158 Betting And A Dominator?

"Are you an Idiot?" Unfortunately, Tian Shen's answer was different from all the scenarios he had imagined

"Wang Liueng is my woman and not my commodity, plus she is completely mine, there is no such thing as betting her" Tian Shen's voice turned a little cold.

The whole atmosphere of the hall suddenly decreased and everyone could feel a cold and burning sensation in their spine

Wang Lin's face turned ugly, he really didn't expect such a response from Tian Shen, but what is this cold and scary atmosphere? Even his body was shaking a little

"W- Wang Lin" Chi Yun stepped forward and tried to pull Wang Lin back, the atmosphere in the hall had become too scary to the point that even she was feeling bad.

Actually, not only him but all the people present in the hall could hardly breathe, they were all panting and were forced to distance themselves from Tian Shen.


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