I Scored Myself a Mate Book

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I Scored Myself a Mate


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Alex always felt out of place. Isolated and mistreated by his family, his life was pure torture. He believed he had managed to get out, and run away from the beatings and the hate. He wanted a peaceful life, a way to be happy. For a second when he met Luke, a mysterious young man, through a fatal mistake, happiness seemed to be in his grasp. Still, everything began to crumble. The silver eyes that shone under the moon were the bringers of deceit and he felt lost once again, trapped until... ...until he met him. The cold and saddened elf king, living in an endless winter, hidden inside an icy palace. Hair white as snow and eyes a pretty lilac, Alex had never seen someone so divine. Just the sight of him triggered a past he didn't know he had. Opening up a way through the secrets and finding the truth from his hazy dreams Alex struggles between who he is and what he is turning to. An endless journey and his only guide a blurry figure in his mind. "I love you...forever" he whispered and Alex could only cry. Who was he and where could he find him? His only comfort. His only home. Welcome to the The Veil! Filled with unspoken horrors and divine pleasures. A place that only in your wildest dreams...or maybe nightmares, you would have imagined. What lies beneath the covered eyes of the humans? Are you curious to know? Read and find out. .... Also, check out my other Fantasy Romance The Tears of a Prince which is the crazy adventure of a vampire prince as he tries to run away from the people who are after him and the man who changed his life forever!


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