161 The Results Of Bet

"Fufu, so you understand it?" A sarcastic laugh echoed throughout the mountain

Mei Li looked at this woman who looked like her mother with cold eyes, she really had no idea who this woman was.

Her bloodline was boiling in the presence of this woman, in other words, both of them had the same bloodline, but still, this woman was not her mother.

More importantly, how does someone know about her mother? There is a possibility, although it seems completely absurd, but it is the only possible possibility that appeared in her mind

"You are a member of my mother's family, aren't you?" Mei Li asked with narrowed eyes, this is a possible possibility that came to her mind.

"Fofu, not wrong" Suddenly the shape of the figure began to change

A middle-aged, sexy woman with long black hair and eyes like ice crystals, her sexy legs covered by black stockings


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