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Emulator: Opening Talent Super Gigolo

# SPIRITENERGY #RELAXED #GODDESS “Lin Changan, you don’t want to get forced to marry a person, right?” a gorgeous young lady asked as she put a Slave Contract in front of Lin Changan. Lin Changan was in complete desperation when he received the Emulator System which allowed him to simulate his life. After each simulation, he could choose to either gain a talent, a realm, battle experience, cultivation, or part of the memory from the simulation. “You have rejected the Slave Contract and were killed in the Underground City by a love rival.” “You have chosen the talent, Live a Hard Life.” “At age 22, your sick junior confessed her love to you and you rejected her. That made her hate you and she poisoned you to death.” “You have chosen the talent, Complete Poison Immunity.” “At age 24, you were killed during the monsters’ attack.” “You have chosen the realm and have gathered the Star Power.” “At age 24, you fought the monsters’ attack as a general but still died in the end.” “You have chosen the talent, Restlessness.” “At age 24, you fought the monsters in the front line but you have exhausted your spirit energy…” After countless simulations, even the slightest move Lin Changan made could shake the entire world. “Simulation begins.” “You are now invincible.”

Deep Fry Rocks · Eastern Fantasy

Getting Simulated By The Empress Is Not My Intention

Zhang Beichen downloaded a simulation game called the Warring State Empress. His role was to help his lords rule the world and become empress. He thought it was just another normal simulation game. He spent a lot of effort getting close to the empress and did everything he could to help her unite all seven nations, achieving different endings. However, when he woke up one day, he realized that he was transmigrated into the game. The empress from the game was now standing in front of him. The empress looked at Zhang Beichen with a cold expression and thought, “So, he’s the one who helped me achieve my victory but the traitor who refused to marry me?”

Fire Cave · Eastern Fantasy

Starting A Simulation As A Wyrmling

Long Tian woke up and discovered that he had become a newly hatched dragon. He was left abandoned on a deserted island. He had neither food nor power. Some outsiders were plotting to hand him over to the country. Initially, he thought that his life as a dragon was coming to an end. However, he awakened a simulator that allowed him to enter into various worlds and simulate different lives unlimitedly. [Entering the world of The Lord of The Rings. You participated in the War of the Ring and acquired the One Ring.] [Entering the world of high level martial arts. You transcended the Path of Martial Arts and your Art of Dragon Blood annihilated everything that stood in your way.] [Entering the world of Zero One. Your dragon form evolved and you became a god after massacring a million souls.] [Entering the world of Harry Potter…You became a wizard with the Dragon Bloodline in Hogwarts.] [Entering the sci-fi world…You consumed a million stars.]

Tianxia Kunan · Fantasy

Angel Simulator: I Simulated A Fallen Angel

# DEMON # FALLENANGEL Due to an accident, Lu Xi transmigrated to a kingdom of angels in a western fantasy world. He became an ordinary angel that was framed and wrongly sentenced by the God-King. Fortunately, he awakened the Simulator System and began to simulate the life of Fallen Angel Lucifer. As long as he carried out depraved actions, he would obtain rewards. [In the first year, you successfully enslaved the succubi clan and slept with the succubus queen.] [Your actions have been detected to match one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Lust! You have obtained the power of darkness.] [In the second year, you successfully formed an alliance with the giant frost dragon and drank with it.] [Your actions have been detected to match one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Gluttony! You have obtained 100,000 gold coins from the continent.] [In the third year, you raised an army and invaded Sky City. The angel clan has been pushed back.] [Your actions have been detected to match one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Wrath! You have obtained the territory, Deep Abyss of Sin.] The God-King chastised the other angels, “Did you think that fallen angels are truly happy?” Lu Xi answered, “No, the happiness of fallen angels is beyond your imagination.”

