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Allias blinked a few times, his eyesight blurry from just waking up. He turned his head slowly, feeling his dry throat to face Theseus, sitting in a chair next to their bed, holding his right hand tightly as he slept. He smiled and swept his hair away from his eyes, the general frowning and slowly waking up too. 

"Hey." Allias said and Theseus smiled back. 

"How are you feeling?" he asked him and sat up, stretching his hands above his head, and his long legs. 

"Okay? I don't really know. You could've slept next to me you know." He said showing him the empty spot on their bed. It was empty, Theseus' part of the bed had no wrinkles in the sheets, his pillow neatly placed on the same spot as always. Instead of sleeping together with him, the general had decided to stay close, awake for as long as he could in case Allias needed anything.


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