147 Lovely Night ( R-18 )

a threesome but there is no yuri


"Well, that's enough" However, before Jin Xiuying could do anything, the mansion door opened and Tian Shen stared at them with a pair of playful eyes.

Of course, he was listening to their arguments the whole time and was really enjoying such an interesting show, however, he won't let them cross the red line.

"Husband" Jin Xiuying threw herself into Tian Shen's arms and put her head on his chest with tears in her eyes.

"Calm down" Tian Shen said and just started stroking her hair, at the same time he looked at his sister who was looking at him with puffy cheeks

"Come here, you don't need to be jealous" Tian pulled her into his arms too

"Brother, how about you send this woman away so we can get on with our business?" Tian Yanyu asked with crazy and lustful eyes, it's been a long time since she slept with her brother and her body can't take it anymore.


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