Chapter 2: The World After Mutation

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Disappointed Little Leaf: Dude, what are you saying? You've practiced it, so why can't others? Share it with us too!

Diligent Kind Donkey who Loves to Plow: One hundred grand, please share with me!

I love Lollipop: Two hundred grand, share it with me


**** (Hidden Post): Don't dream of it. Have you played an online game? Know about skill books? It's like a skill book, press and you've learned it, once learned, the book disappears.

This is a whole different level of magic!

Xiao Mu's heart was stirred when he saw this. If what the poster said was true, the world would change immensely.

But this martial arts secret manual called "Vajra Immortal Body," does it really have the effect mentioned in the story, to really practice the Vajra Immortal Body?

Luckily, this thread had been posted for some time now, and similar questions were already asked. He didn't need to ask again.

I love the Sea: Friend, how are the results of your practice? Have you really trained the Vajra Immortal Body?

**** (Hidden Post): It's not that simple. Cultivation also takes time. I just started practicing, but I managed to cultivate the first flow of energy, my skin is much tougher than before.

Disappointed Little Leaf: Awesome!

Diligent Kind Donkey who Loves to Plow: If one day you achieve wealth, please don't forget about me!

I Love Lollipop: Master, do you need a pendant on your leg?

I Tasted her Sea: Father, would you adopt a son? Soft or hard, I can warm a bed!


I Am God: Trash!

Suddenly, a very discordant post appeared.

Disappointed Little Leaf: Someone is causing trouble. Poster, come see.

I Tasted Her Sea: Father, someone disrespects you. Shall your son fight him for you?

**** (Hidden Post): Ha! I am trash? If you dare, come out and practice, one-on-one, I'll grant you one hand.

I Am God just posted a haha full of king-like contempt, then posted a link.

Under the link is a series of internet users chasing 'I Am God.' The attitude of the users changed completely, even **** (Hidden Post) had nothing to say and went silent.

Xiao Mu clicked on the link.

I Am God: The bamboo at my home suddenly bloomed, producing a fruit. I ate it, and now I am like this. I just want to say, are you impressed or not?

Then he posted a picture. Xiao Mu scrolled down and immediately took a sharp breath.

In the picture, there was a teenage boy, shirtless. However ... he had three heads and six arms, just like the demon god of legends.

Then came the video. The boy was extremely powerful. The six arms lifted a Nissan car and even tossed it a few times in the air, as if he were playing.

The situation quickly tipped one-sided.

I Tasted Her Sea: Father, I am your long-lost son. Have you forgotten?

Disappointed Little Leaf: My God! This is the legendary three heads and six arms, isn't? Poster, would you accept a younger brother?

Diligent Kind Donkey who Loves Plowing: Poster, do you still have that bamboo at home? I would like to buy it.

I Am God: Once you pick the fruit, the bamboo wilts. Don't even think about it.

Xiao Mu continued to scroll down. The screen was filled with posts chasing after 'I Am God.'

Xiao Mu couldn't help shaking his head. This guy was so high-profiled, the outcome might not be good, maybe he would be investigated soon.

However, in the face of such a huge change in the world, the relevant departments might not be able to manage these, this guy could still act arrogantly for some time.

Nine Nine Nine 999: Mom! Help! Can someone tell me what the hell this is?

Another topic caught Xiao Mu's attention. After clicking on it, he realized it was a link to a video.

A twenty-something pale and fat otaku lethargically looked into the camera, his voice was very low, and he was evidently terrified:

"There's some ghostly thing in the corridor, I dare not go out. Can anyone tell me what to do?"

Then, the camera switched to a narrow door, the door was carefully opened softly, without making a sound, he even held his breath. The lens secretly peeked out, showing the narrow corridor of the apartment building.

It was dim in the corridor. At the end of the corridor, a woman in white dress, her hair scattered, her head lowered, stood still.

A strange atmosphere suddenly spread.

Suddenly, as if sensing something, the woman jerkily came to life and suddenly raised her head.


A sharp but deliberately suppressed scream emerged from the otaku's mouth. The camera shook and immediately retreated back into the room, followed by the bang of a slamming door.

The next moment, the camera switched back, and the otaku's face on the screen was twisted, his expression clearly terrified to the extreme:

"She saw me! She saw me! Someone save me, please! I'm at 303, Building #4, 51 Hualing Road, Qian Meng City. Who will come to save me? I have money, I'll give you anything!"

Wanderer to the ex's house: Poster, pray for your good luck!

The cool autumn wind: I live near you, but the most I can do is call the police. Hope you can survive until help comes?

Her husband took my clothes when he came out from under the bed: What is this thing? Oh god, what has become of this world? Even such evil things have appeared. Poster, pray for your luck, I guess nobody can help you now.

Old Song next to Old Wang: Condolences!


Xiao Mu continued scrolling through the posts, which were varied and filled the screen with all sorts of strange events. There was nothing he could not imagine, but nothing that did not exist; all kinds of strange and bizarre things had appeared in this world.

The dead revived, genetic mutations, spiritual energy revived, the world expanded, mountains rose, pits appeared, evil dead zones...

He took a deep breath and couldn't help but feel a surge of fear in his heart.

This world has become magical, but also dangerous. But he himself, without having obtained martial arts secret scripts or having eaten any mutant fruit, might not be able to survive if he encounters something sinister like the otaku 999.

But why has this world suddenly undergone mutations?

As soon as this idea came up, Xiao Mu couldn't help but feel a sudden stir in his heart.

"Mutant World"!!??

Could it be because of that game? Otherwise, it can't be such a coincidence that the whole world changed just as he started the game?

If it really is because of that game...

Then before, the information he had seen on the computer screen...

Xiao Mu suddenly realized something and quickly closed his eyes. A piece of information immediately appeared in front of him.

Name: Xiao Mu.

Age: 26 years old.

Attributes: Ordinary person.

Identity: World changer.

Skills: Mutation Technique.

Current energy: 1 (Beginner Energy).

Current world level: Postnatal Mortal Realm (can evolve).

Friendly reminder:

The world is getting more and more dangerous, and the number of transmutations from other worlds will become more numerous and stronger. The mutants in this world (including mutated animals) are both your helpers and competitors. Please work hard to improve your own strength!

"It's actually true!?"

Xiao Mu exclaimed, suddenly feeling both shocked and excited.

He didn't have time to think about anything else. His first thought was how to use this Mutation Technique, what it does, what benefits it can bring him, and how to use it for survival in this mutated world.

Especially those friendly reminders seemed quite terrifying.

Just as he was beginning to think, he heard someone coming in.

Xiao Mu was taken aback and turned around.

A beautiful woman in a white dress came into the room and gave Xiao Mu a flirtatious smile.

She walked straight up to the table, took out a piece of white silk, and tried to hang it from the ceiling...

Hang, I'm hanging, hanging again...

Unfortunately, modern cities are full of flat houses with no beams to hang from. The woman tried to hang herself several times, but the silk kept falling down, and she couldn't find a place to hang it.

"It's a Hanging Ghost!"

Xiao Mu shuddered, got up in fright, and immediately ran away.

The system's friendly reminder is really true. A transmutation has come to find him so quickly.

If he confronts it head-on now, he will certainly lose. After learning about the usage of the Mutation Technique and improving his strength, he will come back to deal with her.

With the Mutation Technique, he didn't believe that he couldn't handle this Hanging Ghost. Any game, beginner tasks won't be too difficult.