I Truly Am The Villian

Xu Zimei found himself reborn, carrying with him all the heaven-shaking cultivation and memories from his previous life. But something was off about the script. Isn’t reincarnation always the protagonist’s theme? However, I was cast as the villain! This is the story of a villain's step-by-step journey to becoming the Demon King. —————————— In an era of great strife, where mystical arts resonated! An elder of the True Martial Holy Sect sat at the Willow Bank River Fishing Platform when suddenly he heard the dragon’s roar. Three thousand carps knocked at the gate of life, transforming into the Measureless Golden Dragon, soaring through the firmament, graceful as a startling swan! There were strongmen who measured the heavens and earth with their strides, monks who sat in meditation in temples for three thousand years, achieving sudden enlightenment—auspicious clouds descended, and all laws of magic cheered in chorus. Blood moons darkened the night, rainbows cut through the daylight. There was a swordsman with a wooden sword on his back who, with a turn and a raise of his hand, shattered thousands of miles of rivers and mountains. In the south of the city, a ragged beggar with a broken willow twig dared to assault the Holy Court of a sect that boasted three emperors.

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Chapter 8 Tyrant Shadow

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The weapons on the first floor of the Divine Armory looked ordinary, without any dazzling brilliance or exposed sharp edges, just simply arranged there.

As Xu Zimei entered, the air carried a faint scent of rust. Disciples of the True Martial Holy Sect seldom came here to select weapons, so many of the mundane weapons crafted for this floor had gathered dust over time due to long periods of disuse.

At the entrance of the first floor, an old man was sleeping on a reclining chair. He glanced at Xu Zimei and her companion with interest upon their arrival, and then spoke, "Feel free to pick any weapon inside, but each person can only choose one. Just let me know when you're leaving."

After speaking, the old man turned over and continued to sleep with his eyes closed.

"What kind of attitude is that?" Zhang Chongtian said indignantly.

"It's fine," Xu Zimei shook her head, took a deep look at the old man, and then walked in.

She didn't spend much time choosing, going straight to a corner where one wall was densely hung with all sorts of weapons.

Sabers, spears, clubs, and staffs—the kind that common folk rarely even heard of—were all present in various forms.

Xu Zimei's gaze was drawn to an inconspicuous blade hanging in the lower-left corner among the multitude of weapons.

The blade was five feet long and appeared very sharp, with a slight curve to its body.

It weighed a hefty dozen or so pounds in hand, and its handle was distinguished by layers of grid-like patterns which felt solid and substantial to grip.

"I'll take this one," Xu Zimei said, picked up the blade, and walked towards the old man at the door under the astonished gaze of her escort, Zhang Chongtian.

Awoken by the disturbance, the old man appeared somewhat reluctant. He glanced at the curved blade Xu Zimei had selected and said, "Alright, it's yours now. Hurry up and scram, don't disturb an old man's sleep."

Xu Zimei nodded, didn't say much else, wrapped the sword in its sheath behind her back, and then left.

"By the way, its name is Tyrant Shadow," called the old man's voice from behind.

"Tyrant Shadow, of course, I know," Xu Zimei replied with a smile on her lips, without turning back, her figure gradually disappearing into the breeze.


Xu Zimei was certain that she would remember her father's words for the rest of her life.

"A true knife wielder is one who can awaken the spirit within the blade and then earn its recognition."

In her previous life, Xu Zimei hadn't paid much attention to these words. In her eyes, any weapon was just a tool for killing, not worth imbuing with any other meaning.

It wasn't until that battle at Secluded Dragon Gorge when Tyrant Shadow was broken by the weapon of the protagonist, Chu Yang.

It was in the moment of the blade's fracture that Xu Zimei truly felt the weapon's wail of grief.

Only then did she come to a sudden realization, but it was already too late.


Later, Xu Zimei returned to her small courtyard, where she sat down cross-legged and began to cultivate.

In her previous life, the first cultivation technique she practiced was the Annihilation Jue of The Great Emperor of the Three Blades.

