146 So You Are Jealous

Everyone looked at the gate behind the girls, a very handsome young man came out slowly, every step he took was divine and noble.


The girls looked at him with confusion, wasn't he with them right now? So when did he go back into the secret realm? And in the first palace, why did he go back into the secret realm?

Of course, Chen Meiying could understand the man's thoughts to some extent and did not know whether to laugh or cry

"Master, I'm sorry I kept you waiting" Tian Shen ignored the others and walked towards the goddess of fate and said in an indifferent tone.

One could not feel the slightest respect that a disciple should show a master in his tone, on the other hand, Wang Lin and the others frowned as they tried to suppress their fear.

"So what are you here for?" he said as if looking at insects


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