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I really don't want to open a harem here


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Mu Xiaoxiao never imagined that he would get hit by a truck and die, and transmigrate to a 2D anime world, not to mention get the legendary Goldfinger one day. [Ding! As a mortal, you dared to challenge the world and set foot in this chaotic world; your brave choice gives you a Rating: S] 'It hasn't even been five minutes since I traveled, and there is an S-level reward... Without a little bit of defense, could it be that I also have the appearance of the protagonist?' He thought seriously Being a Protagonist can be said to be a legendary start Anime world where he is a protagonist with a system, open a harem, and reaches the pinnacle of life or something like that. He was already imagining his bright future 'It's just that the system said what kind of chaotic place, what does it mean? Why can't I understand?' Coming all the way, he approached the warehouse at the back of the school, And then "Nanao, you don't want to see Katase being kicked out of the main selection, do you?" "You--" He never thought he would see such a scene on the first day, Fuck, this is too exciting, right? No, why do those two people look familiar... Relying on his many years of experience, he finally searched for those memories from every inch and corner of his brain, and after finding out who these two were His face changed drastically. "Fuck" _________, (This is a Translation) (Warning: This Novel contains Explicit Content, so read at your own risk.) As for NTR It does contain Netori( The one where Mc steals the girl), not Netorare. After all, it's a harem fanfic in the NTR world, so every girl he'll meet and save would obviously have a Boyfriend or a childhood Sweetheart, so it is obvious... ________ ___________ Original Version: https://www.jpxs123.com/tongren/8352.html Author: Sixteen Night Sky ____________ Read Advanced chapters on Patreon.com/abhi28


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