Adrian finds himself unexpectedly catapulted into the world of "One Piece," waking up on Dawn Island with no memory of how he got there. Believing it to be a prank, he soon discovers the reality is far more complex. As he encounters figures like Makino, Dadan, and the formidable Garp, he realizes he's not just in any world, but inside his favorite anime. Under Garp's mentorship, Adrian navigates the dangerous seas as a Marine, equipped with a mysterious power called the Shadow Monarch System that allows him to summon and command shadows of the deceased. As he subtly influences events and raises powerful allies from the shadows, Adrian must balance his knowledge of the series' future with the unpredictable twists his presence introduces. Caught between the worlds of Marines and pirates, and wielding powers that could alter the course of the story, Adrian must decide where his loyalties lie and how to use his unique abilities without disrupting the foundational elements of the world he loves. ------ 3 chapters every week. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the One Piece characters, only the one's that I have made up or the main character. I apologize if the it doesn't match the One Piece lore as it was based on my knowledge.

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Garp Appeared (Edited)

Adrian continued to flounder in his denial, grasping at any explanation that could anchor him back to a reality he understood. "But, no, this can't be right. You're telling me I just... what, fell into an anime world? Come on, that's just ridiculous!" His voice pitched higher in his distress.

"There must be some sort of hidden cameras around here," he muttered, turning in a circle, scanning the beach and the trees for any sign of modern technology. "This is too elaborate!"

Makino, still maintaining her gentle demeanor, tried to offer some reassurance. "I think you might be confused or lost, maybe you hit your head? There's no cameras, no show. This is Dawn Island. We live here."

Adrian scoffed, rubbing his temples. "Next, you'll be telling me that the Pirate King is going to sail up on the shore," he said, his laughter tinged with hysteria.

Just as he spoke, a robust, laughing figure approached from behind him. The man was large, with a broad chest and a hearty laugh that seemed to boom across the beach. His short, black hair was peppered with gray, and his face was marked by a prominent scar under his left eye. He wore a simple navy blue shirt and shorts, looking every bit the part of a seasoned mariner.

The man approached the group, his eyes narrowing slightly as he took in the scene before him. "Dadan, Makino, everything alright here? Is this young man bothering you?" His voice was deep and resonant, filled with authority and concern.

Dadan looked relieved at his arrival. "Oh, it's you. No, he's not exactly bothering us, just seems a bit... lost, and confused."

Makino nodded in agreement, "Yes, he keeps talking about strange things, like being in an anime and looking for cameras."

The large man turned his attention to Adrian, his gaze inquisitive. "Is that so? And who might you be, young man?"

Before Adrian could muster another denial, another figure appeared beside the large man—a lean, serious-looking man with slicked-back hair and sharp eyes, wearing a suit that seemed too formal for the beach setting. He surveyed Adrian with a professional scrutiny that made Adrian shrink a bit.

Adrian, feeling the weight of their stares, tried once more to defend his delusions. "Look, I know this sounds crazy, but I was just at my place, watching—well, doing normal things—and then I woke up here. This has to be some sort of setup!"

The large man chuckled, shaking his head. "Well, I assure you, young man, there's no setup here. This is real as it gets. You're on Dawn Island, in the East Blue. No cameras, no show. You're in our world now, whether you believe it or not."

Dadan and Makino exchanged surprised looks with each other and then back at the large man and his companion, whose sudden appearance seemed as startling as it was timely.

Adrian, still grappling with the unfolding reality, stared up at the large man who had addressed him with such familiarity and authority. He was notably taller than Adrian, who himself stood at an impressive 190cm. The man towered over him by at least two feet, a striking figure that left Adrian feeling even more out of place.

"And you are... Garp?" Adrian asked, his voice tinged with disbelief. The man's companion, dressed formally and observing the situation closely, must be Bogart then.

"Yes, I'm Garp. And this is indeed my associate, Bogart," the large man confirmed with a nod, his friendly demeanor untouched by Adrian's incredulity.

Trying to grasp the full scope of his bizarre situation, Adrian blurted out a question that he immediately regretted, "If you're really Garp and this is a world full of pirates and Marines, then show me your Armament Haki."

