1 She's Back

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Pei Jingzhou had a first love that he could not love. It was rumored that other than the first love, no one else could enter Pei Jingzhou's heart.

Until this day, a new mistress had appeared in the Pei family.

After showering, Li Xiwu entered Pei Jingzhou's bedroom under Assistant Chen's lead. Thin orange flames gathered in the pewter scented candle cup. The entire bedroom was filled with the scent of pewter. It was almost refreshing.


Behind her, Assistant Chen closed the door considerately.

Li Xiwu looked around nervously. She instinctively wanted to escape, but before she could retreat to the door, she was pulled back by an overwhelming force.

The world spun—

Li Xiwu expected to be pressed down heavily. She even frowned in advance and was prepared, but the man only knelt beside her and covered half of her body. A powerful pressure wrapped around her.

"Mr… Mr. Pei," Li Xiwu stuttered.

The man's voice was hoarse and low. "You're back."

Li Xiwu's small body suddenly stiffened, not trembling as much as before. She knew very well that the "you" Mr. Pei had just mentioned was actually the first love he loved so much. It was not her. She didn't know whether to respond or not. She could only stay silent.

Their breath mingled in the darkness between their noses. Suddenly, Li Xiwu's chin was gently lifted.

The rest was self-evident.


Li Xiwu slept soundly until eight-thirty the next morning. When she got up, she dragged herself downstairs to use the dining room for breakfast. The phone beside her hand vibrated slightly.

Li Xiwu put down her cutlery and picked up the phone. "Mr Pei?"

The reply was not from the person last night, but from Assistant Chen. "Miss Li, I'm Chen Xin. Mr. Pei has arrived in Thailand. He's resting."

Li Xiwu wanted to ask why Mr. Pei did not say that he was going abroad when he left last night. Why was it Mr. Pei's assistant who called her back now? These words were on the tip of her tongue but she did not ask them. Instead, she obediently agreed. "Yes, I understand."

She hung up.

Li Xiwu's breakfast porridge suddenly lost its taste. She was willing to be this substitute, so there was nothing to be aggrieved about. Pei Jingzhou was the only person who could give her a stable life now. She was an orphan and her life was a mess. If she had not met Pei Jingzhou, she would still be struggling in the mud.

Although the two of them will only be married for three years by agreement. However, in these three years, to be able to be the high and mighty Mrs. Pei, to have luxurious clothes and jewelry, and to live in a big villa with a clear conscience, her happiness had already surpassed 99% of the people in the country.

Being a substitute was nothing.

She knew her place.


Three years later.

A star-studded awards ceremony was in full swing in the studio. The popular starlet Ji Weiling who was on the rise was nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

After Ji Weiling went on stage, she took the trophy from her senior and stood in front of the microphone. She said nervously, "Thank you, Wind Platform, for giving me this honor. Thank you, my company, and the fans who have always supported me. Finally, I have to thank Sister Li, my manager."

At the mention of the manager, Ji Weiling looked at a seat near the front of the stage. At the same time, the pre-rehearsed shot also landed on Li Xiwu. Then, Li Xiwu's face appeared above the huge screen on the stage.

On the screen, Li Xiwu was sitting upright in a long black dress. Her face maintained a calm smile, and her face was even more eye-catching than Ji Weiling's on the stage.

"This award is both an encouragement and a spur. I will continue to work hard in the new year and hand over better work. Thank you."

After finishing her speech, Ji Weiling lifted her skirt and walked off the stage amidst the applause.

The awards ceremony ended.

Li Xiwu was blocked by several people when she came out.

"Miss Li, Director Yu would like to have a chat with you."

"Miss Li, President Qi has arranged a meal tonight. He hopes you can attend."

"Miss Li…"

Before those people could finish their words, Li Xiwu raised her hand. The observant assistant, Yuanyuan, immediately went forward to stop those people.

Li Xiwu returned to the hotel opposite the studio. Just as she arrived at the hotel lobby, she met three people.

Li Xiwu recognized the man in the lead. It was her husband, Pei Jingzhou, whom she had not seen for nearly half a month. At this moment, besides his assistant, there was also a beautiful woman with a graceful figure beside her husband.

Pei Jingzhou was on the phone. When he looked up and saw Li Xiwu, he looked away as if he had seen a stranger.

When Chen Xin saw Li Xiwu, he stopped and nodded. "Miss Li."

Li Xiwu smiled. "What is Mr. Pei doing here?"

"Mr. Pei… I'm sorry, Miss Li. I'll go in first." It was not convenient for Chen Xin to say more. He smiled perfunctorily and quickly followed him in.

Li Xiwu watched the three of them enter the elevator. The moment the doors closed, she met Pei Jingzhou's gaze.

"Miss Li." Someone shouted after her.

Li Xiwu turned around.

Ji Weiling ran over with her dress. She was holding the curved trophy that she had won tonight. "Miss Li, I've worked hard for you."

The temperature had dropped tonight. Li Xiwu looked at Ji Weiling's strapless gown and removed the shawl with CHANEL printed on it. She handed it to Ji Weiling. "You're working for yourself."

"If not for your urging, I wouldn't be where I am today," Ji Weiling said humbly as she gathered her shawl.

Li Xiwu smiled faintly.

Assistant Yuanyuan ran over and asked, "Miss Li, President Qin is asking if you're going to the celebration party tonight."

Li Xiwu hadn't answered. Ji Weiling said with certainty, "Miss Li will definitely go. The current Hua Guan Media is relying on Miss Li's resources to support half their company."

"I'm not going."

As soon as Ji Weiling finished speaking, she heard Li Xiwu say that she was not going. She didn't feel embarrassed, but more surprised. "Miss Li, are you really not going?"

Li Xiwu raised her chin and said to Yuanyuan, "Supervise her not to drink too much at the celebration banquet. Send me a WeChat message when you get home before ten."

Yuanyuan nodded. "Got it, Miss Li."

Ji Weiling was a little disappointed. Before she left, she handed the trophy to Li Xiwu. After watching the two of them leave, Li Xiwu took the trophy Ji Weiling had given her and took the elevator upstairs. She consciously did not look for Pei Jingzhou so as not to disturb him.

As it happened, she'd stumbled upon a scene she shouldn't have—

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