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Leader Ji put his hand into the river of time and grabbed the baby and pulled him out from the other side of the river of time, a baby with a cute and lovely face.

Nuwa couldn't stop herself and wanted to pinch the baby, but Laozi stopped her and looked at her with strange eyes.

"Is it finally over?" At the same time, Tian Shen finally reached them

"Don't come forward" said the leader Ji and he was ready to kill the baby at any moment

"There is still a chance, you can use all your foundation and repair this world, then you can leave this world alive" Laozi said, although he knew what he said was somewhat stupid.

"You really don't think that killing that baby will affect me?" Tian Shen said playfully

"We're not sure, but who knows? Maybe it really kills you" Laozi replied

"Still time—" Before Nuwa finish speaking, Tian Shen's laughter echoed throughout the prehistoric world.

"Hahaha, I'm sorry, but this is so stupid."


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