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Warning![MATURE CONTENT] #Intense romance #Obsession #Revenge #Violence #Hatred to love ... It all changed after I met him.. .... Roses are wilting Violent are dead I'll stab you with a knife And bid you a due ...... Who am I?....A reincarnation?, a ghost? .... 18 years ago, Ivy Medina Hathway died, yet she was alive... Born prematurely out of her mother's dead womb, it was a miracle, yet it was a curse.. She was born as a lifeless monster, it wasn't her fault, she wanted vengeance, nothing less.. Vengeance over everyone that had wronged her dead mother so wrong, her passion turned into obsession, yet she would do anything to have it... But yet again, fate had other plans for her... She met him... The one and only Ryan Stones, the demon to everybody nightmare, it was him... It was a mistake, oh God, a grave mistake to cross part with him, but it was too late.. He flipped her life upside down and wrote a new story for her.. I OWN you... With no shame, he said that clearly to her red boiling face But what happens when she falls madly in love with the demon's brother..An Abomination! He would kill her, yet her heart chose to rebel, but the demon would never accept defeat, it was obsession, it was madness, he threatens to kill and take the little thing she had left, she was in trouble... ..... Everything all changed after I met him and I became stuck in my own web... ....... How far would you go to save someone that you love?... Would you give up your dignity?, your body?, your heart and fall flat in your face, all because of that person?.... I did and it crushed me completely.... He says he owns me, but I don't want to think it's true, he'll pay for everything he had done, but yet again, that's the lie I tell myself every single day, I was defenceless, so he became my god... But that wasn't all I needed protection from