28 Sending Someone To His Door?

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Chu Yun's actions naturally could not be concealed from Chu Xuan.

After seeing Chu Yun's cautious appearance, Chu Xuan could not help but feel puzzled. Why was she being so secretive?

After thinking about it for a moment, he immediately understood the reason and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

That pill refinement technique was extremely extraordinary in the Southern Region. If it had really been left behind by Chu Qiuluo, why was it not handed over to the Chu family?

It had to be because there was something wrong with the origins of this pill refinement technique.

Chu Xuan did not say anything. Her being more cautious was also a good thing.

If news of it were to leak out, it would be troublesome if some of the major forces in the Southern Region targeted and attacked the Chu family because of it.

He was only at the first level of the truth realm now.

Once an expert attacked and revealed his cultivation level, how would he be able to keep a low profile and stay at home in peace?

Over the next few days, Chu Yun fervently studied the pill refinement technique.

Finally, after mastering both the pill formula and the pill refinement method, she decided to practice the pill refinement technique.

In order to be cautious, she did not choose to refine pills inside the small courtyard.

Instead, she planned to go out and temper herself. She wanted to leave the Chu family's territory and find a quiet place to practice it secretly.

Before leaving, Chu Yun told Chu Xuan about the pill refinement method and asked him to hide it well.

Chu Xuan did not know whether to laugh or cry. Seeing how cautious she was acting, he could only lie and say that he was already aware of the pill refinement technique. He told her that his father asked him to learn it, but he did not do so because he felt lazy. There was no problem with where the pill refinement technique came from.

Although Chu Xuan claimed that there were no problems with the origins of the pill refinement technique, Chu Yun still remained cautious. If news of it were to leak out, it would end up being coveted by the powerful forces of the Southern Region, which would land the Chu family in hot soup.

Especially if she was targeted by the evil imperial court, the consequences would be unimaginable.

If Chu Yun were to go out to temper herself, there would be experts from the Chu family protecting her in the dark. If she wanted to secretly refine pills, then she would have to send away the experts from the Chu family who were protecting her in the dark.

Chu Xuan gave her a few jade talismans.

His excuse was once again that they had been left behind by his father and, since he did not need to go out and temper himself, he did not need them.

Besides that, Chu Xuan also used the soul seed seal to transmit his will to Zhang Kui, asking him to protect Chu Yun in the dark.

Zhang Kui's strength was at the ninth level of the void realm and, under the control of the soul seed seal, he was absolutely loyal. In order to complete the mission of protecting Chu Yun's safety, he would not hesitate to sacrifice his own life.

However, Zhang Kui was the first vice sect leader of the heretic cult after all, and he had to pay attention to the matters of the cult at all times, and he might not be able to protect Chu Yun all the time.

Dong Qian's strength was not weak, and so he was tasked with secretly protecting Chu Yun together with Zhang Kui.

Combined, they would be able to ensure that nothing went wrong.

In the Qin Kingdom, other than the cult, no other forces dared to attack the direct descendants of the three aristocratic families.

Chu Yun went out to train, and Chu Xuan continued to stay in the courtyard.

In this generation of direct descendants of the Chu family, apart from Chu Xuan, no one else stayed in the family's territory.

Old Seventh had gone to the He family.

Chu Qing continued to chase after the cult while managing the affairs of Chu County.


In an underground palace in the Purple Moon Kingdom, more than ten heretic experts had gathered.

The cult's vice sect leader of the Purple Moon Kingdom, Yuan Chong, said with a gloomy face, "The right protector fell in the Chu County of the Qin Kingdom. This matter is inextricably related to the Chu family. Who will seek revenge for our Purple Moon Kingdom's heretic cult?"

"Didn't the right protector fall in the internal strife of the cult in the Qin Kingdom?" An expert of the heretic cult asked doubtfully.

"Even so, who knows what truly happened then? Besides, were it not for the Chu family, would our cult have been reduced to this state?"

Yuan Chong said coldly.

The Purple Moon Kingdom's cult had suffered heavy losses, with more than ten elders falling in battle.

Even the sect leader had suffered heavy injuries and had almost died.

The source of this whole disaster was the Chu family's interference with the cult's plans.

Naturally, they placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Chu family.

