2 The Burial Ground of the Ancient Gods

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The system was initially bound.

Information about the Lilliputian Kingdom appeared in Emerson's mind.

To be more precise, his system was bound to a foreign world called the Lilliputian Kingdom.

By obtaining the power of belief of the Lilliputian inside, he could increase his cultivation.

The more people who believed in him, the faster his cultivation would increase.

The current ancient desolate planet was a planet with advanced technology, similar to Earth.

There were werewolves, elves, vampires, and even the high and mighty God race in the past. It was said that they all existed for real.

However, as the spiritual energy decreased, they gradually withdrew from the stage of history.

But even so, it did not mean that they had disappeared.

They were waiting for an opportunity.

The spiritual energy had recovered.

Everyone knew that whether it was the ferocious werewolves or the terrifying vampires, they all had powerful bodies.

They were born with special abilities.

Fire spitting, wind blades, lightning... these were all things that humans were currently unable to contend against.

At that time, the entire world would fall into chaos.

It would truly enter an era where the strong reigned supreme.

As for why this ancient desolate planet, which had been barren for countless years, would suddenly recover its spiritual energy...

He did not know.

Nor did he need to know.

Right now, the most important thing was to raise his own strength.

The fastest way was to become stronger.

Only in this way...

Could he face the dangers of the future?

"System, enter the Lilliputian Kingdom."

Emerson silently chanted in his heart.

"Constructing world passage. Passage completed. Do you wish to enter now?"

The system's voice resounded in his mind.


As the world turned upside down, Emerson entered a brand new world.

The blue sky, the ethereal white clouds, and the gentle breeze.

Everything was similar to the real world.

There were mountains, ancient trees, rivers...

Was this the world of Lilliput?

However, the attentive Emerson noticed a problem.

He seemed to have grown taller.

The towering mountains were not as big as his feet.

The trickling rivers were like ribbons.

Especially the white clouds.

They had just reached his knees.

The dense ancient trees were gathered together like a forest.

At this moment, in Emerson's eyes, they were like rows and rows of green onions.


Emerson sneezed.

At this moment.

The entire world was in chaos as if a hurricane had been set off.

The ancient trees below were crazily swaying their trunks, like small boats in a stormy sea.

Even the floating white clouds had become nothingness.

The scene below could be clearly seen.

This was...

He was stunned.


At this moment, on the other side of the forest, there were more than ten people frantically fleeing.

They wore silver armor and held long spears in their hands. They were protecting a young man in his twenties as they shuttled through the forest.

Anger, anxiety, and deep exhaustion hung on each of their faces.

Suddenly, it was as if a gale had been set off.

The soldiers' expressions were filled with shock.

In front of them, a towering ancient tree that was several thousand feet tall roared furiously as if it was enduring a violent force.

Crackling sounds could be heard as broken branches continuously fell. Finally, they widened their eyes and started to run.

"This is... why is a gale set off for no reason? Could it be that a god has descended!?"

The young man who was protected by the crowd exclaimed as he ran.

"Your highness, be careful!"

At this moment, one of the generals pushed the prince away.

A huge tree trunk fell from the sky and landed where the prince had been.

The prince stabilized his staggering body and was shocked.

He saw the huge tree trunk with dense leaves burying the general's body.

The prince hurriedly moved the tree trunk away, and the other soldiers rushed over to help.

Fortunately, the general was slightly injured and was not seriously injured.

The strong wind had already passed.

They also let out a sigh of relief.

"Prince, let's go quickly. You are the last hope of our Kingdom of Wisdom, and you must not fall into the hands of the Thunder God Empire."

The general quickly got up, his brows tightly furrowed into a furrow.

"Hmph, I swear that I will not let them off."

The prince's eyes were filled with anger.

He was the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Wisdom, Eli.

Because his father was seriously ill, the king of the Kingdom of Wisdom, this news had accidentally spread to the Thunder God Empire.

As a result, it had brought about the calamity of the country's destruction.

The Thunder God Empire was ambitious and wanted to dominate the world, sending troops to attack the Kingdom of Wisdom.

Their goal was to seize the Kingdom of Wisdom's World Tool, the Heart of Wisdom.

The foundation of every kingdom was to have a world tool.

It had powerful abilities and was the foundation of every kingdom.

For example, their world tool had heaven-defying abilities. It could reverse the universe and predict disasters.

However, ever since their ancestor, the God of Wisdom, died, no one had been able to activate the Heart of Wisdom.

This was why they had suffered a crushing defeat in The Great War.

The Thunder God Empire also had a world tool, the Thunder God's hammer.

Being able to release powerful lightning gave them an absolute advantage in the war.

The warriors on their side had been paralyzed by the Lightning, so they did not have the ability to fight anymore.

If they had the Heart of Wisdom, they could still barely fight back.

But now.

There were more than a billion people in the Kingdom of Wisdom, and none of them could gain recognition.

They could not use the heaven-defying power of the Heart of Wisdom.

Because in order to activate it, there was an extremely harsh condition.

It was to have hundreds of times the wisdom of ordinary people.

Only the founder of the Kingdom of Wisdom, the God of Wisdom, was barely qualified in such a long history.

To control the Heart of Wisdom.

That was also their era, the most powerful era of the Kingdom of Wisdom, suppressing the fortunes of all countries and becoming the overlord of the continent.

But things always turn around when things go too far.

They also used the Heart of Wisdom that the god in their hearts, the God of Wisdom, died young.

He died from overexertion.

Numerous signs indicated that the conditions of the Heart of Wisdom were harsh.

Eli touched the Heart of Wisdom in his arms, his eyes flashing with a complicated light.

He had tried it before, but it was not approved.

He could not use it.

However, how could he fight against the Thunder God Empire with the Hammer of Thor with his own strength.

Could he give up on this grudge.


He roared in his heart, and the pressure cooker in his chest was about to explode.

No matter what, Eli thought that the Thunder God Empire would be destroyed.

They passed through a long forest and arrived at a dark forest filled with a baleful aura as they ran.

The surrounding ancient trees were pitch black and cold.

These trees were completely different from the others. Their leaves were black and red, giving off a cold feeling.

The ancient trees on both sides were completely distinct.

One was black and red, while the other was green.

There was a stone tablet beside it, emitting a powerful murderous aura.

Before Eli could say anything, the general beside him immediately raised his arm and ordered for them to stop.

His gaze was filled with shock.

He muttered softly and read the words on the stone tablet, "The burial ground of the gods!"

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