I know how to fight, duh (Lookism, Viral hit, PTJ universe)

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What is I know how to fight, duh (Lookism, Viral hit, PTJ universe)

Read I know how to fight, duh (Lookism, Viral hit, PTJ universe) fanfiction written by the author ManofcultureQ_Q on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, romance, comedy, overpowered, sliceoflife. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Those who don't know me, let me properly introduce myself. My name is Alex. Alex Jin. An American-Korean 18 year old boy. I don't have any particular hobbies, well there's one but it's not anything for you to concern yourself with. I am a student at Gyerong High and can safely say that I am shit at studies. As you can see, I am a completely average teenager. I am quite content with my life, except for the fact that I am quite annoyed nowadays because of these situations I find myself in because of being an honest and upright individual. "Oi, you have got some guts trying to ignore me." Baldy said while grabbing my collar and moving too close to me for comfort. Like seriously buddy, stay away. You stink of tobacco. "... sorry about that I guess. I got lost in my thoughts you see." I said in my usual dead pan voice as baldy's face started going red in anger. "You know, I really want to just beat the shit out of you like usual, but I will give you a chance... Now you fucking loser, if you want to have a normal life again then repeat after me... Say, 'Pakgo, I was wrong about you. I am sorry for saying such stupid things about your videos, they are actually very entertaining and fun to watch. You are a great human being Pakgo.' Don't forget to call me 'handsome' in the end too." The bastard actually had the gal to add the last part... Give me a break.

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First time writing a review. I was just searching for a lookism fan fic when i found this. The Writing quality is better than most fanfic out there. This length of the chapter is good too. Please continue this Fanfic.


Writing quality is top-notch, if there are mistakes I haven't noticed em. Stability of the updates as author stated is almost null because of exams, but if you look in chapter section, there's like 2-4 day difference between chapter releases so it's still kind of stable? Story development is pretty good but I would've liked it if more lookism was involved, also, I liked the part where people were commenting on rumi's stream, I hope there are more chapters like that. Character design although good, is very annoying as MC follows his (probably dead) father's words, as he doesn't fight back against bullies as they're weaker than him, it changed in the later chapters as he fights bullies in case they're punching/kicking other weak/normal people, I hope he finally lets go of his father's words and fights to his hearts content. World background is pretty good but I don't know how author will combine many different manhwas, as for example Lookism power levels are too high for how to fight manhwa, Lookism is a place for monsters while in "how to fight" there are only normal humans. Either way, great fic to read! Totally recommending it.


First time writing a review. but I agree to the guy that made this I was just searching for a lookism fan fic when i found this. The Writing quality is better than most fanfic out there. This length of the chapter is good too. Please continue this Fanfic.


It's a good story, not to mention that I've been looking for lookism fics, the only thing I don't like is the way the mc behaves, I hope it will change in the next chapters


I really like this story and character idea and I really like it. Please continue the rest of the story, I really want to know what happens next. ❤️⭐⭐⭐


Thus us the best ptj fanfuc yet. I love tge story,character development (although questionable MC at tge start,but then he's good) and worldbuilding. You're combining different manhwas pretty well and it us a great achievement. I just hope that you haven't dropped this piece yet and my words will encourage you to get at it again. Anyways,it was worth a try


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