I Just Want To Have A Quiet Life, So Why Did I Become A Herrscher?

Follow the story of a poor soul who had the misfortune to be reincarnated in the world of Honkai Impact. Your goal: just live a quiet life. But unfortunately for the protagonist, both Honkai and humanity have different plans for him. (English is not my first language.)

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Chapter 54

"...And that is what happened. After that I have lived my normal life for the past 3 years with Sakura-san and it was only recently that I discovered that Kallen-san and Rin-San were inside my Binding stigma." Ryusuke finished telling his story.

Ryusuke told them almost everything he had to say to them... Almost everything, there were some parts that he needed to lie or hide. Like the fact that he could easily suppress Herrscher from Corruption with his willpower, no one would believe him if he said so. Yae Sakura, Yae Rin and Kallen only believed him because they saw it happen before their eyes.

What Ryusuke told them was that the Herrscher of Corruption was extremely weakened after she was locked in the black cube for more than 50,000 years without any contact with energy Honkai, furthermore when the Herrscher of Corruption tried to take Ryusuke's body Ryusuke managed to activate a special black cube mechanism that connected the Herrscher of Corruption with the 12th Divine Key, which would make Herrscher of Corruption trapped in the Divine Key if she did not try to resist.

Thanks to that, the Herrscher of Corruption was unable to take Ryusuke's body, at the same time Ryusuke covered his body with the aura of Herrscher of Binding in a way that would erase the Herrscher from Corruption if she tried to escape his body. And because of that he became the prison of the 12° Herrscher of the Previous Era.

Ryusuke also said that he is able to use a small fraction of the Herrscher of Corruption's power through Jizo Mitama and in this way he is able to prevent the Herrscher from being able to manipulate any part of his body.

Ryusuke said nothing about his natural stigma or Morgan, he wanted to keep some of his skills hidden. Although at the moment he is not very proficient in using his natural stigma now, he may have great combat possibilities in the future.

"Ryusuke..." The first person who spoke was Welt. He had a tired and worried expression and it's not just him, Einstein and Tesla were the same way.

When they came to Ryusuke's house, they were prepared to try to deal with Otto Apocalypse, which is quite problematic. But they could never have imagined that they would discover about an existence as scary as the Herrscher of Corruption that was inside of Ryusuke.

They already knew from the records of the Previous Age that the Herrschers who would appear in the future would certainly be stronger than the previous ones, but they were horrified when Ryusuke spoke about the true powers of the Herrscher of Corruption. Although Welt was confident that he could beat a newly awakened Sirin, he would not have much to do to protect humanity from a fully liberated Herrscher of Corruption.

"Ryusuke, how is your current situation? What about the Serenity Gem inside your body, is it causing a problem in your body? Is the Herrscher of Corruption posing any threat to you because of Serenity Gem?" Welt asked concerned about Ryusuke's safety.

It is true that he was completely shocked by the revelation about the Herrscher of Corruption but he is not very suspicious of Ryusuke.

Yesterday Welt and the people of Anti-Entropy did a brief investigation to track the hacking that Ryusuke had done over the years, Einstein and Tesla were able to assure that there was no mistake that the only ones who were harmed by Ryusuke were the corrupt politicians.

A politician who spent 6 months in a city to build a gold pool for a summer mansion that he had never visited since it was built. Another politician spent who two months on the money that was destined to build various hospitals with prostitutes. The list of corrupt politicians punished by Ryusuke continues with several other crimes, but the list was too long to list all the crimes they committed.

Of course, Ryusuke didn't screw with all the corrupt politicians he met, he is not a hero of justice who will destroy all the evil he finds ahead of him he knows that this would be a useless action that would never end.

Although Ryusuke destroyed the social life of a few politicians in a very absurd way, that was enough to scare and influence several politicians, some of them hired private detectives and hackers to try to track him but it was impossible to find Ryusuke.

Ryusuke unleashed strong retaliation against politicians who tried to track him, from that day on the politicians understood that they could neither hide nor fight Ryusuke, since then, most politicians have had no choice but to behave in an effort not to attract the attention of the mysterious hacker who ruined several corrupt politicians.

Everyonce in a while, Ryusuke destroyed some corrupt politicians when he is bored.

Although Welt didn't know about Ryusuke's real intentions he could fail to notice how much Ryusuke positively influenced the world while he used a small fragment of the powers of Herrscher of Corruption.

