I Just Want To Have A Quiet Life, So Why Did I Become A Herrscher?

Follow the story of a poor soul who had the misfortune to be reincarnated in the world of Honkai Impact. Your goal: just live a quiet life. But unfortunately for the protagonist, both Honkai and humanity have different plans for him. (English is not my first language.)

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Chapter 55

"The two are already climbing the stairs, while the other Valkyries are scattered around the neighborhood watching and waiting for the right moment to act."

Ryusuke spoke as he opened his eyes. He was aware of the arrival of the Schicksal group. He already knew that Otto personally came to him bringing Theresa and a group of 15 rank-A Valkyries this morning. After all, he had control over the systems of the city Nagazora for a long time, so detecting the arrival of the Schicksal group was a piece of cake for him.

It is currently 13:00 pm, the scheduled time for Otto to appear at Ryusuke's house. Otto and Theresa were going up the stairs to Ryusuke's house.

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'Even so, this sensation is very familiar, unique and strange at the same time, would that presence be the Oath of Judah?' Ryusuke thought of the strange and familiar feeling he had been feeling since morning.

As Otto brought Theresa Apocalypse with him, then it is very likely that Theresa brought the Oath of Judah with her since she was the current bearer of this Divine Key.

'The Oath of Judah, the Divine Key that contains the core of the Herrscher of Binding of the Previous Age... and I, the candidate to be the Herrscher of Binding of this Age. Am I reacting to the presence of the Oath of Judah? And the Oath of Judah? Is she also reacting to me? Now I wonder what would happen if I touched the Oath of Judah?'

Ryusuke had many questions in his head.

'From what I heard, the Herrscher of Binding of the Previous Age chose to fight for humanity, why did she choose to do it?'

From what Ryusuke knew about the game's original story, all of the Previous Age Herrscher were enemies of humanity, and they were defeated, with the exception of the final Herrscher who managed to destroy the Previous Age.

He could not understand why Herrscher of Binding betrayed Honkai to protect humanity. Unlike the Current Age, which has some Herrschers who have irregularities like the Herrscher of Reason who had 300,000 human minds within its core or Raiden Mei who initially started out as a Herrscher incomplete because of an artificial Honkai eruption and later she became a Herrscher allied with humanity because of her own will after having strengthened her determination after so many difficulties.

However, the Previous Age did not have these irregularities as far as he knew, the only Herrschers from the Previous Age that he knew had a tiny chance of resisting were the seventh Herrscher and the twelfth Herrscher.

Unfortunately, in the case of the Herrscher of Corruption, she began to hate humanity willingly because of the (shitty) errors that humanity made against her. Honkai didn't even have to do anything to make it an enemy of humanity.

In the case of the seventh Herrscher, the Herrscher of Flames, she was a captain in one of the Fire Moth squads. When she turned into a Herrscher she turned Australia into a hellish landscape in a week, his destructive power was so powerful that Kevin had to do experimental surgery to make him the first MANTIS, he had ice powers to fight it. Sometime during the fight, she spoke with a human voice making it appear that she was no longer corrupted by Honkai, but humanity could not trust her. Dr. MEI ordered Kevin to kill her, and Kevin managed to defeat her.

These two were the only cases that Ryusuke knew had a tiny chance that these Herrschers would move to the side of humanity. But Ryusuke knows almost nothing about the Previous Age to say that they would help humanity if circumstances were different.

This is what Ryusuke knew about the original story of the Previous Age. But he was really confused about this world. For in the Previous Age of this world the Herrscher of Binding died fighting for humanity. No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn't get an answer.

'It doesn't matter thinking about it now, I have to pay more attention to what is going to happen now.'

Ryusuke came out of his thoughts, and he looked at the people who were beside him in the room.

Those who were there were Yae Sakura, Welt and Fu Hua. As for Einstein and Tesla they returned to the ME Corp building at Welt's request as there was a possibility that Ryusuke's house would become a battlefield against the Valkyries from Schicksal, the two left, although Tesla wanted to stay to at least try to punch Otto in the face. The two managed to return to ME Corp without being noticed by Schicksal as Ryusuke helped a little through hacking.

"Welt-am, are you sure you don't want to change your face? After all, Theresa Apocalypse is your current boss who is about to enter the house..." Ryusuke asked with a bit of curiosity.

He knew that Welt was able to change his own appearance with the powers of the Herrscher of Reason, it was thanks to this that they managed to hide the information that Welt Joyce died in New York until the time of the Second Honkai War.

During the time that Welt was weakened because of his injuries he had to stay hidden from the spotlight and during that time he had to be disguised as a teacher since he succeeded in recovering his body. There was a time when he worked as a professor at the California Institute of Technology in 2005. And it was only recently that he managed after much difficulty and perseverance to enter the St Freya Academy as a teacher.

He used his name as Welt when he joined St Freya Academy as a teacher, Theresa didn't give much importance to that, after all Otto altered some of her memories of the second Honkai war, such as the participation of Anti-Entropy, she did not remember meeting Welt at that time. And Theresa never suspected Welt because of his name because the idea of him being the Anti-Entropy Sovereign was too absurd.


