137 Who Is More Arrogant?

As she disappeared, the eyes of the Dragon Clan Young Master and Liang Xuan fell on Tian Shen

Isn't now the best opportunity?

The Dragon Clan's young master got up, Liang Xuan on the other hand also got up and they both walked towards Tian Shen.

"Let's do it together," Liang Xuan telepathically told the Dragon Clan's young master before reaching Tian Shen's table.

"I'd rather die than work with you." Of course, the young master of the dragon clan understood the words of this demon, but he was not interested in getting help from him.

"Don't be stupid, he even dared to insult the Heavenly Emperor, either he is stupid or he is sure that the Heavenly Emperor can't do anything to him" Liang Xuan warned him.

"That's a good point, but I'm still not interested in asking a demon for help." He saw Liang Xuan's words as logical, but still refused.


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