I Will Be The God Of All Gods Book

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I Will Be The God Of All Gods


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(the first few chapters are mostly info dump with the setting of the world) Alex has been always been considered the quiet kid of his class, always in the top three, barely any people he can be considered as his friends. always skips PE, but none of them dares to bully him because he is the only son of a billionaire, at least two bodyguards can be easily spotted always around him, barely anyone dared to talk to him. to be honest, Alex was tired of this life well, good for him he was isekai'ed, and that too with a system! finally it was time for him to be the protagonist, well sadly his whole class was isekai'ed too, he wasn't the only isekai'ed person in this world, he wasn't unique anymore, but that wasn't really the case.


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