1 Match 1

"Wake up, wake up, wake up you're late!!" Someone screamed above his head and Alex with a soft groan turned to his side hugging his second pillow tightly and bringing his knees to his chest.

As it seemed he wouldn't respond to any of the calls the unknown person screamed in his ear so the next move was to have his covers be taken away from him. The sudden cold, once his fluffy covers left his half naked body, surrounded him and he shot up hugging his naked chest.

"Mark? What the heck? It's Saturday we don't have class." Alex shouted in his roommates' face and threw his pillow at him only for him to grab it and throw it back to the hazed boy who was still half asleep.

The force of the pillow made him plop back into the soft mattress and while still lying Alex rubbed his green eyes and let out a yawn.

"I knew you were stupid but not this stupid, my friend. Yes, today is Saturday but this Saturday is different"


"Today we have a match with The Warriors and you are our Captain. While everyone is on the bus waiting you, our ace player let me remind you, is dreaming still in his bed." Mark commented with a frown.

At the sound of his words Alex jumped up like he had been shocked by an electric wave. Of course he would oversleep. He had been so anxious last night that he didn't manage to close his eyes until the clock on his wall showed five in the morning.

He stood up looking around his room in a trance as he was searching for his clothes and uniform. Mark then threw him his sports bag, Alex barely catching it before it hit his face.

"I prepared it for you so now just wear some pants we need to leave. NOW!" he shouted but the brown haired boy did not complain. He was completely right for being mad at him.

Alex at his nineteen years of living had been in charge of such an important position for the first time. He had joined his college's soccer team last year as a freshman and just on his second year he had somehow managed to become the team's captain. At first being also a gymnastics major he had been thrilled by the opportunity that was right in front of him but as he ran now in the dorm corridor, his sports bag hanging from his neck as he tried to wear a clean t-shirt, with Mark running at his side and complaining about how irresponsible he was and that they shouldn't have chosen him to be Lions' captain he started thinking that his year was going be very eventful.

The bus was still at the parking lot its doors wide open and the coach waiting with his arms crossed right outside. He was wearing a black cap that shone a dark shadow on his face underneath the morning sun that made his judgmental look even scarier as the two boys entered the vehicle.

"Finally!" he said following after them and sitting at the driver's seat.

"I'm so sorry" Alex apologized but the coach didn't even look at him, he just waved his hand so he would sit down.

His teammates the moment they saw him started laughing with his disheveled appearance and Mark had to tell them very politely to shut up. The ginger just scoffed at them after they sat on their seats and put their seatbelts on. Alex hit the back of his head slightly in the seat in frustration. He made a killer first impression as a captain as it seemed. Very respectful.

"Don't worry about it. Once you score the first goal you will be their hero" Max said.

"I'm such an idiot"

"Yeah I know." Mark agreed and Alex looked into his friend's warm brown eyes. He had been very nice to him ever since they were assigned as roommates, the fact that they were both in the soccer team being a plus led to a fast friendship.

They knew almost everything about each other since they had spent many nights half-drunk while Mark was crying about just being rejected by the tenth girl of his dreams this week in the comfort of their room. Alex did not talk that much but still he had shared a few more secrets than usual because the red head's comforting smile was something that he needed when he entered college. He had a very bad relationship with his family and once he left home his parents had practically declared that they never wanted to see him again. He had shared that dark moment with Mark, he hadn't told him the reason why though.

Alex was gay. He had realized it the senior year of high school and after he got accepted into college the green eyed boy came out to his parents hoping that the worst would not occur. His hopes though were fruitless since his father and mother both looked at their only child like he was an abomination. He had gotten a strong beating by his father and heard many creative names. The few months he waited so he could leave had been a living hell and he was still afraid that if anyone found out the small bliss he had created with his friend, his team would all be gone in an instant so he was careful, very careful as to what he said and as to what he did just so he could maintain this fraction of happiness a bit more.

Mark had fallen asleep next to him and he couldn't help but feel guilty, because the ginger had to babysit him, as he looked the building fade away in the background. They were leaving the scenery of the busy city and headed towards Warrior's campus which was in a very pretty green field a few hours outside of town. Very traditional building made of stone, a lot different from their modern college with the glass buildings in the center of the city.

"Hey did you hear that The WhiteFangs will be here today too?" He heard one of his teammates say in the back seats. He recognized him from his voice. It was David, he was in his senior year

"Yeah. Dude, it's gonna be a scary year." Someone else said and Alex couldn't help but turn around and ask what they were talking about.

"Who are the WhiteFangs?" he whispered not wanting to wake up Mark.

"They are a team that had been banned from participating in the championship last year because their team actually injured four other members in a match. The dudes went insane so they were eliminated and had to pay a penalty but now they're back I guess. Some say that they're not even human. They're playing with the Warriors tomorrow. If they win and we win today, we will have to face them. Man, it's my last year I wouldn't want to get injured."

"Winning doesn't sound that great now" The other boy said and seemed worried. Alex had never heard of them but he could feel the tension of his older teammates and only that was enough to alarm something inside him.

"We should all stay out of trouble." Alex said and the boys nodded in agreement. Staying out of trouble meant not approaching that infamous soccer team. They had come here to play, not get into a fight that could probably put his scholarship in danger.

Soon after, the bus came to a stop and Alex didn't realize how much time had passed as he looked outside of the window. They had finally arrived and he had already started feeling anxious about their game in a few hours. He shook Mark slightly and he woke up wiping some drool away from his chin as he got up.

"Was I snoring?" Mark asked.

"No. I would've put a sock in your mouth if you did"

"Thanks mate" he said in pretentious shock and they both got out of the bus after everyone else had left. The coach had still his eyes on him and Alex felt like the grim reaper was following him around ready to eliminate him at the first mistake.

"Everyone gather up!" he shouted instead of killing him and the whole team gathered in a circle around him. "The field is a few meters away from here. Head straight and sit at the benches waiting for me. I'm going to find the other coach and will be there soon. Start stretching and don't do anything stupid" He said pointing a chubby index finger that stopped right in front of Alex's face.

The young captain sighed but nodded obediently leading the rest of the boys to where their coach had ordered. The campus seemed pretty big with benches for someone to rest in an endless green field. They had a bit of a hard time spotting it but their eyes noticed another group of people dressed in athletic black and red clothing looking around. All of them were tall with tanned skin and strong bodies.

"Are those the warriors? Maybe we can ask them where is the field" Mark told Alex and he nodded when he felt David's palm on his shoulder.

"Those are not the Warriors. They are the WhiteFangs." He informed them and the whole team froze.

Alex looked at them a bit more carefully filled with curiosity. They indeed looked scary. All of them tall like trees with blank expressions. His green eyes though stopped at a certain someone. The tallest of them, a boy a bit older than him with a strong figure. He had raven black hair that reached to his shoulders a few strands falling in front of his face. His eyes were a cold grey color that the sun made it seem almost white. Alex felt like his breath was caught in his throat at the sight of his long neck and muscled arms. He even noticed a few freckles on his cheeks that made his appearance a bit softer. Almost like he noticed him looking he turned his head and their eyes met. For a second he stood frozen until a devilish grin appeared on his face and he together with his whole team started walking towards them.

"Oh shit" David mumbled.

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