297 Fate’s Arrangement

Asgard, the habitat of the legendary Aesir Protos, is also called "the realm of God"

Definitely, this prestige is mostly due to the powerful gods of Odin, Hela, and Thor.

To say that the difference between Asgard and the earth, perhaps it is only the top combat power.

Definitely, the combat power and physical fitness of Asgard people are still much higher than that of people on earth…

While thinking about these jumbled thoughts in his heart, Leon walked out of Bifrost's control room, ready to see Asgard's demeanor.

When he came to the door of the control room, Leon stopped abruptly.

Surprise, excitement, nervousness, and all kinds of emotions suddenly surged into his heart, causing him to open his eyes involuntarily and stare at the front closely.

Until this moment, he finally saw the full picture of the legendary Asgard!

I saw a bridge glowing with rainbow lights, passing through the tall moat of Asgard, and extending into the distance.

At the end of Bifrost, there is a huge palace composed of countless magnificent diamond pillars, which can be daunting at first glance.

There is the core area of ​​Asgard, the "Golden Hall" where the gods gather and discuss important things!

definitely, it is also the place where the Asgard royal family lives and lives…

Around the "Golden Hall", there are countless buildings of different heights densely standing, as if countless brave warriors guarding the central palace and the most important existence of the entire Asgard.

Like Leon, Thor's girlfriend, Jane Foster, came to Asgard for the first time. Compared with Leon, her excitement was even more unscrupulous.

"Wow, is this where you were born and raised?"

"Yes." The corner of Thor's mouth was lightly raised, he nodded, and then asked, "What do you think?"

"It's so beautiful, I can't describe it in words…Where shall we go first? I want to see the market here, and…"

Jane, who was full of excitement and anticipation in her eyes, kept talking about it, as if she had forgotten the reason why she came here, and she just wanted to explore this beautiful place.

However, Thor did not forget.

"No, the tour can wait. I want to take you to a diagnosis first to see what the power in your body is, what's going on!"

After speaking, Thor looked at Leon, who was looking around, and asked:

"Leon, are you coming together?"

Hearing that, Leon looked at Thor's face with a slightly urgent expression, shrugged, and responded: "Definitely."

Although none of Asgard's laws says "Midgard are not allowed to enter Asgard", Thor's behavior is not so fair.

After all, he had not asked his father, the King of God Odin, to bring two Midgard to Asgard without authorization.

Therefore, in order to find out the cause of the disease in Simplified Chinese as soon as possible, and to prevent his father from discovering it, Thor feels that it is better to move faster…

"Heimdall, let the escort send a frigate over."

"As you wish, Your Royal Highness."

Before long, Fandral, the chic and humorous mustache brother among the four warriors of Asgard, landed in front of a few people in a spaceship similar to a scull boat.

When he saw Leon and Jane, two old acquaintances, Fandral smiled bitterly and whispered:

"My Royal Highness, you will really trouble yourself…"

Although he said so verbally, as Thor's most loyal subordinate and friend, Fandral still piloted the spacecraft and flew the three together to the inner city of Asgard.

Heimdall, who watched the three people leave, stood on Bifrost, gradually reducing his smile, revealing a thoughtful look.

With a turn around, only an inaudible mutter remained in the air:

"I can't see him…"

. . .

The speed of the Asgard frigate is simply amazing!

In a blink of an eye, the spacecraft crossed the long Bifrost, the majestic city wall, and arrived at the destination.

Leon, sitting on the spacecraft, didn't even have time to admire the beautiful scenery of Asgard, and found that he had arrived at the treatment room located in the east wing of the Golden Hall.

As you can see from the surface, the internal structure and decoration of Golden Hall are all golden and brilliant, which makes Leon can't help but complain in his heart:

Do these kings and kings all like gold…

As an uninvited guest, he behaved very politely, watching as much as possible and talking less.

Under the curious eyes of the Asgard guards and some magic maids from time to time, Leon just put his hands on his chest and stood quietly in the corner of the treatment room, watching Jane lying on a long light table, receiving the magic maids' advice. diagnosis.

On the other side, Thor, with a solemn face, whispered to a magic maid beside him and asked:

"Do you know what this is?"

"We don't know either. It's just that the only certainty is that the energy or matter in her body will kill her…"

This sentence makes Thor's face

"You completely take what I said before, don't you?!"

Suddenly, a voice full of majesty sounded in the treatment room, causing Leon and Thor to look at the door in unison.

There, stood an old figure without losing its might.

The beard and hair are all white, golden scales, plus the distinguished one-eyed…

The one who came is the King of Asgard, the King of God, the protector of the nine kingdoms, Odin!

Seeing Odin stepping into the room, Thor quickly greeted him.

"She's ill."

Hearing that, Odin didn't seem to react much, instead, with a wave of his hand, he closed the soul melting pot that was diagnosing Jane.

"She is a mortal, and mortal will get sick."

Upon seeing this, Thor pursed his lips, and then explained: "I brought her here because we can help her…"

"She doesn't belong to Asgard, she's like a goat that can't get on the banquet table!"

Before Jane could retort, Odin stopped in front of Leon.

"As for your friend, you can be a guest of Asgard."

I wanted to be a little transparent Leon, when I heard Odin's words, he was taken aback, and his face was full of doubts.

what's the situation?

Before he could think clearly, a surging divine power burst out from Odin's body, like a stormy sea, and attacked the small boat in Leon!

Surrounded by powerful divine power, Leon instantly fell into a state of immovability…

Although this feeling lasted only a few seconds. However, it was the first time for Leon to personally experience the feeling of being too powerful to resist…

When Leon just wanted to ask aloud, Odin's next words explained his unexpected move:

"Child, I feel a very familiar breath from you, that is the power of the Aesir Protos. Perhaps, the reason why you came to Asgard is the arrangement of fate…"

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