped up

[ QUEST COMPLETED : Stay calm on arriving, leave an impression on the Natives. ]

[ REWARDS : Origin Mana Heart , 50 S Coins

SKILL UNLOCKED : Mana Manipulation

TITLE UNLOCKED : The one with the Origin ]

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