10 The Wrath of the Gods Caused the World to Tremble

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Emerson's roar.

It was as if God's punishment had descended from the heavens.

The sound waves rushed in all directions, striking the entire continent. Even the Kingdom of Wisdom could hear it.

The entire world shook.

Divine lightning descended from the heavens, and a hurricane rose. Lightning rumbled in all directions, and cracks appeared in the void.

It was as if even the sky could not withstand the impact of the roar and was about to cover it.

The people of the Thunder God Empire were all scared silly.

They watched the entire hall turn into ashes and disappear with the east wind.

Fear, fear, horror... all kinds of complicated emotions appeared in their minds.

This was the power of the gods.

God's punishment!

Their Thunder God Empire could not even withstand a single blow from the power of the gods.

As the king of the Thunder God Empire, the powerful Aros.

In front of the gods, he was not even a match.

He directly returned to the embrace of the heavens and earth, dead as a doornail.

Moreover, this was under the support of the world props.

Those brave soldiers of the empire, who usually looked so weak, could not withstand a single blow.


Everything was destroyed.

The sky was still filled with dust.

The Elven Empire, which was arrogant a moment ago, was destroyed in the blink of an eye.

It was all their fault.

They had offended the gods of heaven and earth.

Under their terrified gazes, they saw that the gods had not stopped.

They took out a red jar from their back.

They aimed it at them, and white mist instantly gushed out.

This mist enveloped the elven empire in just a moment.

Screams, terrifying cries, and screams...

The Elven Empire fell into a great panic.

Other than these emotions, what was left was deep regret.

If they had another chance, they swore that they would never anger the gods.

Soon, under the cooling of the liquid nitrogen.

At a speed visible to the naked eye.

The entire elven empire fell into absolute ice.

The streets, ancient trees, ground, buildings, and imperial cities were all covered in a layer of frost, immediately turning into a world of ice.

Lifelike little people became frozen, just like the miracle of the world, the terracotta warriors.

In just a few minutes, the Thunder God Empire had been annihilated.

It had completely become an absolute sound on the continent.

After resolving all of this, they did not have the purpose of this trip.

World props.

Other than helping the Kingdom of Wisdom to obtain the power of faith.

His biggest purpose of this trip.

It was to obtain the Thunder God Empire's world props, the Thunder God Hammer.

Now that the world had changed, with an additional world prop, there would be a guarantee.

It would be better to deal with the recovery of spiritual energy.

He would not let go of any opportunity to increase his strength.

"System, check the whereabouts of the Thunder God's Hammer."

Emerson said in a low voice.

"Yes, master, please wait a moment!"

As the system checked, Emerson immediately received guidance.

He successfully looked for a fight. The Hammer that was flashing with white lightning immediately fused.

Following that, a white screen of light appeared in front of him.

The information of the Thunder God Hammer was clearly written on it.

The Thunder God Hammer.

Wherever his gaze swept past, Emerson also understood the knowledge of the Thunder God Hammer.

As the name implied, the Thunder God Hammer could release powerful lightning.

After a villain acknowledged its master, it could release hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity, comparable to heavenly lightning.

The Thunder God's Hammer was based on each person's physique, and the power that erupted was not fixed.

In other words, if he grasped the Thunder God's Hammer...

He could unleash even more powerful lightning.

Who could resist a few million volts of electricity?

Moreover, he also received another important piece of news.

Between world items, there was a bonus effect.

For example, when Emerson used the Thunder God's Hammer, with the blessing of the Heart of Wisdom, he could increase his strength by 20%.

The Heart of Wisdom had the same idea.

In other words, as the number of world items increased in the future, his strength would increase exponentially.

It was a lie that Emerson was unhappy when he heard this news.

He did not expect world items to have such an effect.

Just a single item, be it the Heart of Wisdom or the Thunder God's Hammer.

Any one of them would be a heaven-defying existence.

He was looking forward to seeing what kind of heaven-shaking power the two could unleash.

At the same time, he was looking forward to obtaining more world items.

Only in this way could he have the ability to protect himself in the future world changes.

In the future, he would be able to protect himself.

The satisfied Emerson returned to the ancient desolate planet through the system.

However, he did not expect that with his roar, the miniature world would shake so much.

In the grand hall of the Gravity Kingdom.

A noble middle-aged man dressed in a luxurious black robe.

"What happened just now? Why do I suddenly feel a powerful might stirring up this world? Who has such a heaven-defying ability?"

Just a moment ago, he felt a powerful might suddenly engulf the entire world.

Under this might, his heart was beating wildly.

His eyelids were twitching wildly.

It was as if this world was about to undergo an earth-shaking change.

At the same time, all the major countries felt this pressure that could suppress the world for all eternity.

They wished they could kneel and worship.

Even with the world props blocking it, they could not resist the urge to kneel and worship.

It was as if only by kneeling could they counteract this powerful aura.

What was going on?

Every continent was shocked.

They looked at the distant void, their eyes flashing with a bright light.

At this moment, on the other side.

Prince Eli did not care about day or night and quickly headed towards the Kingdom of Wisdom.

After obtaining the promise of the gods, they traveled day and night, wanting to organize troops to counterattack the Thunder God Empire.

When they arrived at the city gate of the Kingdom of Wisdom.

Many soldiers came forward to welcome them in an imposing manner, instantly causing them to be stupefied.

On the other side of the city, countless soldiers of the Thunder God Empire were all under control.

Looking at Prince Eli, these generals were all hot-blooded and excited.

This was the heir of their Kingdom of Wisdom prince, the person who would become the Kingdom of Wisdom's king.

They still had hope.

Without waiting for Eli to ask, one of the generals had already told him what had happened.

It turned out that just now, most of the soldiers of the Thunder God Empire had died for some unknown reason.

A huge god had descended upon the Thunder God Empire.

A huge god?

When Eli heard this, his entire body trembled.

His eyes exploded with an unprecedented light.

It was the god who had made a move and destroyed the Thunder God Empire.

And the strange phenomenon in the sky just now was definitely the Thunder God Empire that had angered the gods.

On their way here, a violent wind suddenly blew, and lightning surged in the sky.

The entire sky seemed like it was about to collapse.

Besides the gods, who else had such a shocking power.

Even the sky did not dare to contend with it.

The sky and earth lost their color, and the earth shook.

This was something they could not imagine, even though they had great expectations and hoped that the Thunder God Empire would be destroyed.

But no one had ever seen what kind of ability a god had.

Aros' Thunder God Hammer was truly terrifying.

But after the scene just now...

Eli lost his temper.

Even if it were a world prop, it would not be able to resist the entire universe.

But the god did it.

"Quick, prepare the horses, go to the Thunder Mountain Empire!"

Following Eli's command, all the soldiers in the country got ready and pointed their swords toward the Thunder God Empire.

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