"The court's decision is as follows: the defendant, Gu Yan, has been found guilty of intentional homicide and is to be sentenced to death, with reprieve of execution…"

A woman wearing a prison uniform was sitting in the dock. Her pretty face was ghastly white, and her empty eyes made her look like she had aged ten years overnight. 

Gu Yan still didn't want to believe it even at this second that Lu Ye was really dead. And he died on her operating table!

She always thought she did not love that riffraff who had always told her that he loved her and wanted to marry her. 

But at that moment, Gu Yan felt her heart was in agony; it was so painful that she almost went numb. 

Once Gu Yan's death penalty was announced, everyone in the room had different looks on their faces. 

Donned in a nude-pink tweed jacket and with pride on her face, Bai Weiyang stood in the crowd and smiled coldly. 

Gu Yan, are you satisfied with this huge death penalty gift that I left for you?

No, don't think for a second that you'll just simply die like this!

I have an even bigger gift package waiting to be delivered to you!

The trial was over, and the convict was sent to prison. 

Gu Yan did not speak at all throughout the entire process and let the prison officer put her in her jail cell. 

Once the iron door was closed with a clunk, Gu Yan fell to the cold, hard floor. 

She curled up in the fetal position. Her eyes were bloodshot, and she tried her hardest to sob, but not a single tear drop came out. 

When a person's sadness reaches the maximum level, one could not make any sounds and could not shed tears when they cry. 

The death row jail cell was singular. 

At this moment, the sounds of high heels rang out from afar and gradually got closer. The clicking sounds seemed to be knocking on people's hearts. 

Bai Weiyang was now the wife of a corps commander. It was super easy for her to meet with Gu Yan, a criminal on death row, alone. 

Once she saw the once-high-and-mighty Gu Yan curled on the floor like a dog, she couldn't contain the rush of elation in her mind. 

She laughed, "Gu Yan, how does it feel to have killed the person you love with your own hands?"

Gu Yan stopped sobbing and slowly lifted her head. She watched the smug and complacent look on Bai Weiyang's face with dull eyes.

Bai Weiyang lowered her voice and said, "Oh right! Actually, I was the one who secretly changed the transfusion bottle. Unfortunately for you, no one knows I did it, because everyone there saw that you were the one who gave Lu Ye the needle!"

Gu Yan's eyes opened wide all of a sudden!

In the next second, she stumbled and rushed toward the door, hitting the iron bars with all her force.

"Why?! Why did you kill Lu Ye!?"

"Because Lu Ye was an obstacle to Haoran. When Greek meets Greek, then comes the tug of war. If two ride on a horse, one must ride behind. Gu Yan, you should understand this kind of reasoning." Bai Weiyang held her chin high with pride. 

Gu Yan gritted her teeth as she looked at the haughty Bai Weiyang in front of her. 

"I will avenge Lu Ye!"

"Heh, avenge? Gu Yan, you are not a well-respected military doctor anymore. Right now, you are a criminal on death row!" 

The smile on Bai Weiyang's face was extremely vicious. "Also, Gu Yan, you must die! I can only be Bai Weiyang comfortably once you're dead."

The confusion in Gu Yan's heart grew bigger and bigger.

She clenched her fists and glowered at Bai Weiyang, "Why?!"


"Because, you are the real Bai Weiyang! Zhang Lan swapped us when we were still babies. Gu Yan, everything would've been fine if you could've just stayed in the village! You just had to come out! Even though you missed the National College Entrance Exam, you still tried everything so that you could get into the National Defense University! I tried so hard to discourage you after we graduated, but you still became a military doctor, going against me in everything! You took the spotlight away from me when we were in the army, and you even made Haoran fall in love with you! Tell me, how could I allow you to live?"

Gu Yan's body trembled a little. She never understood what had she ever done wrong in the past. Why her mother, Zhang Lan, despised her ever since she was little and didn't want her to leave the village. Her mother even had her younger sister, Gu Moli, replace her in enrolling in the army!

Her mother even let that abusive and violent ironsmith named Wang, who had two dead wives, marry her!

Eventually, she endured all those hardships to leave her hometown and go to the city, but everything she ever did was so hard and filled with difficulties!

Now, Gu Yan finally understood everything! She never did anything wrong; it was her fate that was messed up!!!

Gu Yan's fingernails jabbed into her palms.. She clenched her teeth and stared at Bai Weiyang coldly as she said, "Now that you have told me everything, aren't you afraid that I will appeal and reverse the verdict?"

"Appeal and reverse the verdict? You have to be alive to do that! Weren't you in love with Lu Ye? I already poisoned you a long time ago. By my calculations, today is the day the poison will act up. This way, you don't have to wait to get shot by a bullet; you can just go to the underworld and be with Lu Ye! Look at how thoughtful I am to you, taking care of a pair of star-crossed lovers like you two. Hahaha." Bai Weiyang's laugh was so arrogant that her face became all wicked. 

"You are so vile!" No wonder Gu Yan felt that something was off about her body in the past few days since she was sent to jail; she had assumed it was because she was sad and depressed. 

Now, she learned that she had been poisoned by Bai Weiyang!

Bai Weiyang still didn't seem satisfied enough and added, "Let me tell you something. Actually, Lu Ye did not sleep with Gu Moli. It was just a show staged by me and Moli. But you are too stupid; you never listened to Lu Ye's explanation and never accepted him, hahaha."

Gu Yan spat out a mouthful of blood suddenly. The blood dripping down from her forehead also blurred her vision.

She was so stupid; she had misunderstood Lu Ye this whole time…

Now that she had learned everything, it was still too late. 

Lu Ye died, and she was about to die too.

Her body stumbled and fell to the cold floor. 

Blood and life slowly leaked out of her body little by little. 

Bai Weiyang's frantic and ear-piercing laughter echoed in her ear.

Am I just going to die like this? Am I just going to leave the world like this?

She hated this! She wasn't willing to accept this!

Suddenly, a green light flashed in front of her. Gu Yi vaguely saw the jade pendant she wore since she was a little girl returning back to her chest. 

She used the last bit of her energy and tried to see clearly, but she could no longer open her eyes. 

The world became quiet all of a sudden. Every single person and object had frozen at this very moment. 

Only an eerie voice echoed in this enormous space. 

"If everything could start all over again, would you be willing to accept it?"

... I'm willing!!!