3 Unparalleled Stealth

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"Senior, what are you talking about? Isn't this the standard long skirt that all our Immortal Selection Sect's female disciples wear? Everyone is usually wearing it too." Wen Lan, who didn't know what Su Chen was thinking, thought that Su Chen was praising her. For a moment, her entire face turned red.

"Umm…" Su Chen scratched his head. He needed to muster up all his courage to say what he was about to say.

"Junior." Su Chen made up his mind. He suddenly stood in front of Wen Lan and stared at her.

When had she ever been looked at like that by her senior? For a moment, Wen Lan became even more shy. She lowered her head. "Senior, if there's anything, just say it."

"Junior! Take off your clothes!"


Once these words left his mouth, Su Chen felt very comfortable. After holding it in for so long, he finally said it. He let out a long sigh of relief.

However, Wen Lan's entire face was flushed red. She felt that it was almost fully cooked. He could even faintly see that her head was emitting gas.

"Senior, you're so perverted! You want me to take off my clothes just like that?" Su Chen did not know what was going through Wen Lan's mind right now. He only felt that he was being very familiar and comfortable when he was straightforward.

"Senior, you…" Wen Lan did not dare to raise her head to look at Su Chen.

"Don't worry, junior, hurry up and take off your clothes!" Su Chen directly urged her.

Wen Lan gripped the corner of her clothes tightly. Not only did her senior ask her to take off her clothes, he also urged her to hurry up. Her senior was really becoming more and more perverted! But! She was really looking forward to it!

"Senior, I hope that you will never forget this day." Wen Lan gritted her teeth, closed her eyes, and directly took off her long dress. She waited for Su Chen's next move.

"Rustle, rustle..."

Hearing the rustling, Wen Lan became even more shy. Her eyes were closed and she didn't dare to open them at all, and her entire mind started to run wild. "Senior, did you also take off your clothes? Aren't you moving too too fast? I haven't reported this to the sect leader yet. Senior, really, why are yo impatient?"

"I'm about to see Senio'rs body soon. I'm so shy."

"Senior, why haven't you come and hug me? I heard from the books that you need to hug me first. After you hug me, sob sob..."


As she thought about it, Wen Lan's face became redder and redder, and the steam above her head became more and more obvious!

Wen Lan waited patiently, but she couldn't wait for Su Chen's next move.

A long time passed.

"Senior! Senior! Su Chen! Senior Su! Where are you! Where are my clothes!"


"Did that girl misunderstand just now?"

Su Chen, who had already left the room with Wen Lan's clothes, scratched his head.

He did not know what Wen Lan was thinking about.

If he asked Wen Lan for her clothes, he must have wanted to disguise himself as a woman and sneak into the Empress's boudoir.

In the end, who knew what was going on in that girl's head. Su Chen shook his head and walked away.

"Oh no, I'm done for!"

Holding Wen Lan's long dress, Su Chen walked towards the Empress's room. As he walked, he slapped his forehead and asked, "Where is the sect leader's cave abode?"

It was not surprising that Su Chen did not know. When he inherited his memories, there were already many blurry memories, including the location of the sect leader's cave abode.

He originally wanted to go back and ask Wen Lan, but when he thought of Wen Lan's gaze in the end, Su Chen still did not dare to go back. Wen Lan must have misunderstood him. If he went back now, he would be caught by her and would not be able to explain himself for a while.

Fortunately, there were many female disciples nearby, so Su Chen could only ask a random female disciple.

This was the bad thing about the Immortal Selection Sect! Every female disciple knew him. As the only male disciple in the sect, Su Chen's popularity could be said to be beyond his imagination!

Su Chen finally managed to ask a female disciple for help.

After learning about the residence, the next step was extremely crucial!

Su Chen looked at the long dress that he had in his arms and gulped.


After a while, Su Chen came out of the forest. However, upon closer inspection, it was impossible to tell that it was him.

The greatest benefit of this cultivation world was his hair.

Just like the ancient costume dramas in his previous life, even men would have long hair. When he came to this world, Su Chen was not used to it no matter how hard he tried. It took him a long time to get used to it.

He only needed to twist his hair into the style of a female disciple and change into a female disciple's long skirt. In this Immortal Selection Sect full of female disciples, Su Chen could completely blend in!

Standing outside the sect leader's cave, Su Chen was not in a hurry to enter.

During the conversation with the female disciple who gave him directions, Su Chen also learned that under normal circumstances, there were always people guarding this side. It was basically impossible for Su Chen to sneak in.

However, the Immortal Selection Sect had been standing here for more than a thousand years. In addition, they were all female disciples now, so there were still many loopholes.

For example, the place where the guard disciples changed shifts was fixed at the An Shou Pavilion. During this time, it would still take as much as an incense stick to burn. In other words, during this period, there would be no one guarding it.

He estimated that there were about two incense sticks' time before the shift change.

Su Chen wandered around in boredom. When he estimated that it was about time for the shift change, hereturned.

When he saw that the guard disciple had gone far away, Su Chen quickly rushed over. He quickly found the Empress's room and entered it.

Once he entered, Su Chen could only smell a fragrance.

When he saw that there was no one around, Su Chen's worried heart finally relaxed.

When he was chatting with the female disciple, Su Chen found out that these elders were usually very mysterious.

No one knew when they were in the room or when they were out. After asking about the Empress, it turned out that the female disciple didn't know anything.

If it was someone else, they would probably have to observe for a while before taking action.

However, Su Chen was too bold. As long as he dared to think about it, he would do it. He would enter first. If the Empress was in the room, he would just have to find an excuse.

Fortunately, the Empress was not in the room at this time.

"Time is of the essence. I have to hurry."

Thinking of this, Su Chen quickly observed the Empress's room.

What Su Chen did not expect was that although the Empress looked cold and distant, the room was in a mess.

Everything was in a mess, and Su Chen almost didn't have a place to stand.

Su Chen even saw lingerie that was obviously worn by women. This was something that Su Chen couldn't bear to look at.

Shaking his head, Su Chen quickly looked through the room. The system only said that there was a clue, but now he could only look at what looked like one.

After looking through the things for a while, Su Chen found nothing. Just as Su Chen was about to give up, he suddenly saw a booklet by his feet. Su Chen quickly picked it up.

"A diary? The Empress keeps a diary?"

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