136 Green Hats again?

"So can you break or heal my curse?" Her smile turned into a bitter smile, one could even feel a little hesitation, fear, expectation, and hope in her tone.

"Forget it-" She then quickly took back her words, not even the saints could cure her curse.

She doesn't know what made her think this man had the power to do it

"I'll do it if you want" Tian Shen replied with a smile on his face, basically what this girl means is the curse of her lifespan

Although she was born with heavenly beauty, talents, and potential, but in return her life span cannot be increased under any circumstances, that's why she can only live up to a hundred years like mortals.

Naturally, for someone like her, someone who was born with a high status and monstrous talents, a hundred-year lifespan is even worse than death.

How is it possible that she doesn't have any ambition? She wanted to take her father's place and become the next Heavenly Emperor


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