I Truly Am The Villian

Xu Zimei found himself reborn, carrying with him all the heaven-shaking cultivation and memories from his previous life. But something was off about the script. Isn’t reincarnation always the protagonist’s theme? However, I was cast as the villain! This is the story of a villain's step-by-step journey to becoming the Demon King. —————————— In an era of great strife, where mystical arts resonated! An elder of the True Martial Holy Sect sat at the Willow Bank River Fishing Platform when suddenly he heard the dragon’s roar. Three thousand carps knocked at the gate of life, transforming into the Measureless Golden Dragon, soaring through the firmament, graceful as a startling swan! There were strongmen who measured the heavens and earth with their strides, monks who sat in meditation in temples for three thousand years, achieving sudden enlightenment—auspicious clouds descended, and all laws of magic cheered in chorus. Blood moons darkened the night, rainbows cut through the daylight. There was a swordsman with a wooden sword on his back who, with a turn and a raise of his hand, shattered thousands of miles of rivers and mountains. In the south of the city, a ragged beggar with a broken willow twig dared to assault the Holy Court of a sect that boasted three emperors.

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Chapter 2: What is the Great Emperor?

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He was like the countless ordinary people in this world, with a common face, long hair scattered behind him, tied up in a simple knot at the top, with strands of white hair faintly visible at his temples.

The only thing that caught the eye were those eyes, which seemed to contain the Circulation Stars. Just one glance, and the guard, Zhang Chongtian, felt like his soul was frozen.

You must understand that he himself was a strong practitioner of the True Vein Realm, yet he still felt so vulnerable, unable to withstand a single blow. Indeed, every step was like ascending to the heavens!

"You've grown up," Xu Qingshan said with satisfaction.

Xu Qingshan was somewhat surprised that his son could be so quiet for so long. After all, a true strong practitioner must endure loneliness and solitude.

"Dad, you've aged," looking at the white hairs at his father's temples, Xu Zimei said with a trembling voice.

In an instant, it felt as if all his emotions surged forth. In his past life, he had set a three-year pact with the protagonist, Chu Yang. They agreed to fight at Secluded Dragon Gorge, but in the end, he could not match his opponent and plummeted into the abyss.

His father had tried to avenge him by using the entire strength of the sect to chase down Chu Yang, but he had not expected the latter's growth to be so unexpectedly fast.

Chu Yang managed to escape time after time from those pursuits, growing stronger each time, and finally, armed with a three-foot Green Peak, he personally assaulted the True Martial Holy Sect.

It was said that battle caused the clouds to stir, the earth to darken, and the mountains and rivers to shatter.

In the end, his father was defeated by Chu Yang's sword. If it wasn't for the Sect Master's sudden appearance to intervene and settle the matter, his father's life would have been in grave danger!

Yet, that incident was such a blow that his father could not cope, his hair turned white overnight, and from then on, he withdrew to the mountains, never to be seen again.

But no one had expected that, after he fell into Secluded Dragon Gorge, he didn't die but instead gained some fortune.

Only then did he begin to cultivate seriously, desperately yearning for the increase in strength.

In the end, he broke through to the Divine Vein Realm, intending to seek revenge on Chu Yang.

But he hadn't anticipated that Chu Yang's defy-the-heavens talent was beyond what he could fathom; the enemy had so many hidden trump cards that that battle completely shattered all of Xu Zimei's pride.


Bringing his thoughts back to the present, Xu Qingshan handed a token to Xu Zimei and said softly, "You've reached the age to cultivate now. Go choose a suitable Cultivation Technique for yourself in the Scripture Pavilion.

This token will allow you to the highest level of the Scripture Pavilion. There you will find the genuine teachings of four Great Emperors. As for which one to pick, it's entirely up to you."

Xu Zimei took the token and nodded solemnly. In fact, he had already looked over the true teachings of those four Great Emperors in his past life.

But there was no choice; many things still required going through the motions. He couldn't reveal the secret of his rebirth, and even till now, Xu Zimei didn't know how to use the round pearl.

"I don't want to interfere too much with your cultivation. Whatever Cultivation Technique you want to learn should be based on your interest. In fact, in the end, everyone has to carve out their own path," Xu Qingshan explained after a short silence. "Right now, you're like a carriage traveling on a cliff. What I can do is remind you not to let the carriage fall off the cliff.

