I Was Writing A Diary In Demon Slayer And All The Heroines Was Broken

Author: Big_Eve
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What is I Was Writing A Diary In Demon Slayer And All The Heroines Was Broken

Read I Was Writing A Diary In Demon Slayer And All The Heroines Was Broken fanfiction written by the author Big_Eve on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Story of: I was writing a diary in Demon Slayer, and the butterfly ninja honey glass was broken. (Be kind to your own people, pervert to ghosts, violently abuse ghosts. There are many elements.) Su Yu wears Demon Slayer and can become stronger by writing a diary every day, but he doesn't know that his diary will be seen by others. I got Sauron's Sword Way at the beginning. I thought I could start the road to Long Aotian directly, but I didn't expect that this Sword Way actually comes with the Lost debuff! You can get lost just by turning a corner when going out, and a good-natured person suddenly turns into a road-crazy person. Su Yu felt a big sigh of relief in his heart but had nowhere to vent it. And when he got the "Undead Killer" that could cause more damage to ghosts, his whole style changed suddenly. "A ghost, right? Likes to eat people, right? More evil than evil? I'm more evil than you!" So. Su Yu's diary also changed its style of painting. [I killed a few more ghosts today. After being lost for so long, I can finally vent! ] [Don't run away, you guys are good at cannibalism, now let's see who kills whom! 】 【The screams of ghosts are really pleasant. Even if you scream, the ghosts won't come to save you. Just catch them without any effort! 】

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The characters are of course from demon slayer, and the background is good, but the translation is extremely bad. they misname several characters, their positions, the own MC's name, and locations a lot. it is good, but if you want a book that won't give you a headache trying to figure out who is who, than i would not recommend.


It’s translated so poorly, its not even worth the reading if your extremely bored.


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