I Have a Miniature World Book

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I Have a Miniature World

Wanted Money

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Demons have been revived and humans have become insignificant. In this world, there were bloodthirsty werewolves and adorable fairies. There were crafty vampires and deities high above. After waking up from his sleep, Amos realized that he was in a miniature world. The living creatures in this country were even smaller than ants. Amos could create an endless tempest with a breath. He could cause a torrential downpour with a sneeze, shatter the city walls with a punch, and level mountains with a footstep. The many dwarves revered him and regarded him as an ancient deity. They prayed fervently to him and offered him sacrifices. [Ding, your devout follower has sacrificed a mythical item, Lightning God's Hammer, to you. You have obtained the powers of lightning.] [Ding, your devout follower has sacrificed the Heart of Wisdom to you. Your abilities of insight have been greatly increased. You can now understand anything.] [Ding, your devout follower has sacrificed the Book of Darkness to you. You now control the powers of darkness. Your understanding of dark magic has increased greatly.] Supported by the miniature, Amos unwittingly became the omnipotent God of this world!


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