'At the age of seven he received the stigma of the Herrscher of Binding and at the same time he kept the Herrscher of Corruption trapped within his own body and thanks to that the world did not experience any calamity. Even if he says it's okay, how much did he have to put up with here? Even if he says he doesn't want to fight for humanity, he still did great good deeds for humanity. All of this while his desire was to just live a peaceful and normal life.' Welt thought when he remembered everything, he understood about Ryusuke so far.

There is still the possibility that Ryusuke did not talk about some other details, but Welt decided to trust Ryusuke, Welt himself agreed with Tesla that he was the type to trust other people a lot but he doesn't intend to change that.

'This boy is carrying a burden as heavy as I did when I was a child, no, maybe his burden is even heavier than mine at that time...' (Welt)

'Fortunately, he is not alone, he is accompanied by people who really care about him...' (Welt)

Welt looked at Yae Sakura, Yae Rin and Kallen. He was really surprised by the origin of each one when Ryusuke spoke earlier. They really suffered a lot all this time but he could see that she did not succumb to despair or Honkai despite so much suffering. Welt felt a little respect for them when listening to their stories.

After Welt heard about Kallen stealing the black cube to prevent Schicksal from causing a great calamity because of greed, he came to have a lot of respect for Kallen.

"Is that what you're worried about? There is no problem, if I felt that Serenity Gem was going to cause a problem in my body, I would have noticed it the moment I touched it. And as for the Herrscher of Corruption, her hands are tied, if she tries to do something with the Serenity Gem, she would be completely vulnerable to be locked in Jizo Mitama."

Ryusuke said with a calm and carefree smile. Although he was not very surprised by Welt's words, he was still happy with the genuine concern he has now shown.

"Hey! Now that you've talked about Herrscher of Corruption and your story, what does that have to do with that bastard Otto? You told us this because you would also tell this story to negotiate with him, so what are you going to use to negotiate with that bastard?" Tesla asked, she was trying to stay calm, but the mention Otto's name made her make unpleased expression.

Ryusuke heard Tesla's words and was hesitant and a little worried. After a few seconds of silence Ryusuke looked at Kallen and he spoke.

"Kallen-san... I want you to stay calm and listen to me very carefully. What I'm going to tell you may seem absurd but it's the truth..." Ryusuke said complicated because what he will say will be a big shock for Kallen.

"Ryusuke why are you talking like that? It is almost that if you are to give me the worst news in the world. I don't know what can be so bad for you to make that face but I can tell you that I can take it." Kallen spoke confidently. Although she was a little concerned about the serious face Ryusuke was making. But no matter how difficult it was to face; she would not give up.


Ryusuke took a sigh when he heard Kallen's answer.

"Kallen-san, do you remember the man we met in the Serenity Gem room?" Ryusuke asked with apprehension.

"What about him?" Kallen asked without understanding where Ryusuke wanted to go.

After an instant of silence Ryusuke spoke.

"That man is not like your childhood friend... he is your childhood friend, he is Otto Apocalypse!" Ryusuke spoke with a pity expression. Too bad for Kallen who will soon discover a little of the terrible truth about his childhood friend.

Welt and the Anti-Entropy people were surprised by Ryusuke's words.

At that moment Ryusuke took a look at Yae Sakura, a look that told her to be prepared to comfort Kallen in a little beacause she would need it. Yae Sakura didn't know what would happen, but she realized that what Ryusuke was going to say could be a terrible and inevitable truth.

"Ryusuke is this some kind of joke? There is no way Otto can be alive after five hundred, me, Sakura and Rin-Chan are exceptions because of our unique circumstances." Kallen entered the mode of denial.


"It's okay if you don't believe me, there is someone else here who can confirm my words. Right?" Ryusuke directed his gaze to Fu Hua.

Fu Hua was surprised and had a look that said, 'Are you going to place all the responsibility for me?' After she was quiet after all this time.

"Miss Heavenly Immortal? Why are you making such a face? What Ryusuke said can't be true, right?" Kallen was a little nervous and worried to see Fu Hua's expression that he was avoiding looking into her eyes.

Fu Hua felt a little uncomfortable, for how could she say that Otto lived for all those five hundred years and if she said that eventually the time would come when she would have to talk a little about Otto's actions. How would Kallen feel when she would hear about the terrible things Otto had done over the years.