As for whether this carriage heads east, west, south, or north, it's all up to you to control."

Xu Zimei nodded. He understood his father's meaning very well.

In fact, whether it's the techniques left by a Great Emperor or ordinary Cultivation Techniques, in the end, there's no difference.

Everyone will eventually have to blaze their own Martial Path to Heaven. Even if what others left behind is powerful, it still belongs to someone else and will not completely suit you.

"Go now. Your mother went to your grandfather's house recently. I heard that their Ten-Vein Fruits are about to ripen, and she's thinking of getting one for you," Xu Qingshan said with a smile. "Cultivate well and don't disappoint me."

"Disappoint?" Xu Zimei murmured to himself, then nodded firmly.

In his past life, he indeed disappointed his father.

At least before being defeated by Chu Yang and falling into Secluded Dragon Gorge, he hardly ever considered serious cultivation.

He was indulgent in wine and women, lost in a fantasy world of his own creation. As the Crown Prince of the True Martial Holy Sect, many treated him with fawning adoration, groveling like a dog wagging its tail.

He lacked for nothing and could have lived a better life. Why bother with the hardship of cultivation?

Later, he realized that there is no such thing as peace and quiet in this world; it was just someone else bearing the burdens for you.


Leaving his father's Azure Mountain Peak, Xu Zimei headed directly toward the Scripture Pavilion.

Gazing upon this colossal entity shrouded in immortal mist, the sect brimming with legends.

The True Martial Holy Sect was not an ordinary sect, it was also an Imperial Rule Immortal Sect with a legacy of four emperors.

In the vast and endless history of the True Martial Holy Sect, which spanned tens of thousands of years, there had emerged four Great Emperors.

What is a Great Emperor?

The strongest of an era!

Legend has it that each era, heaven and earth give birth to a destiny, and the one who stands out among millions to bear this destiny, is the Great Emperor.


Ten thousand years ago, the Yuan Central Continent was still in the Wild Desolation Era, when humans were as insignificant as ants, as minute as dust, lowly to the point of death.

That day, a man named True Martial embarked on a journey with his sword, underwent life-and-death trials, ignited the Divine Fire, solidified his imperial status, and bore destiny.

Ultimately, atop the firmament, the man proclaimed, "Destiny is mine alone!"

After that, the Wild Desolation Era came to an end, and humanity welcomed the unprecedented Era of Emperors.

The True Martial Great Emperor was also the first Great Emperor of the Era of Emperors, ushering in an era that was stirring, and magnificent.

"We are willing to acknowledge you as the strongest," countless people shouted at the top of their voices, prostrating themselves on the ground under the majesty of the True Martial Great Emperor.


True Martial Great Emperor bore destiny and eventually came to the Extreme West Region of the Eastern Continent, establishing the True Martial Holy Sect.

The day the True Martial Holy Sect was established, guests arrived from all directions to offer congratulations, and multitudes from across the seas bowed in veneration, with countless people breaking heads to join the sect.

Moreover, numerous sects eagerly wanted to become the True Martial Holy Sect's subordinate sects.

Henceforth, the mountains and rivers spanning thousands of miles in the Extreme West Region were brought under the dominion of the True Martial Holy Sect, continuing to this day.


Thousands of years later, another man emerged from the True Martial Holy Sect.

The man's name has long been forgotten by the world, what made everyone's souls shudder in remembrance was merely the three long blades he carried on his back.

"Immortal Slay, Demon Slay, True Self."

With these three long blades, the man suppressed his own era.

He was the seventh Great Emperor of the Era of Emperors, and the second Great Emperor from the True Martial Holy Sect.

"The Great Emperor of the Three Blades!"


Another ten thousand years passed, and the True Martial Holy Sect saw the rise of its third Great Emperor.

"Divine Travel Great Emperor."

Among so many powerful Great Emperors throughout the eternal past, the Divine Travel Great Emperor was not the most dazzling.

But his speed was among the foremost of all the Great Emperors.

In the latter part of the Divine Travel Great Emperor's era, the man gazed profoundly in the direction of the edge of heaven and earth.

Leaving behind only the words, "With these feet of mine, I will traverse the radiant mountains and rivers, witness all the splendor of life, and journey to the zenith of the sun and the moon."

Then he left, leaving behind only a silhouette teeming with legend in the minds of people.