Garp's expression shifted from friendly curiosity to a more cautious and measured look. The mention of Haki, especially in such a direct and knowing way, seemed to pique his interest significantly.

"Kid, who are you, and how do you know about Haki?" Garp asked, his tone now carrying a hint of suspicion. The concept of Haki wasn't widely known to the general populace at this time, and Adrian's casual mention of it raised more questions than answers.

Realizing his mistake—acknowledging a depth of knowledge that few were privy to at this stage in the timeline—Adrian clamped his mouth shut. He quickly changed the subject, "Can we talk in private?"

Garp studied him for a moment longer and then nodded slowly. "Alright, follow me."

Makino, who had been quietly observing the exchange, gestured toward her bar. "You can use my place for your conversation."

As they walked toward Makino's bar, the reality of his location finally sank in for Adrian. This was Foosha Village, the very beginning of where the great pirate tale unfolded. He was walking through the pages of a story he knew by heart, yet he dared not reveal his knowledge or the true nature of his origins.

Inside the bar, Garp and Adrian sat down at a secluded table, away from any prying ears. Adrian was careful with his words, mindful not to disclose too much.

"I'm just a traveler who ended up here by some strange twist of fate," Adrian explained, keeping his descriptions vague. "I've heard stories, legends perhaps, and I'm trying to make sense of where I am."

As they settled into the secluded corner of Makino's bar, Adrian looked around nervously, then turned his attention back to Garp, who seemed calm and unsurprised by the turn of events.

"Sir," Adrian began, his tone cautious, "I heard from the ladies outside that a young man has just set off to become a pirate. Could that be Luffy, by any chance?"

Garp's eyes twinkled with a mixture of pride and concern. He let out a hearty "Haha!" before responding. "Ah, so you've heard about my grandson, have you? Yes, that's Luffy. He's finally set off on his own adventure to be a pirate. A stubborn kid, just like his father."

Adrian nodded, absorbing every detail. "I see. And what brings you back to Foosha Village? Isn't it a bit unusual for a Marine of your stature to visit so frequently?"

With another booming laugh, Garp replied, "Well, I have my reasons. Let's just say, I have a strong connection to this place. Besides, it's always good to keep an eye on things here, make sure everything's running smoothly. It's a quiet village, but you never know when trouble might brew."

Adrian continued, feigning ignorance, "So, your grandson wants to be a pirate, and you're a Marine. That must be tough. How do you reconcile that in your family?"

"It's a complicated matter," Garp admitted, his face growing a bit somber. "But in the end, everyone must choose their own path. I believe in justice, and I serve the Marines to uphold it. Luffy, on the other hand, has always had a free spirit. We don't see eye to eye on many things, but I respect his courage and his determination."

Adrian, curious but cautious not to reveal too much, shifted slightly. "That sounds like a hard position to be in. But it's interesting—you seem to have a lot of trust in him despite the paths you've chosen. Is that common here, for families to be so split?"

Garp nodded thoughtfully, "It happens more than you'd think. The sea is vast, and so are the dreams of those who sail it. Pirates and Marines often come from the same families. What matters most is that we all seek to live true to our beliefs, whatever they might be."

Taking a moment, Adrian then asked another seemingly innocent question. "If someone were to try and find their way here, or say, navigate these waters safely, what advice would you give them?"

Garp eyed him keenly, a hint of suspicion in his gaze. "Navigating these waters? Well, you'd need a sturdy ship and a good sense of direction. The seas here are treacherous, filled with pirates and other dangers. It's not a journey for the faint-hearted."

Adrian nodded, pretending to take mental notes. "Thank you for sharing that, sir. It sounds like a challenging life but exciting too."

"Yes, it is," Garp agreed, his voice rising into another hearty "Haha!" as they moved away from personal topics. "But remember, young man, adventure comes with its risks. If you're considering a journey on the sea, make sure you're prepared for everything it might throw at you."

Adrian smiled, "I'll keep that in mind, sir. Thank you for your advice."

As their conversation wrapped up, Adrian felt a mix of relief and more confusion. He had managed to glean some information and maintain his cover, but the reality of being in the world of "One Piece" was still hard to grasp. He thanked Garp for his time and made his way out of the bar, his mind racing with thoughts of what his next steps should be in this strange, new.