164 New Betting

"Congratulations to all 100 ones who made it through the first stage" Elder Long's voice echoed through the sky and then he looked at the crowd in front of him.

Naturally, the night ended and the second day and the time to start the second stage has arrived

"As it has been said before, only ten people can pass this stage, there are additional rules that I will explain to you now."

"You can only get two thousand points from monsters, but you need ten thousand points to pass this stage"

"The question is, how should you get the rest of the points, right? Well, the answer is simple, there is a badge on the right side of your dress next to the chest, this badge is worth five hundred points."

"Every time you kill a monster, depending on the point of that monster, the value of this badge will be added, in any way you lose this badge, you will lose all your points, and of course, the person who got the badge will be added to his points."


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