Only after she had cultivated to the Emperor Pulse Realm did Xu Zimei finally step onto her own Martial Path to Heaven.

Discarding the Annihilation Jue, she began to research, deduce, and create a brand new cultivation technique of her own.

Xu Zimei named her new cultivation technique Sole Great Freedom Jue.

This technique focused on mastering the past, present, and future.

Once fully accomplished, one could trace back to the very source of time, connecting with one's past selves and future epochs across several realms.

Unfortunately, in his previous life, after advancing his cultivation technique to the Divine Vein Realm, Xu Zimei found that he had a mental block that he just couldn't overcome, no matter what.

So, he went to seek out Chu Yang to resolve this block, but he never expected to be defeated so miserably.

Yet, this rebirth allowed Xu Zimei to have a flash of insight, gaining more inspiration for the future and the past.

He was confident that he could certainly perfect the cultivation technique and step into a level above the Divine Vein Realm.


To extrapolate one's own cultivation technique is a path that every vein practitioner must eventually take. No matter how strong the cultivation techniques left by others are, those are only for reference and cannot fully fit you one hundred percent.


Xu Zimei kept extrapolating and practicing his cultivation technique until dawn, when he stood up and stretched lazily.

Although he hadn't slept all night, he still felt full of energy.

That's the benefit of cultivation. He was at the ninth level of the Mortal Realm now, and even if he didn't sleep for seven days and nights, he would feel at most just a bit tired.


As soon as the day broke, Lin Ruhu arrived early at Goose Southern Peak to hang out with Xu Zimei.

He was carrying a big hemp sack on his back, looking sneaky as he took one step and glanced back twice, as if stealthily guarding against something.


"Ruhu, what's going on with you?" After freshening up, Xu Zimei asked curiously.

"Zimo bro, I've got something good to show you," Lin Ruhu said with a sly grin, opening up the sack on his back.

Inside lay two unconscious chicklings, resting quietly.

These two chickens were golden all over, with purple crowns, their feathers arranged neatly and precisely, and a touch of bright red on their tails.

Their beaks looked like jade, transparent and pure. The first impression these chickens gave was that they were no ordinary birds.

"Medicine Path Holy Chicken?" Xu Zimei asked in surprise, "Where did you get these from?"

"Ah, I went up to Heavenly Gorge Peak to play with Liao Ruyan this morning, and then I saw these two chickens abandoned on the ground. I felt sorry for them and just brought them along," said Lin Ruhu with his innocent eyes twinkling.

"Did you steal these?" Xu Zimei asked suspiciously.

"How can you call it stealing when it's a man of learning?" Lin Ruhu argued, unconvincingly, "I just picked them up, that's all."

"I don't mind, after all, they are the Great Elder's beloved pets," Xu Zimei replied with a casual smile, saying to Lin Ruhu, "I've heard that Medicine Path Holy Chickens are raised on spiritual medicines from an early age, and every piece of their flesh contains rich spiritual energy.

We've got two of them here, one for braising and one for steaming."

"Yeah, yeah," Lin Ruhu licked his lips excitedly.

"Cooking a Medicine Path Holy Chicken with ordinary firewood would be a bit of a waste," Xu Zimei pondered, then directed his bodyguard Zhang Chongtian, "Go cut some branches from the spirit trees at Ancient Medicine Peak."

"Young master, those spirit trees are precious to the second elder," Zhang Chongtian said with some difficulty, "If the second elder finds out I've been cutting his branches, he'll surely skin me alive."

"He won't," Xu Zimei explained, "At this time of day, the second elder should be sneaking peeks at the female disciples bathing in the outer gate, he won't notice you."

Zhang Chongtian hesitated, then said, "Young master, if something really happens, you've got to back me up, I'm with you now."

"Don't worry, it'll be fine with me here," Xu Zimei assured, "And remember, you're my bodyguard, not my property. Clarify the relationship, talk like that can lead to misunderstandings."