Lucifer · Fantasy

Fantasy: Life Simulation As A Sword

# DEMONSWORD Ning Xiu was transmigrated to a fantasy world and became a normal sword in a blacksmith. Fortunately, he had received the Life Simulation System. [Possible simulation: Normal Sword, Treasured Sword, Holy Sword, Demon Sword.] [Ding! Congratulations. You have chosen the Demon Sword path. The simulation will begin.] [Year 1: You remained in the blacksmith for the whole year because of your normal appearance.] [Year 2: A cultivator whose sect was annihilated chose you and carved the Blood-drinking Formation on you to obtain his revenge.] [Year 3: The cultivator had killed a lot of people. As you continued to drink the blood of his enemies, you became a Demon Sword that shocked the entire world.] [Year 4: The cultivator was pursued by the orthodox sects and was locked in the Demon-subduing Tower.] [Year 10: You have remained in the tower for the past six years. During that time, you were used to slaying all the demons in the tower and absorbed their powers.] [Year 30: After many years of holding yourself back, you have become stronger than everyone and everything else. You pierced through the tower from inside and became a sword with enough demonic energy to cover the entire world.] [Simulation has ended. Rank: S. You’ll be able to inherit part of the cultivation and talent gained from the simulation.] With the help of the system, Ning Xiu was able to become a demonic sword from a normal iron sword.

Open Laughing · Eastern Fantasy

Fantasy: I Can Launch Martial Arts Simulations

"Lin Qi transmigrated to a fantasy world. Everyone practiced martial arts in this world, but Lin Qi wasn’t able to due to a birth defect. Fortunately, Lin Qi awakened a Martial Arts simulator at 18 years old. He could activate simulations of the legendary lives of the greatest martial artists by completing missions and obtaining justice points! [You’ve started the simulation of the life of the Master Martial Artist, Wu Zu. Your current age is 12. You are now Wu Zu’s good friend who is helping him carry out perfect level physical training when he was young. This simulation is predicted to last for 12 hours. After this simulation, you can choose from the following rewards: 1. Perfect Level Physical Training Method. 2. Beginner Boxing Techniques. 3. Perfect Level Physique.] [You’ve started the simulation of the life of the Empress Mu Wanqing. Your current age is 18. As the personal maid of the empress, you’re currently guarding her cultivation. This simulation is predicted to last for four hours. After the simulation, you can choose from the following reward: 1. Youth Retention Technique. 2. The Empress’s Familial Meditation Technique. 3. A Secret About the Empress’s Birth and Origin.] Initially, Lin Qi just wanted to obtain some cultivation techniques from these legendary individuals so that he could quickly become powerful. But as he simulated the lives of these individuals more and more times, he suddenly realized that he seemed to have learned quite a several secrets… “Wu Zu? You only know that his boxing techniques are unrivaled in this world, but do you know how many years he spent learning the beginner boxing techniques?” “The Empress? Not only have I seen the empress, I even know that she’s not a…” Suddenly, the empress’s voice resounded in the skies, “Lin Qi, get your ass back home right now!”"

Yin Mountain · Eastern Fantasy

I Played Simulation In A World Of Cultivation

# materialist # rapiddevelopment # mission # collecting The Chosen Deity Clan was a famous clan that had existed in the cultivation world for more than 1000 years. However, the clan found itself in a predicament recently. Many of the clan’s techniques were not suitable to be cultivated by males; therefore, more and more female disciples joined the clan instead. As a result, the once gender-balanced clan now had a gender ratio of 99 females to 1 male. Due to this very reason, the clan was teased by others as the “Women Clan”. Su Chen was a male disciple in the clan. He was also the only male who could cultivate the clan’s techniques; hence, everyone paid close attention to his development. The Clan Leader said, “Su Chen, you are the only man left in the clan. I hope you will lead by example and become a good role model for your junior sisters. Take your training seriously. You attaining enlightenment in your cultivation will be my best proof to the others that men can also succeed in our clan!” Su Chen replied, “I will remember your advice.” As he replied to the Clan Leader, he felt something was off. It was because he could see a virtual screen to the left of the Clan Leader. [Name: Liu Qing] [Age: 300 years old] [Favorability: 10 (Reach 20 to receive a reward)] [Hunger: 65 (She is still full. If she eats now, she will be in a state of discomfort)] [Cultivation: 130,000 (Assign her a mission to increase her cultivation)] [Assigned mission: none (Please note that assigning her a mission might increase or decrease her favorability towards you. Proceed with caution.)] Su Chen sank into deep thoughts as he looked at the information presented. He thought, “So…does it mean that I will get all kinds of rewards if I continuously increase her favorability towards me? That’s great!” He wondered, “Since I can see such information about Clan Leader, does it mean that I can do so with others too? That’s wonderful!” As he thought of this, he pressed the button to assign her a mission.

Big Boss Of Cultivation Simulation · Eastern Fantasy