"Although the Chu family's overall strength is inferior to the Purple Moon Kingdom, it is not weak either. Moreover, the Qin Kingdom is not part of our territory. If we were to rashly head over there, I'm afraid that we might encounter some mishaps."

An elder said with a frown.

"That's right. Our main target is still the Purple Moon Kingdom."

Many elders of the heretic cult agreed with his words.

"Hmph, how can we let the matter of the Chu family slide? Don't forget that the Chu family has sabotaged our many years of planning and preparation. Once the evil imperial court is free to act, they will not let the Chu family off either. Do we have to wait for the evil imperial court's orders before taking action?"

Yuan Chong snorted unhappily and said, "Moreover, we don't have to fight with the Chu family directly."

"I heard that Chu Qiuluo's son has been expelled from their ancestral residence. Since we can't do anything to the Chu family for the time being, we can still vent our anger by capturing Chu Qiuluo's son."

An elder questioned, "Chu Qiuluo's son has already been expelled from the ancestral residence. What's the point of capturing him?"


Yuan Chong angrily rebuked the elder, "He is Chu Qiuluo's son, not some random person's son. Even if he is trash, as long as he is Chu Qiuluo's son, then his existence holds value!"

"That's right, Chu Qiuluo might not be dead. If one day Chu Qiuluo returns, we will send his son over to the evil imperial court as a hostage. We can definitely restrain him from taking action that way."

An elder agreed.

"In that case, I will make the trip."

A skinny cult elder stood up and said.

Yuan Chong and the other leaders present did not have any objections. Among the people present, the elder who volunteered was not the strongest, but he was definitely the best at escaping and stealth.

Chu Xuan was still in the courtyard, waiting patiently for the year of seclusion to arrive.

The cult had not made any moves, and they did not continue to send their experts to infiltrate the Chu family's territory to kill and destroy.

After breaking through to the truth realm, Chu Xuan was much more confident. As long as he did not encounter an attack from the evil imperial court's experts, he would not be the slightest bit afraid.

Given the overall level of strength in the Qin Kingdom, even if the evil imperial court sent experts over, it was unlikely that they would send over anyone who exceeded the unity realm.

As such, Chu Xuan was not worried at all.

However, he still had to remain steadfast.

Just when he thought that he could peacefully seclude himself for a year, another person sneaked into the Chu family's territory.

It was another expert from the cult.

His strength was at the third level of the void realm, and he seemed like a senior figure among their elders.

Chu Xuan frowned. Why did Zhang Kui not send a message to him?

The soul seed seal was able to transmit his spiritual will and, similarly, it possessed a certain ability to transmit messages.

Sending over a simple warning was definitely possible.

What surprised Chu Xuan even more was that the cult elder that had concealed himself seemed to have come specifically for him.

He did not seem to have any intention of infiltrating the core area of the Chu family. After identifying his surroundings, he made his way straight toward Chu Xuan's courtyard.

He directly entered the courtyard.

Did he specifically come to deliver his head to the chopping board?

When he saw Chu Xuan, he asked, "Are you Chu Qiuluo's son?"

Chu Xuan had a helpless look on his face. What was going on with that father of his?

Why did everyone want to capture him just because he was Chu Qiuluo's son?

"That's right!"

Chu Xuan admitted it openly.

"Then I've got the right person."

Lou Yuan did not say anything further and raised his hand to grab Chu Xuan.

He was not a talkative person. Once he had confirmed his target, he would immediately make a move to prevent any accidents from happening.

A mere mortal realm warrior would easily be captured by him. Before the Chu family could realize it, he would have long escaped Chu County and would be on his way back to the Purple Moon Kingdom.

As long as he returned to Purple Moon Kingdom safely, it would be impossible for the Chu family to rescue him.

However, the moment he made his move, he felt his shoulder weighed down.

He suffered a blow from a paw on his head and fell to the ground.

Not good!

Lou Yuan was shocked. His first thought was that Chu Qiuluo's son was bait!

Just as he was about to resist desperately, a python suddenly appeared and wrapped itself around his body.

He did not realize how or when the giant python had appeared.

It seemed to have appeared out of thin air.

How could the Chu family possess a void realm demonic beast?

Lou Yuan's heart sank to the bottom. He was filled with regret. He should not have volunteered for this task.

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