I, The Freest Man On The Sea (Completed)

Luo Ning, who traveled to the world of One Piece, was listed as a pirate and thrown in Impel down because he kills some corrupt Marines. At the same time, the system wakes up. Since then, Luo Ning has become the freest man on the sea. ______________________________________ This Fanfic is not mine. I just edited the MTL of this Fanfic with A.I's help (most part). So, some words are bound to be inconsistent and maybe feels kinda robotic. You can find this MTL Fanfic on MTLnation with the same title.

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Chapter 63: Crocodile

"It's so hot, the environment changes instantly!"

After landing in Alabasta, Nami was completely annoyed by the weather here. There was nothing she could do. Alabasta is a desert country, and the climate here is naturally extremely hot during the day.

This made Nami unable to adapt for a while.

"Just bear with it. After all, it's a desert country. The desert on the sea is really interesting"

Luo Ning didn't feel anything at all. At his level, the cold and heat were no longer a bother, and he didn't even need to use the power of a Devil Fruit.

This is all thanks to Freedom. Freedom is generally used to strengthen Reiatsu and physical fitness, physical fitness is a blessing in all aspects.

This has caused Luo Ning's body to reach a very terrifying level.

In the world of One Piece, it seems that everyone's body is as strong as a monster, but in a relaxed state, only a small number of people are truly special.

For example, Big Mom, with her iron-balloon like skin, can't be pierced at all.

But even someone as strong as Roger, without deliberate defense using Busoshoku Haki, their skin would still be directly pierced by a knife.

Garp will also bleed if hacked with an axe.

Kozuki Oden couldn't handle the high temperature of frying oil, but what about Luo Ning? He can now easily swim in lava. Normal magma can't break through his defenses at all. Of course, Akainu's power isn't as simple as scalding people with magma; he has many tricks. The combination of his impact and magma is naturally very terrifying.

But Luo Ning has indeed reached the point where extreme temperatures don't bother him, so these harsh environments are nothing to him.

Leaving the jailers waiting on the ship, Luo Ning doesn't plan to stay in Alabasta for too long. His sole goal is Robin.

So, he quickly took Nami and the others to the rainy land. Now, Nami can use her Devil Fruit to partially transform and move very fast.

After all, the movement speed granted by the Goro Goro no Mi (Lightning Fruit) isn't any slower than Kizaru's, but even Kizaru's speed doesn't truly reach the speed of light.

Nami is naturally the same, but while her movement speed is now very fast, her physical strength is lacking. She has used up a lot of energy after rushing to the rainy ground.

Luo Ning can't do much about this for now. Physical strength seems to be a weak point for girls, and Nami can't compare to Luffy's monstrous physique, which he inherited from Garp.

Because of this, Luffy improves very fast, while Nami can't compare. She can only improve slowly on her own. The Devil Fruit has already given Nami a lot of potential, though.

Using his compass, Luo Ning directly found Robin's location. Currently, Robin hasn't left Alabasta and is still staying with Crocodile. She believes Crocodile has the strength to protect her.

Looking back on Robin's first half of life, it's simply a tragedy piled on top of another.

Before the age of eight, her mother left her at a relative's house to pursue archaeology, where she was bullied daily.

After the age of eight, the Buster Call destroyed everything she knew, and she was saddled with a bounty of seventy-nine million Beli.

Up until now, Robin has faced constant betrayal. Her situation is far worse than Nami's.

And while Aokiji has been keeping an eye on Robin, his purpose of observing and protecting her seems contradictory. Robin's situation remains precarious, making it difficult for her to find true refuge.

In short, Robin's entire life has been a true embodiment of tragedy.

Following his compass, Luo Ning arrived at the casino built by Crocodile.


Luo Ning unleashed a wave of Reiatsu, and the terrifying pressure radiated in all directions. He deliberately suppressed his own strength, aiming only to make these ordinary people unconscious.

The wave of Reiatsu washed over the casino, also rousing Crocodile and the others in the office from their activities.

"Conqueror's Haki? Why is Conqueror's Haki here?"

Crocodile clearly knew about Conqueror's Haki, but hadn't experienced it much himself.

His only reaction was to Conqueror's Haki. He lacked the refinement to perceive the subtleties, unlike those seasoned powerhouses.

You see, Reiatsu is a force on a completely different level, superior to Conqueror's Haki. It targets the soul, creating a distinct effect from Conqueror's Haki.

Crocodile quickly emerged with his remaining conscious men, only to find Luo Ning and Nami standing amidst a crowd of unconscious people.

"Who are you?"

The Marines had effectively concealed Luo Ning's appearance, and his time spent in Impel Down left him virtually unknown. As a result, Crocodile had no clue who he was. After all, if Luo Ning's accomplishments were widely publicized, he'd likely be a household name by now.

"Allow me to introduce myself," Luo Ning said with a smile, like a guest arriving for a visit. There wasn't a hint of hostility in his demeanor. "My name is Luo Ning, and I'm here for Nico Robin."