1 Conquer System

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After sitting up from his meditation, Su Chen let out a long sigh of relief.

"Senior, come play with us."

"Senior, stop meditating. Come over."

Su Chen heard the chattering behind him, and he only felt that it was noisy.

Seeing that Su Chen ignored them, the girls gradually walked away.

It was not that Su Chen did not like beautiful women, but there were too many beautiful women around him, and the key was that he could not touch them. As time passed, Su Chen even felt that this was a pile of trouble.

Su Chen left the training room and walked to his room.

His cultivation technique was already at the ninth level, but only when he had completed his cultivation technique, according to the memories in his mind, could he wantonly pursue the seniors and juniors of the Immortal Selection Sect.

When he thought of the time when he would be able to embrace all kinds of seniors and juniors, Su Chen felt even more motivated.

"In my previous life, the TV series and novels didn't say that cultivation was so troublesome. It's already been half a month, but my cultivation still hasn't improved."

Half a month ago, Su Chen came to this world.

In his previous life, he was an orphan. He was muddle-headed but diligent for more than twenty years. In the end, he was diagnosed with cancer. He did not have the money to treat it. After thinking about it, Su Chen threw himself into the river while he was still conscious.

He thought that it would be good for his life to end like this, but even he did not expect to be in this world when he opened his eyes.

His soul also came to this young man with the same name as him.

However, the Su Chen of this world was really unlucky because he accidentally choked to death while drinking water!

If he hadn't read some cold knowledge in his previous life, Su Chen would have thought that he was dreaming. How ridiculous!

Fortunately, this world's Su Chen choked to death. Otherwise, the fate of the current Su Chen soul would still be unknown.

In addition, Su Chen was quite satisfied with this body.

"I just don't know what my cheat is. It's been half a month, and I still don't have a cheat."

As a young man in the new era who often read online novels on Earth, he naturally knew the standard for the main character of a time travel novel -- cheats.

However, he had already been in this world for half a month, and there was no cheat at all.

During this half a month, Su Chen quickly understood this world and his current environment.

Just like the time travel novels he had read in his previous life, you could also cultivate in this world, and there were also those cultivation sects. In this world, Su Chen was in a famous sect called the Immortal Selection Sect.

"Immortal Selection? I'd go with Chenxin Youxuan," Su Chen silently ridiculed.

However, even though Su Chen ridiculed, he also knew that the Immortal Selection Sect could not be underestimated. The Immortal Selection Sect had existed in this world for a thousand years, right next to the Immortal Selection Sect's signboard, there were the words "Thousand-year-old famous sect" signed by the previous sect leader.

However, after the previous sect leader ascended, this "Thousand-year-old famous sect" encountered a problem that could not be seen in a thousand years.

Males could no longer cultivate using the cultivation technique!

Originally, the cultivation technique chosen by the Immortal Selection Sect was a little biased towards females. However, there were also males who could successfully cultivate using it. However, in the end, there were no male disciples who could meet the cultivation requirements.

At this point in time, there was only one male disciple in the entire sect, Su Chen.

This was also the reason why every time Su Chen meditated, there would be female disciples who would disturb him.

"If it wasn't for the cultivation technique!"

Su Chen gritted his teeth. He wasn't Liu Xiahui. There were so many beautiful girls. Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by both sides.

However, the remnant memory of this world's Su Chen clearly told him that he absolutely should not break through the Pure Yang Body before he succeeded in the cultivation technique. Otherwise, he would only lose all his vitality and would never be able to cultivate again for the rest of his life.

After all, Su Chen had transmigrated here. He had a clear view of the big picture and his priorities. He would not give up his entire future just for a moment of pleasure.

It was not easy for him to have a new life, and he had transmigrated to a world where he could cultivate. This was a vivid script for the main character! The script for the main character could not be wasted!

"Wait until I succeed in my divine skill!"

Listening to the playful voices of the female disciples of the Immortal Selection Sect in the room, Su Chen made his decision.

He simply sat on the spot and began to meditate, circulating his cultivation technique around his body.

Gradually, Su Chen entered a state of oblivion. This state had never appeared before when he was meditating.

But he had already completely fallen into it and had no idea what had happened to himself.

Just as he entered this state of oblivion...

A golden light appeared in the sky and charged straight towards Su Chen.

However, the strange thing was that although this golden light was dazzling, no one noticed it.

In the blink of an eye, this golden light arrived beside Su Chen and tightly wrapped around him.

"Ding! Host has been discovered. System binding initiated." This voice appeared out of thin air in Su Chen's mind.

"This is?" Su Chen, who was meditating, was excited when he heard this. "My cheat has finally arrived!"

"The conquer system has completed binding with the host."

"Conquer? System?"Su Chen frowned.

This voice seemed to be able to sense Su Chen's confusion and began to explain.

"The conquer system will open up the favorability of others for the host. The host needs to conquer each character in order to increase the favorability with other characters. Different stages will have different quest rewards."

"Different stages?"

"The first stage only requires 10 favorability points to complete. Increasing favorability can include feeding them, working for them, dialogue, and gifts. Other than that, there is also a chance to open the assigned task. Completing the assigned task has a chance to increase favorability, and there is also a chance to decrease favorability. When choosing to do the assigned task, the host still needed to consider it carefully."

Su Chen opened his eyes and woke up from his meditation state.

After being in this world for half a month, he finally had his own cheat. Thinking of this, Su Chen almost let out a long howl towards the sky.

As for why he didn't do it, it was mainly because his seniors and juniors were there. He didn't want them to treat him as a lunatic.

"The system has automatically chosen the character Empress for the host. The system is about to activate."

A sudden voice sounded. Su Chen was dumbfounded. He wasn't ready for this yet.

"Mission objective: Liu Qing."

However, the system didn't give Su Chen any time to react, and it continued. "The first stage is to increase favorability. You can receive a reward. Mission hint: The Empress has been emotionally unstable recently. She seems to have lost an important item. There is a clue in her boudoir."

"The Empress?"

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