"I feel a little guilty for cheating Theresa these past few weeks and I really really really enjoyed the little time I spent at St Freya, that academy passes a very cozy and inspiring atmosphere to the young Valkyries..." Welt spoke with a small smile of guilt for lying to Theresa but he also respected her for her persistence and dedication to building the Academy to guide the girls to becoming Valkyries in the future.

"But now that I have completely recovered, I need to return to Anti-Entropy as soon as possible. I cannot let the innovative faction do what it wants and make Anti-Entropy deviate further from its original path. What they are trying to do is quite the opposite of the wishes of the original founders of Anti-Entropy." Welt had a serious and decisive expression when he spoke while he closed his fist tightly while he remembered the times when he was powerless to help Einstein and Tesla in the management of Anti-Entropy.

"Yeah." Ryusuke agreed with Welt's words.

At that moment Yae Sakura entered the conversation.

"Ryusuke, how is Kallen doing?" Yae Sakura asked with a slightly worried and hesitant face.

"Don't worry, Sakura-san. Kallen-san is a stubborn and strong woman, even though Rin-San is comforting her, Kallen-san still has a strong will in her eyes. She will definitely want to beat Otto Apocalypse when she calms down in a little while." Ryusuke spoke with a quiet expression to calm Yae Sakura.

"I understand. Kallen never shook even in the face of the worst adversities." Yae Sakura spoke with a relieved smile but still a little worried.

Earlier Kallen discovered the truth. That her childhood friend, Otto Apocalypse was alive these days and that he lived for more than 500 years as the leader of Schicksal.

That alone gave her a big shock because she wouldn't have thought that her childhood friend would still be after so many centuries, but her shock did not end there.

Since Ryusuke and Welt's first conversation, she was curious to know what Schicksal did to cause the second Honkai war. Ryusuke always tried to escape the subject when she asked before, but in this situation, there was no escape.

In the end she ended up hearing about what happened at the Tower of Babylon, about the experiments on the children that happened there and even about the emergence of the second Herrscher who was one of the children who were the guinea pigs of the experiments.

Kallen was completely horrified. What she heard now was much worse than what happened five hundred when Schicksal kidnapped little girls to open the cube.

And as if that were not enough, Tesla also talked about what happened in New York.

It would not be a lie to say that Kallen almost had a mental breakdown when he heard all that Schicksal did. And that Otto was the leader of Schicksal in the last 500 years, and that he allowed or even was responsible for this.

After a few minutes of receiving Yae Sakura's comfort, Kallen managed to calm down and prevent a mental breakdown.

After that Kallen asked Ryusuke if she could talk to Otto in person, she wanted to talk to him face to face about it.


"I will go." Ryusuke spoke and went to the door. Welt and Yae Sakura were clearly paying attention in case Schicksal tried to do something against Ryusuke.

Ryusuke opened his house and he saw two people. 

One was a man with a long blond tied around his shoulder and green eyes. He had a friendly smile on his face. But Ryusuke knew that he shouldn't trust this man's smile.

(image is here)

The other person was basically a loli version of Kallen. She had white hair tied and blue eyes. She was dressed like a nun; she was a taller head than Ryusuke. When she saw Ryusuke she was surprised. Of course, Ryusuke knew that she is much older than she looked.

(image is here)

"Thank you for coming to my house, Otto Apocalypse. I apologize for asking you to come after my sudden call. Please come in, you are welcome to my home." Ryusuke spoke while giving them space to enter the house. He had a warm smile.

"Don't worry, Aikawa Ryusuke. Traveling was no big deal. In this case, forgive our intrusion." Otto spoke in a polite tone while he entered the house. Theresa followed Otto in silence.

After a few seconds they arrived in the living room. And at that moment Otto was a little surprised because of a certain someone who was there.

Otto was not surprised to see his old friend Fu Hua there, after all, he knew she was captured and he had already thought about the possibility of seeing her again. If possible, Otto wanted to rescue Fu Hua but that depended on how things were going to unfold from now on.

The second person Otto noticed was Yae Sakura. He paid attention to her, but he was not very surprised to see her here.

After yesterday's conversation Otto made a brief investigation into Ryusuke's life and in that investigation, he discovered about the existence of Yae Sakura, but there was not much to read in those records.

Otto had never met Yae Sakura personally, but he had heard of her through Kallen in the past. So, he was able to recognize her even though he never saw her. When Otto saw Yae Sakura he was a little more convinced of the facts.

'Perhaps it is true, perhaps Ryusuke's words are true.' These were Otto's thoughts when he saw Yae Sakura. Now he was hopeful that Kallen could come back to life.

'If Kallen can come back to life then I will do anything, I will deliver what Aikawa Ryusuke wishes, I will give him anything... be it Schicksal or the world itself... I will do anything he asks if it results in Kallen's resurrection.' Otto was already very hopeful about Kallen's resurrection.

But when he looked at the third person in the room, he was surprised by his presence here.

"Professor Welt, what are you doing here?!" Theresa asked for surprise when she saw Welt.


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