Chapter 3: Mutation Technique

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Once he ran out, Xiao Mu felt that things were really different. Firstly, the world had changed. The building he rented and the one next to it, which were originally only a dozen meters apart, were now hundreds of meters apart.

The world had grown larger.

Fortunately, all kinds of facilities, including lines, had not been damaged. Even electrical and network lines were elongated.

Clearly, the whole world had changed, but not much damage had been done to its inherent infrastructure. It felt more like countless things that originally did not belong to this world had been forcibly squeezed into it.

Many people stood outside, crying out in terror, "What's happened to the world?"

"Is it the end of the world?"

"Are humans going to be extinct?"


Various types of grass, full of vibrant life, had grown by the road.

A giant tree sprouted from the ground, obstructing the middle of the road, effectively blocking it off.

A group of people gathered around the tree, chattering away.

However, Xiao Mu didn't have the mental capacity to care about these. The world had definitely mutated, and there was still a Hanging Ghost at home. The most important thing now was how to survive in this world and live better.

Firstly, he thought of the Mutation Technique.

As the name suggests, Mutation Technique should be able to cause objects to mutate. The existing power of 1, obviously indicates that using the Mutation Technique requires power and currently he only has one unit of this power.

The Beginner Energy in brackets behind indicates that the current power is only beginner level.

If there is Beginner Energy, then naturally there will be Advanced Energy.

Based on assumption, Xiao Mu knows that Beginner Energy is likely to only cause beginner level mutations in objects, while Advanced Energy causes advanced mutations.

This can be considered as a "new player package" in online games.

However, Xiao Mu doesn't know how to obtain power yet.

Besides, what objects can this so-called Mutation Technique mutate? What kind of mutations will occur? How is it used to cause mutations?

After some thought, considering the transformation of the entire world, Xiao Mu felt that things like the "Diamond Sutra" on the internet turning into "Vajra Invincible Art", bamboo flowering, and people growing three heads and six arms after eating some fruit, could possibly be caused by using the Mutation Technique.

Otherwise, it would be unfitting if the world has become a Mutant World and his Mutation Technique, the one that activated the world, did not live up to its name.

Assuming his guess is correct, then the Mutation Technique can quite obviously mutate trees, causing them to bear special fruits, or directly mutate the fruits themselves.

As for a netizen on the forum who claimed his chicken turned into a phoenix, Xiao Mu speculated that the rooster might have eaten a fruit similar to bamboo and mutated.

Of course, this is just a possibility, it could also be the world's changes that caused the chicken to directly mutate.

But in Xiao Mu's view, the former possibility seems larger.

Furthermore, the Mutation Technique should also be able to cause books to mutate, such as turning "Diamond Sutra" into "Vajra Invincible Art" etc.

Besides this, what other objects can undergo mutations?

Can it be directly applied to humans or animals to cause them to mutate?

What about clothes? Weapons? Technological items such as cellphones and computers? etc!!

All of these are currently unknown.

Xiao Mu decides to study this skill he has acquired, starting with how to use it.

Firstly, he placed a finger on his clothes, silent but full of intent as he tried to feel, to communicate with this Beginner Energy within him but whose location is unknown.

The result is unexpected. In an instant, he felt a peculiar change. The moment his finger touched his clothes, he had a peculiar feeling in his mind.

This feeling was very strange, like a hint in an online game, but completely different, as if he himself knew that result.

There were two options shown for the clothes:

1. Armor.

2. Magic Robe.

"What is this?"

Xiao Mu was slightly taken aback, but soon, he understood.

It's obvious that the use of Mutation Technique is simple, fingers just need to be placed on the object to be mutated and once meditated upon, it can be used.

And while using the Mutation Technique, mutation is not random, but can change according to the user's intention.

Precisely speaking, this kind of mutation is controllable.

Also, the Mutation Technique can be used on clothes, turning them into protective armor or...still protective armor.

However, judging from the description, these two types of armor are clearly different.

The former seems to be used to defend against real weapons, such as swords, and might eventually turn into a helmet, steel armor, leather armor, chain mail, while the latter could fend off certain evil powers, maybe turning into Taoist robes or Kasaya.

However, Xiao Mu did not rush to use Mutation Technique on his clothes, as energy can only be used once, it must be utilized reasonably to maximize the value of this unit of Beginner Energy.

Bending down and placing his finger on a patch of grass, Xiao Mu once again meditated upon the Mutation Technique.

There were also two options for the grass:

1. Medicine Change.

2. Poison Change.

Withdrawn his finger.

Obviously, the Mutation Technique still works on plants.

After further trying on trees, rocks, and even an half brick, Xiao Mu found that the Mutation Technique worked on all these items.

However, while trying to use it on a cellphone and a car parked by the side of the road, it didn't work. It seems that it is ineffective on technological items.

Xiao Mu, filled with joy, began to think about how to use this one Mutation Technique to maximize its value. Of course, he also had to take into consideration the Hanging Ghost at home that wanted to kill him.

So, the next goal is clear - to use this Mutation Technique to enhance his strength and to get rid of the Hanging Ghost at home.

After some thought, Xiao Mu felt that he had the following options.

Firstly, use it on a book, mutating it into a secret manual, and increase his strength through cultivation.

Secondly, use it on fruit, mutating it into a unique fruit that will cause him to mutate and increase his strength.

Thirdly, use it on an object, mutating it into a weapon or armor to increase his strength.

All three methods seemed good, and Xiao Mu could not immediately decide which one was better. After thinking about it, he decided to do all three at once, or at the very least, buy the necessary books, fruits, and items that could be mutated into weapons or armor first.

With that, he set off, heading directly to the supermarket and a small commodity grocery market.

But soon enough, he was stunned. The world had grown larger, more than a few dozen times. The small commodity grocery market, initially only a few hundred meters away, was now at least tens of miles away from him.

He wanted to take a taxi, but found he couldn't get one.

The world had undergone astonishing changes, even the public buses have stopped and dared not operate.

Luckily, there were shared bicycles in the city. Xiao Mu rode one towards the small commodity grocery market that was only a few hundred meters away, but was now tens of miles away.

Considering his situation, he needed to buy books, fruits, clothes, weapons and other items.