I must save the world, but I can't kill anyone. Book

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I must save the world, but I can't kill anyone.


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As one of the angels tasked with saving the countless worlds, Savine took her job very seriously. She was diligent and thorough, and made sure to make herself the perfect example to strive for. But as time passed and as she witnessed the horrors humanity was capable of, her thoughts changed. 'Humans don't deserve the grace of us angels. As long as they're pious and peaceful in the end, the means don't matter.' Thus, whenever she went to a new world, she chose to save it in the quickest manner possible. She killed all the heretics and brainwashed the remaining people to always be faithful to God and to never act destructively towards themselves and the planet they stayed on. However, when she was about to go to another world to save it, God's Oracle enforced a few conditions on her. "No killing, no violence, no threats. Save the world the right way." Savine was then abruptly sent to the new world with all these conditions attached to her, but not only that, she found herself in the body of a 12-year-old girl from the lower cities. It was a far cry from the bodies of High-emperors, multitrillionaires, and the Supreme Magi that she normally took over. With the game stacked against her, what will Savine do? *** Arworks Illustrator: LAM Twitter: https://twitter.com/ramdayo1122?s=09 Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/17429 Website: https://lam-illust.com/


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