Even Fu Hua despised Otto because of some of his actions over the five hundred but she maintained her cooperation with him because she considered him a necessary evil for humanity.

"Kallen Kaslana... What Ryusuke said is true." Fu Hua spoke with a reluctant expression.

[Change of scene]

At the same time that Ryusuke and the others were talking in Vila Yae from the stigma space.

Otto, Theresa and a group of 15 rank-A Valkyries arrived in the city while they were disguised as civilians in the city of Nagazora.

'Now all that remains is to wait until afternoon so that I can talk to Aikawa Ryusuke. Was he telling the truth about Kallen? If he can resurrect Kallen, I will certainly be forever grateful to him. But if he is lying then I will ask Theresa to activate the power of the Oath of Judah so that we can capture him alive, after all he can use the power of Serenity Gem so I must be able to advance my research with his cooperation.'

Those were Otto's thoughts, since yesterday he had been very anxious since talking to Ryusuke. For the second time in his life, he saw a real chance to resurrect Kallen. The other time was when he talked to the Will of Honkai during the Second Honkai War, although he couldn't understand the meaning of its actions at that time.

Otto looked at Theresa who was beside him, she was wearing her typical nun's outfit which was also a Valkyrie battle suit designed especially for her. Theresa also brought the Oath of Judah with her, but the Divine Key was kept in a dimensional storage device. This device was a prototype that was created from research related to the second Herrscher, the Herrscher of the Void.

"Theresa, how is the Oath of Judah? Will you be able to activate the Zeroth power of the Oath of Judah?" Otto asked casually.

"I feel like I'll be able to activate it like that time in Siberia, but..." Theresa spoke with a concerned expression.

"You don't have to worry about civilians, Theresa. Aikawa Ryusuke's house is in a temple a little away from the other houses, as long as everything is resolved in his house no civilian will be involved." Otto spoke confidently.

"It's not just about that, grandpa. The Oath of Judah has been strange since we entered this city." Theresa spoke.

"What? What do you mean by that?" Otto asked with interest.

"I don't know how to explain it properly but eversince we entered this city the Oath of Judah has continued to vibrate subtly over and over, I can't explain it exactly, but it's like she's resonating with something." Theresa explained.

"Does the Oath of Judah reacting like that because there is a Herrscher in this city?" Otto asked while he put his hand on his chin. This was the first time that he heard something like this happening with the Oath of Judah.

"I don't think so, because if it were so then she would have reacted like that during the Second Honkai War." Theresa spoke with some doubts.

"Do you think this strange situation can interfere with the Zeroth power?" Otto asked worriedly.

"I don't think so, apart from these subtle vibrations I found no other problem in Judah." Theresa explains.

"I see, this is a relief." Otto sighed in relief when he heard.

" Overseer Otto..."

At that moment one of the Valkyries gathered by Otto called. These Valkyries came from several different squads and were placed on this mission.

The Valkyrie who called for Otto was a 22-year-old woman with long brown hair with pink ends, tied to a ponytail. She has dark fuchsia-colored eyes. She was wearing jeans and a leather jacket as her civilian disguise.

This woman is Ragna Lothbrok, she is an A-rank Valkyrie and leader of Schicksal's assault squad.

(image is here)

"Overseer Otto, as planned, we will separate and wait at our designated points." Ragna spoke in a formal tone to Otto. They had already discussed what to do when they arrived in the city.

All the other Valkyries would split up and wait in various places near Ryusuke's house. They would only act if the Oath of Judah were activated, at that moment they would know that the only choice was to fight and capture the Herrscher. Even if they were weakened by the Oath camp, they would still fight because the Herrschers would be even more weakened than themselves.

"Yes, you can go." Otto gave the order for them to go.

After that all the Valkyries went to their designated points.

Without anyone noticing, within the Oath of Judah, the conscience that resided inside was very lively and anxious.

'Ryusuke... Ryusuke... I never imagined that I would be able to meet you again... but I would never confuse your presence... It's really you!... I'm so happy... I'm so happy to meet you again!'

No one was able to hear the words of conscience within the eleventh Divine Key... no one was able to hear the thoughts of the Herrscher of Binding of the Previous Age who was quite happy at that time.

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